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Questions dealing with Ubuntu's layout of files, permissions, and files that reside in special locations on disk.
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How to adjust the default volume size after installation of Ubuntu 18.04
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I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on VMWare recently. When I create the VM, I specify the disk as 1000GB. I go through the installation by all options kept default except I selected the docker package. After installation, the file system is only 200GB. How to let my main file system take a major portion of the 1000GB of the virtual disk rather than only 200GB? The below screenshots are info from Disk: (My other  ...

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Ext4 fast_commit feature
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Since 5.10 kernel there is a new feature called fast_commit. In arch wiki you can read that it can be enabled in existing filesystem with:

tune2fs -O fast_commit /dev/drivepartition

but in there is:

Fast commits are activated at filesystem creation time, so users will have to recreate their filesystems to use this feature.

So  ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 filesystem checks with every boot
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I have a dual boot (Windows 10 on an SSD and Ubuntu 20.04 on an HDD) and I am using an Acer laptop.

I have had this problem of filesystem check for a couple of months now, Ubuntu does a filesystem check at boot every time I boot the machine! I tried some of the fixes I found such as fsck.mode=skip but that command does not exist on my system!

note: I am relatively new to Linux, If I need to attach m ...

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NTFS filesystem partition detected as unknown on Linux after HDD cloning
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I have a problem with one of my partition.

I have cloned my HDD with a bigger one to have more space. Now Ubuntu is working perfectly but my second partition (/dev/sda4) which I know is a NTFS filesystem appears now as unknown filesystem in GParted. I try to mount the partition but I couldn't. I also tried :

sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda4 /mnt/ntfs NTFS signature is missing. Failed to mount '/dev/sda4': Inv ...

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file properties all question mark on NTFS partition
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Ubuntu 20.04, when I backup my disk, I found files on C partition (the partition for the dual OS Windows, and only in this partition), have permission and attribute all set to question mark(?). e.g:

$ pwd
/windows/c/Program Files/WindowsApps/Microsoft.LanguageExperiencePacken-US_17763.14.14.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe/Windows/System32/driverstore/en-US
$ ls -l .
-rwxrwxrwx   3 root root 2230 1朠...
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How to mount Android image for data recovery?
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I have an Android full system image mmcblk0.img which I'd like to mount in order to process for data recovery (using testdisk or some other suitable tool if anybody is more familiar with this).

However, I've been unable to get access to it normally seeing as I have no idea as to the filesystem or the internal structure whatsoever. I should note, it isn't encrypted or anything, and in any case if it e ...

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One app for two OS
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I have just installed Ubuntu Studio 20.04 alongside with regular Ubuntu 20.04 and I’m wondering if it’s possible to use installed on first Ubuntu apps on the second Ubuntu without reinstalling (so it won't use much space and maybe use one folder to save documents). Searched but found nothing. Is there any way?

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ubuntu backup to NAS fails "not enough space" (Samba)
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I have a 4tb ubuntu 20.04 samba share on my home server that I want to back up to my ubuntu 20.04 workstation machine to (separate computer entirely). for clarity, the server is running the Ubuntu desktop distro, which is running on a 250gb drive (nearly full) with the 4tb drive mounted to a folder in my home directory on the server. The 4tb drive is empty right now besides a folder (also empty) to hold ...

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Manual fsck not resolved by previous answers
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I cannot boot up my computer. Here is the error message

"/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY.
   (i.e. without -a or -p options)
fsck exited with status code 4
Failure: file system check of the root filesystem failed
The root filesystem on dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root requires a manual fsck"

I've tried all the fixes I found in this forum, but nothing works.

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Detect major alarm "LowAvailableSpace" on Monitoring System
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Monitoring system detected "LowAvailableSpace" on filesystem cgmfs.

I checked on the server and the filesystem (cgmfs) space size is low.

Results of df -H:

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on  
udev            271G     0  271G   0% /dev  
tmpfs            55G  4.4G   50G   9% /run  
/dev/sda1       471G   45G  403G  10% /  
tmpfs           271G     0  271G   0% /dev/shm  
tmpfs           5 ...
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How to recover `ld-linux` file when i don't have any temporary copy of that
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I have deleted an important file named using rm command. So I can't execute shell commands. and I only can execute builtin commands.

Now I don't know What is should do. please help.

through this question let me say you i have busybox.

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Rename files so that it only contain numbers
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I have a bunch of files that looks like this:

[Skymoon Raws] Mushoku Tensei - 06 [ViuTV][WEB-DL][1080p][AVC AAC].mp4
[Skymoon Raws] Mushoku Tensei - 07 [ViuTV][WEB-DL][1080p][AVC AAC].mp4

And I want it to look like this:


Remove all occurrence of "1080" if possible.

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Can't repair ext4 partition after power outage, e2fsck keeps crashing, can't find out what is wrong?
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After power outage, Ubuntu couldn't repair ext4 and throws the same error as below with e2fsck:

So I use the latest SystemRescue LiveCd and try to manually do fsck.

e2fsck /dev/sda2 :

/dev/sda2: recovering journal
Signal (11) SIGSEGV si_code=SEGV_MAPERR fault addr=0x561377ff7000
e2fsck: malloc.c:2539: sysmalloc: Assertion `(old_top == initial_top (av) && old_size == 0) || ((unsigned long)  ...
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Failed to save '.env' file: Unable to write file
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I'm trying to save changes to a file in VSCode but suddenly getting this error-

enter image description here

The project folder is located in Local Disk partition on my hard disk, and it is mounted on startup as can be seen-

enter image description here

How can I resolve this issue?

Edit 1:- Here's the list of commands that @heynnema asked to run-

enter image description here enter image description here

enter image description here

I also tried the command sudo fsck -f /dev/sda4 after booting from live usb, but it didn't fix the issue.

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Cannot delete file, because it doesn't exist -- even if I say "rm *" -- and chmod works
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I have a file, cover.jpg, which I want to delete.

If I run rm cover.jpg, I get the error "rm: cannot remove 'cover.jpg': No such file or directory."

If I run rm *.jpg, I get the same error.

If I type rm c and tab-complete, I get the same error.

If I run ls -1b, the file's name appears as cover.jpg, entirely normally.

If I run chmod 555 cover.jpg, it works fine.

find -name cover.jpg finds the file, but

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Noob question, Copying images from old Mac drive to a MyPassport so Windows can see it
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I have a VirtualBox set up and Unbuntu installed on the VM. The host is Windows 10. Right now I have a few old Mac drives mounted to some USB ports through some dongles (threw out the Macs, boards corrupted) and they are showing up and I am able to browse them in Unbuntu latest (as of this writing November 1, 2021). I am trying to transfer some .jpg files from the old drives to my more modern MyPassp ...

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is there a way to navigate in file system with comand line and using the arrow keys
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Sometimes I like to navigate direct in command line (without nautilus). But the need to use ls and then cd multiple times is uncomfortable. Is there some terminal app that automate this "ls cd" process and let us use the arrow keys to navigate select a directory to run the command "cd"????

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How to remove files/folders from a Hard-drive containing Windows on Ubuntu
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I currently have a dual boot setup with Windows 11 and Ubuntu with a separate Hard-drive for each OS, But i need to delete some files/folders from Windows 11 to fix an bug that is preventing me from logging into Windows. I have tried both Dolphin and Krusader (Root Mode) to delete the files/folders. Although when i delete some folders it pops up with the error "Could not remove folder" and others that i ...

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systemctl restart reverting application file changes
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I wrote a job(written in Java), which fetches historical data from a broker. I keep track of and update the date of last fetch date in a file.

The job is maintained as a service systemctl. Sometimes this job dies due to external dependency and the systemctl starts the job again automatically. When it starts again, I read from a file which contains what date it has to restart from. The problem is, ...

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How can I Re-Install 'EFI Partition System' & 'Partition table entries are not in disk order' warning
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I use Ubuntu 20.04. I have overwritten my EFI partition system. Then I deleted it. After I deleted it, the space became unallocated. (I opened and finalized another question for this issue question link) I have recovered it with Testdisk.

Now, I have formatted the unallocated 513 MB (which was the EFI partition system). I am trying to reinstall what was missing. Unfortunately I couldn't quite catch  ...

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How to access the filesystem inside Docker containers on Ubuntu 20.04?
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I need to access a file system of a docker image, but when I use the path /var/lib/docker this is what I get

buildkit/   containers/ image/      network/    overlay2/   plugins/    runtimes/   swarm/      tmp/        trust/      volumes/

I can't find aufs, so how can I access the file sys of any docker images ?

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strange file security on Ubuntu 20.04
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Ubuntu 20.04, the disk partition format is EXT4. normal user with sudo privilege, in a tmp dir, e.g: ~/tmp/

$ sudo touch c.txt
// this will create a root-root(user-group) file with mode 644, as expected.
$ rm c.txt
$ rm: remove write-protected regular empty file `c.txt'?     // sys prompt
if I selected 'y', then c.txt will be removed ! // NOT as expected.

I even tried rm not-empty file, still can remo ...

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Should I use zfs or ext4 filesysttem on old laptop with SSD?
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While installing Ubuntu 21.10 on a rather old laptop, I've noticed that I can Also choose ZFS as a filesystem which is apparently has become default on Ubuntu server. As far as I could read it is one of the prides of FreeBSD community as a robust and mature filesystem and is a rather newcomer to Linux ecosystem. So I'm curious about it.

I'd like to encrypt my laptop's entire SSD and I'd like have ...

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How to search block device for text?
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Strangely to me google had not returned any relevant (IMO) links in top results.

I want to edit iso9660.

Here How is it easier to make a persistent live drive with Ubuntu 19.10? I've read

sed 's/quiet splash/persistent  /' lubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso > persistent-lubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso  # yes, sed works with binary files

Then I thought, I have already made USB stick, why not try to ed ...

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Howto free up space properly on my /var/lib/snapd filesystem when snapd is unavailable?
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I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

My snapd service is unavailable :

$ systemctl status snapd.service
● snapd.service - Snap Daemon
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/snapd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: deactivating (stop-sigterm) (Result: timeout)
TriggeredBy: ● snapd.socket
   Main PID: 29952 (snapd)
      Tasks: 10 (limit: 8186)
     Memory: 12.8M
     CGroup: / ...
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Unable to find what's taking up so much space
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I'm having an issue in trying to figure out what's taking up so much space on one of my drives, specifically /dev/sdc1 which is mounted on /

As you can see below 862G are in use, I've used all methods I could think of to find the largest directories (excluding sdb1 and sda1) and all I can find is 19G on my Plex metadata folder. That's it... I need to figure out a way to find what exactly is takin ...

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How can I delete all .mp3 files in the current linux directory that are older than 365 days?
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How can I delete all .mp3 files in the current linux directory that are older than 365 days?

I am looking for a shell command I can use to do this. There are other files in this directory that I don't want to be deleted.

Thank you.

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Java installed, but command isnt working
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A bit ago, when i didn't know how to use Linux, I was messing around with my filesystem. I must have deleted something important for java, because when I try to use the command, it doesn't work. I've tried removing and reinstalling java, and it doesn't work,

pi@raspberrypi:/home/pi$ sudo apt-get install defualt-jdk
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state informat ...
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How to fix this dev/sda1 contains a file system with error ,check forced . /60.3%
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enter image description here

Disk /dev/sda1 contain file system with error
Run fsck manually 
Intrafarms not open
Boot error 
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rename upper lower case filenames no more possible
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After today's major upgrade of Xubuntu, it have been downgraded to Windows, and will NOT distinguish between upper and lower case letters!! On a laptop that haven't been upgraded it still works fine, and sees 'Name' and 'name' as 2 distinct filenames. Why have it been Windowsified?

I shut down my labtop last night and have just rebooted - and Horray it works again Unix style, like we love and exp ...