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A freeze or hang is when the system becomes unresponsive for some period of time. This may relate to memory usage, graphics issues, or something else. If you are having this problem, be sure to include details of your hardware and configuration in your question.
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Ubuntu 20.04 keeps freezing before login
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I am using 20.04 and my laptop keeps freezing before the login. What can I do now? I am having this issue from yesterday. There was a tty terminal available but there is nothing now. It all started when I installed a program called picom and after that my i3wm froze. I tried restarting my laptop but I couldn't get any desktop environment running. And now there is no login either.

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Install old version of Kdenlive
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I recently switched back to Ubuntu proper (20.04 version) from Peppermint 10. So, I installed my programs including kdenlive 20.08.3 which worked fine for about 1 month. Then started to freeze at or near the end of rendering (that is my laptop entire system would be frozen). But in addition other programs also were running slowly so I backed-up everything and re-installed Ubuntu. Now, everything is runn ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS freezes randomly - Suspecting Nvidia
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My Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS freezes randomly, sometimes after 20 mins, sometimes after several hours.

This means I can't move the mouse nor do anything with my keyboard. If sound is playing it repeats in ~2 sec loop. No key-combination does anything; just a hard reboot with the PC power switch gets me to restart.

According to this post I have collected some Information, though I am a newbie to this things a ...

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HP G8 1040 with Ubuntu 21.10, power/freezing problem
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I have new HP elitebook G8 1040 and I want to use Ubuntu 21.10 (because of some newer package versions). However, Ubuntu becomes unresponsive quite frequently (Gnome freezes and even ctrl+alt+fn is not working). Is there any chance to debug such issue or I just have to wait for a new LTS release? Some details:

Bios version: T93 Ver. 01.07.03
Kernel: 5.13.0-27-generic

System may freeze right after  ...

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Ubuntu freezes on wifi
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A few minutes after connecting to Wi-Fi, ubuntu 20.04 freezes. Especially when I open a browser (Firefox or Google Chrome) I'm a newbie. Please help me out. My computer uses the Realtek RTL8821CE Network Adapter

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Frequent Complete Freezes On 20.04
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Over the last few days, for no reason I can tell (no recent big updates), I've been experiencing frequent instances of complete system freezes. The mouse won't move, no key combinations trigger, and cannot reboot with Alt+SyReq either. The only way to do anything is to hold down the power button until it powers off. After rebooting it freezes again, sometimes after many hours, sometimes after only a few ...

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How do I troubleshoot a system freeze (100% unresponsive)?
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I have xrdp set up and I frequently remote into my laptop running Ubuntu from my Windows desktop. Last night I remoted normally and instead of logging out, I shutdown the computer remotely. It prompted me with a message along the lines of "are you sure you want shutdown? There are other users logged in". I chose yes and it shutdown properly. I've done this before so I would like to think this is insigni ...

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Screen freezes on Rpi4
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I've just gotten a RPi4 (8gb), and this is my first time using any Linux operating system.

I'm using my RPi to stream videos to my Apple TV (files are stored on an external HDD. Sometimes (usually after about 1 hour since booting) the screen just freezes, and everything is unresponsive. I can't move the mouse, and I've to use the keyboard to restart it (I've tried REISUB and opening the terminal  ...

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screen display issue
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I have installed ubuntu 20.04.3 in MSI bravo 15 Ryzon 7 AMD Radeon RX 5500M 4GB GDDR6 Dedicated Graphics. It worked fine for almost one year; then, the screen is not displayed after suspend. I did try all the solutions mentioned here But still the same. I changed the grub file with several options.

I think something happens because of updating Please assist.

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Memory cgroup out of memory: Killed process ... system freezes
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Ubuntu 20.04 freezes and message on remote console is as attached.
Did ILOM hard reset to reboot. Anyone know how to identify the process that caused the oom and why would Ubuntu freeze?


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HP Convertible X360 11-ab0xx freezes using Ubuntu 20,02,3 LTS
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I have contacted HP Support on thiS topic and was told "If you are not on Windows AMFM YOYO (Adios M/F, You're on your own)". I have raised this on AskUbuntu before (Jul 16 2021) to no avail - CAN ANYONE HELP OR DO I HAVE TO REVERT BACK TO windows AGAIN ?

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Why so many freezes after upgrading to Ubuntu 21.10?
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My 2009 Apple iMac had been running pretty well on Ubuntu 21.04, but after upgrading to 21.10 (via Software update) it freezes frequently, particularly when using an internet browser.

Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. It is dedicated to Linux, not partitioned.

Here is the output of sudo lshw:

description: All In One
    product: iMac9,1 (System SKU#)
    vendor: Apple Inc.
    version: 1.0
    ser ...
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Kubuntu install hangs on Connex LiteBook
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I have a Connex LiteBook that won't load into Windows so I don't want to fix that and want to replace it with Ubuntu. Seeing as the LiteBook is pretty weak hardware wise I want to install Kubuntu.

I downloaded the Kubuntu ISO, checked SHA256 hash and then used Startup Disk Creator to make a bootable USB stick.

Went to Laptop, started it, went into BIOS and booted from USB. I see the Grub menu and s ...

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Ubuntu totally freezes after a few minutes
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After months of flawless use, yesterday Ubuntu 20.04 opened until the pink screen and then nothing. As nothing was responsive I could only press the power button long enough to close, and then restart, this time I got to the normal opening screen although it took much longer than normal. A minute later the mouse froze and I discovered that nothing worked. Doing the same thing again, I got to the point i ...

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Kubuntu 20.04 freezes on boot
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My kubuntu 20.04 installation often (about 8 out of 10 times) gets stuck during the boot process. Using nomodeset or any other parameter i've found on the internet doesn't seem to help. I'm in a dual boot configuration. I've also removed the quiet splash parameters in the grub menu to see if i could get some information that way, the boot process seems to freeze at a different step every time.

My ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 completely freezes after login
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I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a Surface Pro 7, with the surface kernel installed (I'm not an advanced user, I kind of know how to use the terminal but that's all).

After booting my laptop today, I didn't get any GUI, but like a bash, terminal asking for my login, and after looking for quite some time on the internet, I discovered that for whatever reason ubuntu-desktop was not installed (is this even th ...

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app won't load, says another copy already running
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When I try to open Audacity, I get the message that "The system has detected that another copy of Audacity is running. Running two copies of Audacity simultaneously may cause data loss or cause your system to crash." But I can't detect another copy. This tends to happen, and not just with Audacity, after the system has frozen and I have had to reboot with programs open and running.

I'm running ...

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Zoom freezes on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
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So, I installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on a new Lenovo E 15 Thinkpad and I'm experiencing issues with Zoom. Every time I join a new meeting the video freezes after some time (usually a couple of minutes). I can still hear other conference participants, but my video remains frozen and I have to restart Zoom (until it freezes again after some time). So basically, I am not able to use Zoom on my computer. Ther ...

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Xubuntu 20.04 freezes and gets stuck
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I am facing this issue from quite some time now on Xubuntu 20.04 My Dell Laptop (Dell Latitude) seems to randomly freezes and get stuck. I cannot use any keyboard keys, Ctrl + Alt + F1 does not work and I cannot access the terminal.

When I checked syslog in /var/log/syslog and it showed this output at the time when the freeze occured. Any idea what might be this issue?


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Dell inspiron 5567 laptop, Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Long term boot problem with weird patterns
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I will try put all the details i have collected since the beginning of the issue so you have clear picture of what is going on.

At july, i moved to my new place and this was the first time i had some issues. At that point, my laptop's battery was ruined so i had always it always plugged in. The case was, while my laptop was running it suddenly started freezing with only to shut it down, the cold s ...

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System hangs on reboot and poweroff
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My laptop started hanging several days ago, this is the last message it prints. I am running Ubuntu 21.10. What can be done to make this work again without having to disable updates?

This is the last message it prints


The problem started after the kernel 5.13.0-22-generic was upgraded to 5.13.0-23-generic. When I boot using the former kernel image in grub, the correct behavior is restored (i.e. the system shuts down cleanly). N ...

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Ubuntu Studio 21.10 Freezing, Requires Hard Reset
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I can't seem to figure out the exact cause of the freezing. It seems to happen most often during video playback (Hulu, Netflix) in fullscreen mode and during gameplay through steam, but it's also frozen during normal web browsing and just moving around in the file manager and terminal. The screen will freeze and the last second or two of audio will loop. The keyboard is unresponsive but I can sometimes  ...

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Intermittently frozen screen
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My screen freezes for a few seconds to a few minutes up to a few times per minute but the system is not frozen. Spotify will continue to play, VLC sound will continue to play, Youtube sound in Firefox or Chrome will continue. It appears that mouse clicks or Page Up/Down keyboard commands will stack up and execute as soon as the screen starts moving again. Mute keyboard command will not execute until the ...

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Trouble installing 21.10, freezes during install
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I am and have been attempting to install ubuntu 21.10 for the pass few days with no success at all. anytime I attempt to install it, it loads seems likes its working but I never make it to the liveusb version (I think thats what its called when its like the trial before installing fully). I have tired adding the "nomodeset" thing to the grub editing stuff, it didn't help out at all. I am using a AMD ace ...

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Ubuntu 20.04.3 freezes after rebooting, stuck on "Loading initial ramdisk"
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Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on an Intel NUC11 Enthusiast Mini PC - NUC11PHKi7CAA (Has an Nvidia GPU)

Rebooted today after applying latest software updates, and it no longer boots.
GRUB loads fine, but system freezes with a black screen after GRUB

Research and Troubleshooting: Selecting "Advanced boot options" I see choices for two kernels and their associated "Recovery Mode" options:

  • 5.11.0-43
  • 5.11.0-43  ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 may have common issue of gnome-panel and album art that causes laptop to freeze
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I hope this isn't my being a numpty, but if I am ... :-)

My laptop for the past maybe year regularly freezes - this can happen several times in a day, or it can last days without freezing.

I replaced the hard drive, reinstalled Ubuntu 20.04, and have updated the kernel regularly (currently on 5.15.5). I also run gnome flashback (i.e. with "old fashioned" menus ...!).

I have tried reverting to the stand ...

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Ubuntu 21.10, black screen during video call
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I install an ubuntu 21.10 on my Dell XPS 9510.

When I was in video call with google meet in google chrome sometimes in I have a black screen, but my colleagues always see and hear me.

I tried with wayland and x11 and had same issue.

Here my setup: enter image description here

Here logs:

16:19:52 gdm3: Gdm: Failed to list cached users: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name :1.9 was not provided by a ...
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Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS freezes, requiring a hard reboot
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I am experiencing regular system freezes running Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on a Lenovo-Legion-5-17IMH05H with NV168 graphics card.

The computer does not respond to ctrl-alt-F1 and the only way out seems to be a hard reset.

I have two examples of syslog from the crashes. These would have been the most recent freezes, but it has already frozen once more whilst composing this question.

Please advise how I might  ...

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kernel: rc rc0: receive overflow
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My Ubuntu server 20.04 keeps freezing after a few hours of operation to the point where the fan is running hot and I can't even establish a connection to ssh to it.

After rebooting it behaves normally with no CPU load spikes or memory issues. The server is a fresh install and only really running an empty MongoDB database.

I looked at the kern.log and found it flooded with these logs at the time befo ...

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frequently stops and freezes -- Ubuntu 21.10 (GNU/Linux 5.13.0-22-generic x86_64) -- moved to debian 11 now and issue is gone
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I was running Ubuntu MATE LTS for a long time. Then i moved to Budgie LTS and then current version.

Here it starts that my machine (DELL XPS 850 - 16 GB RAM) stops frequently completely (several times a day). Then I moved to UBUNTU LTS and then to the current version. Same topic. Several times a day the machine freezes fully. No response, no key press. When i restart and look in /var/log i find n ...