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An executable is a program contained in one file. This file is often referred to as an executable because of the Windows extension for executables(.EXE).
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Unreal 4 compiled successfully but UE4Editor file doesn't exist
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I have Ubuntu 20.04 on a desktop with an old i7 CPU and 16 GiB of RAM.

Here are the commands I ran to compile Unreal 4.27:

make -j 4
make -j 4 ShaderCompileWorker

I had to try several times before the process completed. On previous attempts the machine ran out of memory and I had to do a hard shutdown. It seemed to be the use of make -j 4, to try to limit the use  ...

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Icon does not appear in the desktop files in /usr/share/applications
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Im using Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

Im trying to add some shortcuts to desktop. When I go to /usr/share/applications I see a lot of files, but none of them are with picture icons. Where are all the executables for my apps? I checked bin folder as well. Similar situation.
Image of Applications folder content

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How to create a .desktop to a C program?
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So I'm trying to execute a C terminal program just by double clicking it. I'm trying to do that through a .desktop file

  • The desktop file has permission to execute as a file and it's in my desktop.
  • The program is named teste, wait for User input and it's in the /home/vithor/
  • I'm Using the PopOs ( it is a "ubuntu distro" );
  • I already allowed executable to launch in the nautilus configs;
[Desktop Entry ...
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Couldn't Display [program] -- No application installed for "shared library" files
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I think the problem is -- to Ubuntu, it doesn't seem that some of the files are executable at all or rather it doesn't know its file to type. The Files Manager due to which instead of showing the original icon (let's say the Arduino icon in this case) always tends to show some sort of unexecutable icon (as is visible in the attached image) for almost every (downloaded) file/program.

So, when I doub ...

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How to convert .jar file to .exe file?
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I'm creating a Java program, and I need to test it on Windows. I know how to convert a .jar file to a .exe file on Windows, but the only Windows computer I know of is not mine. My friend will let me test the .exe file on it, but I can't download anything. Meaning no Launchj4. All that I need is an Ubuntu alternative.

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I've downloaded the zipball for ActivityWatch. How do I make a shortcut in the desktop?
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The main exe, aw-qt, comes with an aw-qt.desktop file. But if I just cut-paste it into the Desktop like I would in Windows, it won't work. What should I do?

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Terminal : bash: emulate: command not found
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I'm trying to fix the issue that executables downloaded by snap are not being added to the apps list or desktop. So I tried typing in

emulate sh -c 'source /etc/profile'

Though, it gave me this error:

bash: emulate: command not found

btw I have zsh installed

So what can I do ?

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How do I create a desktop icon which launches a terminal program in Ubuntu 20.04?
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I am working on a desktop shortcut for my users that will ask for a password and decrypt all files in a specific directory. I am using Ubuntu 20.04. I have a .desktop file written:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Decrypt Files
Exec=gnome-terminal --working-directory="/home/user/Desktop/Encrypted Files" -- ccrypt -d `ls`

The .desktop file is located in the users' ~/Desktop d ...