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Questions about using the function keys in Ubuntu.
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WLAN and function keys stopped working, phy0 hard blocked
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I have a Lenovo Ideapad 3, and have been running single boot KDE Neon (20.04 focal) for years. Yesterday my desktop froze. Upon reboot, I found myself with no touchpad, no function keys (with the exception of the Volume keys that continued to work), and no WLAN.

Except the Function keys, there are no other keys on my laptop that can control hardware.

According to the BIOS, WLAN as well as Function k ...

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Keyboard's FN keys and switch video mode dialog
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The problem is simple but I don't know how to resolve this, when I press FN + F6 to turn off my laptop's display the display turn off correctly but Linux also show the dialog for switch video mode, (the same you can get with Win + P), and at the same time switch to the next modality.

this dialog to be clear

This is the output of evtest, so Linux interprets FN + F6 like KEY_SWITCHVIDEOMODE event.


I think that's enough rem ...

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Wrong keyboard mappings
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Yesterday i made the switch to Ubuntu, but sadly not without issues.

I've got a laptop with a pretty standard keyboard, everything works just fine except the F1-F12 keys excluding F5.
For example Fn + F11 should bring my brightness down, but it fullscreens the window instead, on the other hand when i press Shift+F10 it just pops out "P".

I'm very new to Linux, but i have absolutely no idea whats g ...

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Trackpad toggle function key not working on MSI laptop
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I have an MSI GE76 running the Ubuntu 21.10 beta. I am dual booting with Windows 10. I was surprised that most of my useful function hotkeys work, including the max-fan button and the webcam disable button.

However, fn-F3, which is supposed to disable the trackpad, does not do anything. It also doesn't work in Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 21.04. Is there a known solution to this problem?

I am using th ...

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How to configure Function keys on laptop Asus FX506HE-HN012 with Ubuntu 21.04
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On my laptop most function keys work, but Fn+F5 doesn't. It controls fan speed and mode, like performance or effectiveness or turbo. Also Fn+F10 which turns touchpad on and off.

I've installed the latest version of the kernel and updated Ubuntu.

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Unable to reduce screen brightness using Fn key in 20.04
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I have a

  • Lenovo P51 laptop
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Fn+F5 and Fn+F6 are the brightness up/down keys

Current behaviour:

  • Pressing Fn+F6 increases the brightness and shows the brightness meter OSD
  • But pressing Fn+F5 just shows a circle with a line through it(⊘) on the OSD
  • I can increase and decrease brightness using the slider in Power settings

Expected behaviour:

  • Pressing Fn+F5 should display the brightness OSD  ...