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Fish is a command line shell. Its syntax is not based on the Bourne shell or the C shell.
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Installation: Copy script somewhere into $PATH
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I wanted to install polybar-themes and one of the dependencies was networkmanager_dmenu so, i want to install it. Im on Ubuntu 20.04 and only valid option there for me is: Copy script somewhere into $PATH I have no idea on how to implement this, can someone explain this to me?

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Fish does not run as conda base by default
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I have installed Fish on my Ubuntu, but every time I open my terminal I have to run the bash command to initiate conda base. I hadn't this problem with ZSH in the past.

Is there any solution to make it run as conda base by default?

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Powerline does not track git branches
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  • WSL2:Ubuntu 20:04 LTS

  • Bash / FishShell

  • Powerline installed using sudo apt-get install powerline


Powerline does not changing dislpayed branch after git checkout <branch_name>. When I do git branch, git shows me that I have switched to the branch but powerline still displaying the previous one. When I disabled powerline from shell config, then branch switching is corectly di ...

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How to merge history from multiple terminal session
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Is there a way to merge history from multiple terminal sessions in Fish shell?

I tried to use the command history merge but I get the following error"

history: you cannot use any options with the merge command

Has anyone been able to do this in Fish Shell?

Thanks in advance,

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How to separate different data values in a list and assign to variables in a shell script?
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Let's say I have a list of data in a shell script like this:

DataList = ["

Now, how I would I go about setting each separate data value in the list as a variable? Like this:

$Value0 = "Cat"
$Valu1 = "Dog"
$Value2 = "Rabbit"
$Value3 = "GuineaPig"
$Value4 = "Hamster"

For the record, I am familiar with commandline utilities like Grep, AWK, and SED. However, I am  ...

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FSL installation in Ubuntu 20.04 gives : [FAILED] Unknown shell type fish
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I am trying to install FSL in Ubuntu 20.04 for the past 2 days, it is showing '[FAILED] Unknown shell type fish'. I got to learn the hard way that FSL doesn't support fish, so I switched the shell to bash and tried to do it again , shows the same error. I am following steps from here and even tried the shell setup from

I tried rein ...

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cant use "cargo, rustup and rustc" even after installing rust-lang
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So I installed rust in my WSL (Ubuntu) as the official site says, by doing

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

I see the commands exist (cargo, rustc, rustup) in ~/.cargo/bin but I can't use them in my shell. I know I have to add the folder in my PATH but I am kinda new to Linux so I have no idea how to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Shell - Fish
OS - WSL Ubunt ...