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Questions related to the management, installation and removal of fonts.
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How can I nail down font sizes?
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I'm running Kubuntu21.10 and have a persistent problem in controlling font sizes. Typically the text I want to display is part of a webpage, displayed in Firefox. I know of two of the places where the font size is set: the Fonts section of System Settings and the Fonts section of the General settings in Firefox. But I don't understand how these interact or when font changes actually take effect, so th ...

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in "mate-appearance-properties" font tab desktop font is greyed out
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I am on Ubuntu 20.04 Mate desktop. I noticed that in mate-appearance-properties' fonts tab desktop font is greyed out and inactive, I can't select a font. I also created another user, it's the same in that login. I also ran it with sudo, nothing is changed.

Is it a new bug or something wrong in my system?


apt show mate-control-center       
Package: mate-control-center
Version: 1.24.0-1

I can ...

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LibreOffice Calc ( replaces moved cells with non-template font family and size
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I created a simple Calc template modifying all cells (Ctrl+A) to use FreeMono 12pt, and have Set as default template. (File > Templates > Save as Template... > apply name > check "Set as default template" > Save)

If I insert columns, or rows or cells; the template font family and size are applied to the new cells.

If I select a group of cells and move them to a different location on th ...

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How to install fonts in Libre Office on Chromebook?
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I've ASUS C532 Chromebook. I've installed LibreOffice on that from the GNOME store. I've options to get Times new roman fonts on other applications like google docs but due to some conditions I've to move from Google docs to LibreOffice but now the problem is there is no Times new roman font in LibreOffice I got some videos on YouTube to do so saw some commands to install ttf-mscorefonts but that didn't ...

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How to install xfonts on Ubuntu?
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I installed xfonts-100dpi on Ubuntu 20.04 using

apt install xfonts-100dpi

They show up in /usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi. All the files are in a *.pcf.gz format.

When I run fc-list they are not listed. If I run fc-cache -fv | grep 100dpi I get the following,

/usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi: caching, new cache contents: 358 fonts, 0 dirs
/usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi: skipping, looped directory detected


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Unicode Gujarati language word not rendering correctly in browsers
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Using Google Input tools (the web-version as well as in Gmail) and in a Unicode converter online tool I am trying to get a word જયેન્દ્ર but somehow, except at one place in Firefox browser (please see under Unicode Character box in attached screenshot mozilla_3.png), it is rendering incorrectly. I verified this on Firefox and Google Chrome browsers I have on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine.

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can't set window title font with gnome-tweaks in Ubuntu 18.04
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I am trying to adjust window title font in Ubuntu 18.04 with gnome tweaks. But it seems I can't make the adjustment into effect.

enter image description here

Here is the system info:
enter image description here

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Different scaling with dual monitor setup: slow in x11, blurry in wayland
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I am using Ubuntu 20.04. I just got a new 4k monitor which I am now using together with the previous 1080 one.

The 4k display is unreadable at 100% scaling, so at first, I turned on fractional scaling to 150% on the 4k display (leaving the 1080 at 100%). This worked great, except that everything was noticeably slower. Googling suggested that this is a common issue with Xorg and there is nothing t ...

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Not "install," Not "View" Print out Fonts?
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Ubuntu: Print out fonts? Answer seems available nowhere... I'm certain I'm not the first to ask this question?

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Messages about invalid attributes in /etc/fonts/conf.d
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I installed Ubuntu 21.10 and changed from gnome desktop to mate desktop. Now I get the following type of messages in /var/logs/syslog. How can I get rid of them?

Jan 10 15:34:40 media rtkit-daemon[1738]: Supervising 7 threads of 4 processes of 1 users.
Jan 10 15:34:40 media rtkit-daemon[1738]: message repeated 2 times: [ Supervising 7 threads of 4 processes of 1 users.]
Jan 10 15:34:40 media skypef ...
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How to scale down a font
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I have got a font file (.otb) format that only contains the respective font for size 16pt. Is there a way how I can scale this down, i.e. get the scaled versions of the font for smaller font sizes?

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Ubuntu font catalog
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I am looking for a comprehensive catalog of all the fonts available for installation via Ubuntu packages, if possible with rendering sample. Does it exist somewhere ?

Th reason I am asking is that listing the package names is of little help since there is not a one package - one font logic. Sometimes it's one font family, sometimes it's a random collection.

In addition, the package description often ...

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Installing custom fonts on Ubuntu Server
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I would like to install a custom TTF or OTF font on Ubuntu Server, but I don't want to have to install a GUI or desktop environment. Is there a way to get this custom font (Fira Code Nerd Font) to be used as the terminal font for Ubuntu Server?

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Font display problem on ubuntu 20.04 when scrolling with the mouse wheel in Google Chrome
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Font display problem on ubuntu 20.04. When you scroll with the mouse wheel in Google Chrome, the font is layered on top of each other, as if the lines do not have time to go up. But in Windows, for example, everything is fine or in documents opened outside the browser. (Monitor Dell P2419HC, connection by HDMI cable, note ASUS FX505D, video adapter geforce 1050)

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Japanese numbers are not displayed correctly on Google Chrome
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Since 16.04 or much older until today on 20.04 LTS
Google chrome sometimes doesn't display numbers in Japanese correctly.
The other frames in the same page on Twitter do display them readable.


I think I know it depends on the post written in Windows or Unix-like.
Shift-JIS and EUC-JP or UTF-8
How can I force to change the text coding on this small area?
Firefox does this without problems (picture ...

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Dropbox settings have a font problem
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I'm running Dropbox in Kubuntu 20.04 on a Dell laptop with a very high default resolution. When I click on the Dropbox icon on the taskbar, the menu comes up in an incredibly tiny font. How can I fix that?

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Why are the letters separated on the console?
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I have Ubuntu Budgie 21.10 installed and Google's ProductSans font, everything looks fine except the console, what can I do to fix this and it can be seen fine on the console?

Console font not working:

Screenshot 1

Menu font working:

Screenshot 2

Interface font working:

Screenshot 3

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Issue about Characthers
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i use in LXC, Ubuntu 21.04 (GNU/Linux 5.11.22-5-pve x86_64) on Proxmox.

I have an issue, because i see weird, some filename.

For example: You're next (2011).mp4

But i can see in the shell:

You'\''re next (2011).mp4

How can i fix it ?

root@PLEX:/mnt/ROB_MASTER/Movies# **locale**
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How do I make gVim detect a certain font?
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I recently installed a font named "Hermit", and it is detected by my computer as you can see here:- However, when I open gVim and try to change my font it isn't an option in the font selector, as you can see here


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How to decrease font size in `gnome-logs`
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Although gnome-logs is a practically useless application; from time to time, I try to use it.

However, the font size and especially the line height used to display the log contents is huge. Is there a way to change this only for gnome-logs and not system-wide (using gnome-tweaks for example)?

Note: This answer does not seem to work.

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Can anybody help me do a deep dive into how Dolphin under KDE generates text file thumbnails?
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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, with KDE installed on top.

Problem: When using a dark theme, text file thumbnails in dolphin use a light color for the text, but do not change the background, leading to white-on-white text, which is all but invisible. (The same problem was present under Kubuntu; I suspect it's common to all KDE Plasma sessions.)

My previous solution was to mess around with the color scheme until I foun ...

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Change gnome-tweaks scaling factor in the terminal?
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I change the scaling factor often when I switch between laptop (1.4 to be able to see everything better) and laptop with second screen (back to 1.0)

The fastest way I've managed to do this now with as little mouse use as possible is opening gnome-tweaks through the command line, but then I have to go to fonts, and type the desired value there

Is there any command I could use that I could turn into a ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 Gimp, not able to add fonts because error

I just installed gimp and was having fun with it. I wanted to add new fonts.
I opened GIMP and went to preferences and files then fonts and at last I clicked the fonts folder and tried to open file location. All it gave me was this error:

enter image description here

Can someone please help me by telling me how to solve this problem?

Thanks, this is very much appreciated.

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Devanagari fonts not rendering properly on 20.04 systemwide
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Fonts are being rendered properly on browsers. The actual problem is Libreoffice Calc where devanagari fonts aren't being rendered properly:

Libreoffice Calc

Here you can see even if the cell properly converts the "Halant", the formula bar doesn't. The only workaround for now is to set default interface font in tweaks to other unicode font such as Arial Unicode MS. But I don't want Arial as my system font. Is there any  ...

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Create a font from existing SVG icons
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I have a folder of SVG icons which I want to compile into a font. Each icon should be assigned to a unicode character of my choice (eg. U+F000). Traditional font editors like Birdfont are really not what I want here, because they require the user to manually edit every single character.

Optimally I would like to have a tool where I can just add a character to my font from the command line like mag ...

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All system font turned into boxes or missing
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I accidentally changed fonts.config, which shouldn't be changed. After the change all system font is turned into boxes or missing. But chrome works fine (websites). I tried sudo fc-cache -r -v and reboot but no changes. Is there any way to fix that? To Restore font.config?

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Issue on Gnome App windows fonts
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Pretty new on Ubuntu, I've got an issue with the Apps windows fonts. The quality in some of the fonts is bad in some apps like in Ubuntu Software and I don't know what I make as a mistake. I reset the Gnome config with Tweaks but nothing change. See the screenshot: Screenshot Apps font issues.

Thanks for any help.

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Blurry/Pixelated fonts after changing screen's scaling size to 125% on ubuntu wayland
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I wanted to play wine games that only worked in Wayland so I started a new session and when I set the resolution to 125% I ended up with some completely disgusting text fonts that didn't look like nothing at all if you will allow me. If there is anyone who could help me with my problem I sincerely thank him.

NOTE: I would not accept any responses like "Open a normal session", "Set your resolution ...

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How do I change the lock screen font in Ubuntu 20.04?
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Just installed my first Linux distro, am really impressed with the interface and functionally of it all.

I'd like to know how to change the default font for the lock screen for the time. I want to use this font for the lock screen:

In particular, Alien-Encounters-Italic.ttf

enter image description here

So in linux I imagine I simply download the.ttf file and somehow link that .ttf fi ...