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Rockstar games launcher error HELP!
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So i'm new to Linux Ubuntu. I recently install Linux to use for gaming on but I can't install Rockstargames launcher from Lutris.

I always get this error :

"an error has occurred please make sure all instances of the rockstar games launcher have been closed"

I have rebooted my PC but still doesn't work.

Please help me, I want to play RDR2 because I own it on Rockstar games launcher.

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21.04 Multiple monitor mouse jumps out of Steam gaming window
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I'm trying to play ARK on Linux on my triple monitor setup (game window only on center monitor). I'm running XUbuntu 21.04 with a 3060ti. The center monitor is set as my primary monitor. Whenever I open my in game inventory or the game menu my mouse immediately jumps to the center of my right monitor. I then have to drag it back into the ARK game window.

I have tried setting "click to focus" and  ...

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Getting Double Game Controller Devices When One Plugged In
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When I plug in a game controller, Ubuntu returns 2 devices for it. When I plug in my XBox 360 controller, JSTest-gtk shows 2 XBox 360 controllers, but only one of them receives input. When I plug in my Logitech controller, JSTest-gtk shows Logitech and a 360 controller in the list, but again, only one receives input. If I plug in both controllers, I get a list of 1 logitech and 3 360 controllers. These ...

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error while loading shared libraries:
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I downloaded a game from this link space-logic-adventure

I found this error message when I tried to run it:

pascal@pascal-Lenovo-ideapad-330-15AST:~/Computer/Games/Linux/space-logic-adventure-v1.2-linux-x64$ ./space-logic-adventure
./space-logic-adventure: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Before running it I instal ...

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game opens to green screen and now i cant lauch game?
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I found an old game called Slender.


I wanted to play it so I downloaded it and put it in .win/drive_c/program files it worked game opened but the game opened to green screen I could hear the game but the screen was green.

Next time I tried to open the game I got errors and could not launch the game the errors in lutris log said this (Can ...

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Setup was unable to create directory Error 5 : access denied
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I'm trying to install No Man's Sky via a GoG installer and run in through Wine however I have a problem. The default install location is C:\GOG Games\No Man's Sky ,so apparently I have a hidden c_drive I wasnt aware of? Anyway I change the location somewhere inside root and run the installer but I get an error saying Unable to create directory Error 5: access denied. I've tried running the program as sud ...

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Need help getting old game (Slender Prison) to run with Lutris
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I'm using a new install of Ubuntu 21.04. I found an old game (came out around 2012-2013) called Slender Prison ( and tried to get it running with Lutris.

I am getting various errors. One says:

globals, Line 44 attempt to call a nil value

I press OK and then a lot of errors saying:

on timer line 7 attempt to call a nil value

I got it work ...

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Steam doesn't install on Ubuntu 21.04
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I'm having the following error when I try to open the latest steam version installed with

sudo apt install steam
Running Steam on ubuntu 21.04 64-bit
STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically
Steam runtime environment up-to-date!
Steam client's requirements are satisfied
WARNING: Using default/fallback debugger launch
/home/vinicius/.steam/debian-installation/ubuntu12_32/steam -nominidumps -nobreakpad
[202 ...
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What are some free car driving simulator game for ubuntu?
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NOT racing game. I'm looking for car driving simulation game for ubuntu that's free.

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Holding a key down in game repeats as if I'm typing instead of holding
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When I hold a key in a game, the key is not held. Instead, it holds for a moment and then stops and repeats - the behavior you expect to see when typing. The most obvious example is holding tab in Counter-Strike causes the scoreboard to flash instead of being shown continuously. Other issues caused by this is jittery movement when using wasd.

This behavior is fairly recent (started maybe 2-3 week ...

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Full screen application and change input

guys I've been using ubuntu for really long and it's really good for gamming but there's 1 problem I found that it is really annoying so my main game was minecraft and I don't only speak english so I have to change language input so I press super key + spacebar and then it just minimize my minecraft in full screen I tried to change it to something else but everytime I change my language and if I am in f ...

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changing default download path/drive
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I just want to make new files/games/whatever to another drive I have formatted in Linux to use for my Steam games and other downloaded items. I try to add this drive and I am told that drive must be empty in order to be used. The only file that seems to be in the partitioned section is a "lost+found" file...which I am not permitted to remove. Why does Linux make file creation/manipulation so difficult?  ...

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How do I increase the font size of the Unity Game Engine's editor UI in Ubuntu 20.04?
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Is there a way to make the Unity Game Engine's editor UI font size larger? The font size on the editor view is different than the size of the menu bar's and the rest of the applications I run on my computer (presumably 1.25x as I am using Gnome Tweaks to set my font scaling to 1.25).

If I had to guess, the Unity editor only seems to be using the default 100% scaling setting for its embedded conte ...

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How To use a PowerA spectra on Ubuntu 20.04
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I have recently received a powerA spectra Controller.

I plugged it in to my computer it didn't work as expected.

I have tried other solutions from questions similar to mine such as : Installing Driver for XBox PowerA Spectra Controller

None of which have worked. Could it be im doing something wrong?

Or is it because my version of Ubuntu is different?

I was wondering if I could get an updated walk ...

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Steam miscalculating disk size?
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So I have 2 disks, one with 27gb remaining, and other one of 1tb that is empty.

I'm mounting the 1tb disk in /mnt/big-drive, and I've added a steam library in /mnt/big-drive/Games, via Steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders.

When I try to install a game, it gives me the option to select the new folder, but the space available keeps the same: 27gb, and as the game is bigger than ...

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Terraria is not running smoothly at all,
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I've set up Proton GE-1 6.16 and Terraria just won't run smoothly, it strives to 60fps but still stutters quite a bit, still playable. I have a GTX 1660ti and I am using nvidia-driver-470.

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How do I not play a wine game in full screen?
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This seems like the complete opposite of what most people ask, but I'm having trouble in full screen as the game usually starts lagging. Is there any way I can exit out of fullscreen?

The games I'm having this problem with is FNaF World, Pizzeria Simulator, and Ultimate Custom Night. I've heard and tried to execute commands to exit and even tried other various things to exit, but is there somethi ...

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Wine program crashes
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I have victoria 2 on my exegear Wine 4.0 emulator, as with winetricks i was able to get needed libaries for the program, however after running it, it just crashes and i am a newbie and no idea how to fix it

Debug results said;

Register dump:

 CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b
 EIP:00a2c1c1 ESP:0031d940 EBP:0031db54 EFLAGS:00200202(   - --  I   - - - )
 EAX:00000001 EBX:00000000 ECX:08b ...
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How run 64-bit Games on WINE?
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I am trying to run 64-bit Games on Ubuntu 20.04, I understand that Wine is configured to run 32-bit programs and it is possible create a separate prefix for it. However is it possible to create a 64-bit prefix and merge it with the prefix that is already there, where you can run both 32-bit and 64-bit programs in one prefix?

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Games aren't running under steam play in ubuntu 20.04.2
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So I use Hp elitebook 8570p as my computer and I'm running ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS as my os. My steam doesn't run games using proton trough steam play.

This is the screen that pops up when I start the game:


After that pop up screen comes, steam says that the game is running but the game window isn't coming. After a while steam just says that the game closed. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks! ...

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Many games on Steam and Lutris are not detecting my laptop's dGPU and running on iGPU
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Many wine games that I run through Steam(like Hitman 2 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider) and Lutris(all Epic Store and GOG games) are not detecting my AMD Hainan dGPU(even with DRI_PRIME=1) and are running on iGPU, resulting in a poorer performance. I have checked GPU usage in all these games through radeontop. Native Linux games(like Life is Strange) and few wine games are detecting my dGPU and usin ...

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Running a game server from a VM
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I am fairly new to Linux and Ubuntu in general, but for a learning project, I am trying to set up a game server (TF2 using SteamCMD) on a Ubuntu VM through Virtual Box...

I have been able to setup the server and run it, but I cannot connect to it. I'm assuming this has to do with then network configuration and/or port forwarding. The game server is not showing up in the LAN either. My host is a w ...

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AMOR desktop pet thingy
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i loved this old app from older version of ubuntu

Anyone know how to get the same app on ubuntu 20.04

Thanks a million...

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On Lutris, Epic Store games running on Integrated Graphics despite Epic Store launcher itself running on Dedicated GPU
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My laptop has an AMD Hainan Dedicated GPU and Intel Integrated Graphics 520. I installed Epic Games Launcher from the install script provided on the Lutris' website. I ran Lutris with DRI_PRIME=1 and then, ran Epic Store Launcher. I monitored my dGPU usage through radeontop. My laptop is perfectly using my dGPU when running Epic Games launcher, but switching back to Intel Integrated Graphics when  ...

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Error running steam on Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit
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EDIT: I managed to fix the issue myself. What I had to do was:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 and sudo ubuntu-drivers install

Original Post: I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux, so I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64-bit. I've installed steam but now I cannot run it. When I put steam in the terminal I see the "Updating Steam" window for a split second before it closes. Th ...

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I want to build games on unity. Installed on a virtual box , is it possible to do so?
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I want to build games on unity. I want to install it on a virtual box.

Is it possible to do so? I have started using Linux on virtual box and want to install unity on it and start developing.

Is it possible. not only unity, but also software's which require 3d acceleration such as blender and others.

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Steam runs slowly on Ubuntu 20.04
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I just get rid of Windows and installed Ubuntu on my PC as main OS. I heard Linux gaming doesn't suck anymore. I tried to play some games that I've bought when I had Windows, so I installed Steam from the software center and it's running super slowly. I do have the hardware to play and have a nice gaming experience since in Windows I never had any problems.

I already tried reinstalling Ubuntu but ...

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Wine on Steam game returns "forced quit"
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I am trying to run a steam game with Wine manually. It worked on another device running ubuntu but not this one.

I want to run a specific version of the game, which I have the windows file for, which is why lutris and playonlinux would not work here. I have tried using proton and protonge by adding the executable to steam then forcing compatibility tool, which did not work on both devices.

He ran:

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PC Shutdowns when playing games with wine
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Whenever I play/run games with wine, my pc shuts down, and when I start it up again it shuts down again. ¿what can I do?

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i need to hold press right/left click + wheel for my scroll to work in chrome and discord but not other app
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I have a problem:
My x7 Spider mouse used to work well without no problem, but recently, when I tried to scroll in chrome/discord, I need to press and hold Right click+wheel for it to be scrolling...

But in other apps like game and line, I don't have to click, just wheel and it works scrolling. I have tried to change the settings and all, but it won't work and I tried to search for solution, but I fou ...