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Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source Gecko-based web browser. It is the current default for the Ubuntu desktop.
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Ubuntu 20.04 FireFox Cannot connect to server. I have Wi-Fi connectivity
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OS: Ubuntu 20.04 Wi-Fi: MEDIALINK Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter -Connected; all networks visible Browser: FireFox -Opens normally; Hmm. We're having trouble finding that site. We can't connect to the server at "you name it". Ubuntu 20.04 is a fresh install independent of any other OS. I ran NetworkManager and there are ten(10) warnings highlighted.

  • interfaces file /etc/network/interfaces doesn ...
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Can't find a PPA to install Firefox-ESR 91 on Ubuntu 20.04
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I want to install Ubuntu 20.04 on the old Notebook of my parents because the Support for Windows 7 ended and the machine is to slow for Windows 8 or 10 - and my knowledge ends with Windows 7. I have to keep thinks easy for them, too much updates and missing language support (whats normal with every new Firefox version) is a problem. But i can't find a PPA for Firefox-ESR 91. Is it enough to install the  ...

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Firefox starts playing new audio streams in wrong device
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Here is how default pulseaudio settings look after I removed all config files and restarted PA: image

Should I try and unmute Built-in Audio Analog Stereo (I have to choose "Headphones" for sound to appear, even though they are marked as "unplugged" and speakers are not), I have the sound for exactly one song in Firefox, and when another starts, Firefox changes to playing in HDMI: image

I disabled HDMI  ...

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Why is Firefox so slow (Ubuntu 20.04)?
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I got a second hand HP Spectre x360 (2015) today which came with Ubuntu 20.04 preinstalled and it seemed fine at first but when I connected to the internet I found Firefox to be incredibly slow to load any site I tried to access. Trying to watch a video on youtube took about two minutes to load. Facebook and Gmail both refuse to load properly at all. No matter what site I try, it seems to take at least  ...

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Firefox, Unwanted "window in window" upon first instance of firefox starting
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When opening a single instance of Firefox, I get a "window within a window" (see screenshot below). Both sets of minimize/maximize/close buttons perform the same for the double windowed browser. Both browsers are fully functional otherwise.

  • If I drag a tab out of this and create a window, the problem goes away.
  • If I launch Firefox after restarting the system, the problem still persists.
  • If I launch a s ...
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Firefox doesn't restore previous session when I have it checked in settings
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For some reason Firefox doesn't restore my previous session, even though I have it checked in settings. It does however open the tabs, and most of them are just blank New Tabs, while the rest is the correct tabs.

Anyone know what can be the issue here? Im running the newest Ubuntu version: Description: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Release: 20.04

Its also the newest Firefox version

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Opening from favourites bar opens in a different window / icon
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I followed this guide to install firefox developer edition it is all installed and working fine but I have added it to my favourites and instead of opening in the icon in favourites it opens in a new icon, I want it to just open in the same icon like all my other favourites. Any ideas?

picture showing  ...

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Why does sound fail and/or make noise when I run FireFox on Ubuntu 20.04? However, Brave & Chrome work fine
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I am running the current version of FireFox 92.0 (64-bit).

If I start FireFox then the sound on my line out sound does not work:

line out

And, when it does work, there is a lot of fuzz sound : whitenoise as the music plays.

However, when I run Brave this never happens. Have been running Brave for months & I hadn't had any problems. I switched to FireFox again a couple of days ago and the sound problem s ...

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How do I install and migrate to the official Firefox flatpak?
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I would like to install Firefox via Flathub while ensuring that I am using an official build from Mozilla and not a repackage/PPA.

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Firefox and Chrome crashing constantly
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Firefox and Chrome are constantly crashing, even with all extensions removed. Everything is updated/upgraded on Ubuntu 20.04. It's been this way for months. Rebooting seems to stabilize the browsers for a little while, like 5-10 minutes, before they start crashing again. Firefox is more stable with only one tab open. Chrome crashes constantly with only one tab open. Moving the mouse around seems to trig ...

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On Line banking log-in problem
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For the past few weeks (now mid September 2021) I have been unable to log-in to my online bank using Ubuntu be it with Firefox or Chrome. It gets so far and I then get a page with the header and footer close together near the top. Page fresh opens that page (for inputting the passcode) but on inputting the passcode and clicking 'continue' I am back to the header and footer again.Refreshing that screen t ...

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Unable to use upload websites
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Description: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Release: 20.04

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.3 on a cloud based virtual machine server. I seem to be unable to use any websites that involve uploading files, such as youtube / google drive / online video converters.

What "happens" is: when I click on the link that would normally open a file browser to select the file... nothing happens, accompanied by a crash/freeze  ...

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Firefox displays a white screen
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Firefox version 92 Ubuntu version 20.04

Everything was working fine ~6 months ago the last time I booted Ubuntu. 6 months of updates was installed and after completing the updates my firefox installation on startup displays a blank white screen without an address bar just a blank white window. I attempted a clean reinstall which did not change anything.

Any suggestions on how to fix my firefox insta ...

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Gnome shell: automating windows and placement
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First off, sorry if this isn't the best formed question. I've tried to research the best part of the stack to focus on, but I'm still not 100% sure I've got it.

So, I'll explain the outcome I'm after:

On Ubuntu 20.04 (GNOME Shell 3.36.9 / Xorg) I have a window configuration I set up every morning (for our company stand up): one Firefox window snapped to the right column with a URL open, and one snap ...

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Blurry font on Firefox, Opera
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I need to fix blurry font only on Firefox. I changed fonts settings using:

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings hinting full
gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings antialiasing none

Fonts are ok everywhere else except for Firefox, Opera:


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Ubuntu 20.04 desktop horrible video and mouse on Firefox
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I have an old reliable workstation that was 16.04 until a couple weeks ago. I upgraded to 18.04 and then after a few days to 20.04. On both 18 and 20, video in Firefox is horrible, like 1.5 frames per sec, and the mouse is very laggy, move it across the screen and it will disappear and reappear. None of this happened w/ 16.04. Also, none of this occurs in other apps. I thought I had clobbered the m ...

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Default browser is Chrome but links still open in FireFox
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Kubuntu 21.04

I installed Chrome and saw that in Applications > Default Applications, the web browser is now Chrome - cool.

However, all links I've opened from applications (such as Slack, the desktop application), open in FireFox.

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Flasing cursor in search engine box is split in two and webpage graphics appear torn
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The flashing cursor in the search box in the search engine has split in two. And the graphics on a webpage sometimes look like torn wallpaper. It also happens sometimes when I highlight text in a webpage. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening as I’ve never experienced this before. This only happens in Firefox. I am using Ubuntu 20.04. It does not happen in Linux Mint 20.2. Only in Ubuntu. It ...

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Firefox not offered as default mail application
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I'm in the process of switching from Chrome to Firefox. When I go to Default Applications, both are listed under Web, but only Chrome is listed under Mail - no Firefox. So "mailto:" links open Chrome. I thought maybe I should extend /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop but the value of "Categories" there already includes everything that google-chrome.desktop has. Running Ubuntu 20.04.2 and Gnome. Sug ...

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Streaming paused while in console
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I am running Ubuntu Mate 18.04, recently updated. When I have Spotify playing in my browser (happens either with Firefox or Google Chrome), and I switch to tty1 to work, the music plays 10 or 20 seconds then stops. It automatically starts again when I come back to tty7. It appears the OS decides it doesn't need to run anything graphical while in another tty. The problem also happens with YouTube.

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No shadows on menus in Firefox 91
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After upgrade to Firefox 91, the menus in Firefox no more have shadows around them. This looks ugly and makes the menus less visible on top of the webpage. Is there any way I can bring them back? Maybe some tweak in theme's CSS?

Firefox menus were always styled a bit differently from other applications menus (for example note the difference on separators and submenu arrows on enclosed screenshots ...

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Why vscode is not shown when ran from inside the container?
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Based on this article and this one I realized that I can run GUI apps from within a docker container. And I successfully ran Firefox from a container and saw it and interacted with it in my local environment. Thus I created this Dockerfile to run VS Code:

FROM ubuntu:latest


RUN apt-get update

RUN apt install wget -y

RUN wget -O vscode.deb

R ...
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How to change Firefox tab switcher keybind from ctrl tab to alt tab
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I tried but it kept saying addon corrupted even after I did the userchromejs steps.

I'm on Ubuntu 21.04 using Firefox stable 91.0.1 that was installed by default

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startupwmclass is not being reconized in ubuntu 21.04 with firefox
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I have created a desktop entry to open a specific firefox profile with it's own startupwmclass so it would show up separately in the dock but recently it is now grouped with the default profile firefox. I have the same entry on another computer running ubuntu 21.04 and it continues to show the separate icon for each firefox profile.

This is the .desktop file contents that resides in the ~/.local/s ...

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How to limit Firefox RAM in Linux (Ubuntu) consumption without killing the process?
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For a very long time I can't find a solution to the problem of controlling the use of RAM by Firefox (and other programs) so that it works like the Firemin utility works in Windows, i.e. so that the process is not deleted when a certain threshold of RAM usage in the system is exceeded.

Is it possible to get clear instructions from specialists on how to configure this behavior for any program in U ...

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Unable to change my default web browser
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I'm new to Linux and Kubuntu. I have got a problem recently that I cannot change my default web browser either through browser or system settings.

I am using Firefox. Every time I open up Firefox it will always pop up a dialogue saying "Make Firefox your default browser?" so I clicked on set Firefox as the default browser. but it didn't work. I'm getting the same dialogue.

enter image description here

So I went to system sett ...

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Firefox 91 "invisible" to screen sharing (Google Meet, Zoom, Slack etc)
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I'm on Ubuntu 21.04 and ever since Firefox 91 came out, I've lost the ability to share a Firefox window on all screen sharing applications.

  • The Firefox window simply isn't listed in the set of available windows to share, and
  • If I try sharing the entire screen then the Firefox window either appears completely black (Meet, Slack), or initially appears as a background on Zoom with the caveat that as soon ...
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How to enable the sound on my HP470G8 laptop with Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS running with WSL2 on windows 10 pro?
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I have recently installed Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS on my laptop HP470G8 within WSL2 on my Windows 10 pro. (NOTE: Is not dual boot). For that purpose, I downloaded Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from the Microsoft Store app after I set up WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux). I suppose this version of Ubuntu is actually a server type (not desktop) because I found a sentence that best describes that difference on the internet. ...

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Why does the macos bigsur theme installed after Ubuntu 20.04 download the update no longer work?
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Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Visual Studio Code Terminal

As shown in the image, the four corners of the original window should be rounded, but after installing the update, the bottom two corners became right angles. The applications that this happens include Visual Studio Code, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Terminal, etc.

(I installed the Mac Os Big Sur theme. It worked fine before I installed the update.)

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USB DAC: Only youtube has sound on Firefox
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I have Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and a USB DAC. I'd like to use it play music. So far, I can use Audacious to play mp3/flac with the USB DAC. But with Firefox (91.0 64-bit), it is very strange, only with Youtube, it can play sound. On other sites, including music and video sites, there is no sound at all when playing, although I can see that there is sound output in PulseAudio Volume Control's playback tab.