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In a windowed GUI, the window that is currently active is said to have "focus"
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How do I set "focus follows mouse" in Ubuntu-Mate 20.04LTS?
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I read several past entries about "focus follows mouse" in these pages, but I could not find an answer that helped me. Many answers are for older versions, and others are for Ubuntu flavors other than Mate. These previous answers list tools and programs to do this which I could not find in Ubuntu-Mate menus.

In had expected to be able to do this using Mate Tweak, but it does not even mention mo ...

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Netplan - how to bring wifi interface up only?
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On Focal ubuntu server, I just want the wifi interface to come up without trying to connect. I take my laptop to several coffee shops so it would not make sense to hard code the values here. Instead, I will use wpa_supplicant.

Right now the interface comes up but it tries to connect to the internet and timesout after 2 minutes. How can I make just the wifi interface come up without trying to conn ...