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GNOME Display Manager (GDM) is a program which provides Ubuntu GNOME's graphical login screen.
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After switching to gdm3, interface changed
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I had issue about login. I had to switch to gdm3 desktop and i could login after switching. I used that:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall gdm3

But this caused my settings to be lost. Mostly interface settings.

For example in bottom bar, there are multiple tabs of different applications.

I want to be able to move one chrome icon from other chrome icons. Or I want to be able to take one chrome to first of  ...

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Stuck at blank purple screen after login Ubuntu 20.04
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After logging in after a reboot, it just removes the login window thing and gives a blank purple screen with a mouse cursor instead of my desktop. I can ctrl-alt-f2 and then ctrl-alt-f1 back and it'll reload the greeter and let me log in after that, but it's really annoying and I'd rather avoid having to do that. I'm running 20.04.3 on a Thinkpad P51s. Installing all the updates and messing w graphics d ...

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wayland login loop after moving $HOME to new SSD
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TR;DR I moved my home dir to a new SSD and manually changed owner to my user. Now I cannot log into wayland unless I log in to Xorg session first.

I moved my home directory to a new SSD using rsync -avz. Some apps were having issues accessing the configs, so I ran sudo chown USERNAME * on my home dir. This seemed to work but now I have a login loop on wayland.

On a fresh startup GDM3 does not give optio ...

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Ubuntu login slow in SSD after changing login background to wallpaper
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I have ubuntu 20.04 installed on ssd along with windows 10 dual boot. After I used this tool to change the login screen background to a wallpaper, it takes much longer for login to complete than before. Before it was almost instantaneous after i entered the password but now it takes 10 seconds; even the windows 10 boots up faster than that. Even after I changed back the background to default purple backg ...

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When I suspend Ubuntu 20.04 with running GDM3, it turns to black screen with no cursor and no mouse-pointer
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When I close my laptop's cover, it suspends. But when I open it, it is blackscreen with no cursor or mouse-pointer. I tried sudo apt reinstall gdm3, but it does not work.

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Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS - Xorg remote connection refused on port 6000
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I'm having this error when I try connect (Windows >> Ubuntu).

connection refused on port 6000

I have no idea how to configure Xorg to accept connections on port 6000.


# Execute Xorg.wrap if it exists otherwise execute Xorg directly.
# This allows distros to put the suid wrapper in a separate package.

if [ -x "$basedir"/Xorg.wrap ]; then
        exec "$b ...
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Starting X-server with different configs for different seats with gdm3
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I have PC with two video cards. I want to use multiseat:

  • 1 seat is local
  • 2 seat is remote (with xserver-xspice package)

There is no problems with lightdm display manager, i can specify x-server config for each seat in lightdm config file (first is default, second is special xorg.conf which starts spice-server).

Is there way to use multiseat with different xorg configs for gdm3 display manager?

The ...

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ubuntu doesnot diplay the login screen when "join display" is select and there is only one monitor
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I spent a night to debug why the login screen is not showing up. I was able to blindly type in my password to login to a colored background but empty screen.

The problem persisted after I upgraded the system from 18.04 to 20.04.

When the screen wakes up from an idle state, the login GUI does show up and everything was normal.

one problem I have found was that display setting was configured to "join dis ...

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Boot hangs when starting gdm.service
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The problem is that it suddenly hangs once the service gdm.service starts. I know this because I have set it to display the processes instead of the splash screen and the last thing that comes on the screen is gdm.service, after which the computer hangs.

I do not think the problem is with the graphic drivers. Adding nomodeset to GRUB does not help.

If I go into recovery mode and drop to root shell, i ...

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gdm3/gnome does not start/crashes
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I installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 (Gnome version 3.36.8) on two different systems (one desktop, one laptop). On both systems after the first boot the login manager does not come up and I have to login via tty and do startx.

When I log out, I can log in with gdm3 again but when the laptop goes into power saving mode the session usually crashes.

The installs are independent (different downloads, sticks, b ...

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Black screen after sudo systemctl stop gdm
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I had a problem with my NoMachine Programm so I decided to use the possible solutions from their website: I tried the commands in the graphical desktop environment: sudo systemctl stop lightdm and sudo systemctl stop display-manager and both put me in a blackscreen where I couldn't do anything except rebooting my PC. After I rebooted my PC there was no black ...

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Distortion and tearing effect on internal 4k screen (HP elitebook laptop) with gdm/lightdm
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I have a weird distortion and flickering effect happening when embedded videos (inside text content) are running in web browsers or when I scroll in any sort of scrollable content (e.g., webpage, slack, gnome settings). When scrolling, I have a couple of black lines appearing and some tearing / distortion around the lines (appear and disappear quickly). Same effect is visible close to animated / embedde ...

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Monitor standby after login
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I just switched to Linux and I have an annoying issue. When using two monitors (main monitor and TV) after login my main monitor turns off. The only way to turn on the monitor is by starting the TV. When the TV starts it sends a signal to my main monitor and wakes up.

Another weird thing is when I lock the screen (Win+L) if I start, the TV will also send a signal to my main monitor and wake it up.

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Execute script every time a user login/logout using a service (gdm)
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I'm a newbie in linux and I'll be glad for any help.
I'm using gdm and I want to execute a script **every time** a user login/logout .

To see that the mechanism works, I tried at first to execute the script for login only (and not logout).
I tried to run a service that does that by adding a service under /etc/systemd/user/serv.service.
Below is the Unit I wrote:


[Servic ...
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Custom gdm session logs me out on Ubuntu 18.04
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I have a requirement where a sandbox user only needs to see a single application without running Gnome or any DE at all (basically a kiosk setup).

I created a new .desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions, which runs a shell script that launches and configures the application. However, shortly afterwards, the whole session is terminated (I am assuming because the batch file ends).

One of the things I ...

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How do I stop the GUI (in Kubuntu 21.10)
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I need to stop the GUI and access a TTY for the NVIDIA drivers. I found this question. However, when I tried sudo service lightdm stop (or the same with gdm), it said this:

$ sudo service lightdm stop
Failed to stop lightdm.service: Unit lightdm.service not loaded.
$ sudo service gdm stop
Failed to stop gdm.service: Unit gdm.service not loaded.

I'd prefer not have to mess with Grub, as I only need  ...

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autostart is delayed? takes around 90s
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After login i expected my autostart apps to immediately start, but they seem to only start after about 90s.

I tried googling but all i see is people who want to delay apps in startup... i was looking for the opposite.

I use guake (dropdown terminal) and sometimes want to hit that imediately after login, but i have to wait for autostart to kick in.

This has been like this a long time and im not even sur ...

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How to navigate gdm3 login manager with keyboard shortcuts
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Pretty much I want to know how to access the cog-icon with a keyboard shortcut. Is there a way? (Everything I know about Linux tells me there should be and probably is.)

I know this is a question that reeks of "did you google it?", but yes I have and I've found nothing. My Google-fu is weak or I am just using the wrong terminology when asking the question? I don't know.

Thanks in advance.

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How to create ZFS home dirs using pam_exec
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How do I get to create a new home dir ZFS dataset for each user who logs in via GDM/LDAP? I'm running Ubuntu 20.04, using GDM and nslcd for LDAP auth.

pam's mkhomedir library doesn't have native support for ZFS yet so I've filed a feature request for this on github. Until that gets implemented, I'll have to hack this together myself.

UPDATE: This is working when logging in to LDAP from t ...

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GDM logout script doesn't write to a file
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I'm trying to write a logout script that will be executed when a user graphically logout.
For this purpose I've added the script into the file: /etc/gdm3/PostSession/Default

In the script I'm writing into a file and creating 2 new files with touch:

touch /home/userA/Documents/file_A.txt
echo "Hello" >> $my_file
touch /home/userA/Docume ...
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Ubuntu gets stuck in a login loop unless a different user logs in
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I'm trying not to make a duplicate of a previous question, but I do have the same problem. I'm using gdm3 and have purged, and reinstalled multiple times. A different user 'test' and sudo startx work. So it seems to be a config issue, but I'm unsure. I've exhausted everything save reinstalling Ubuntu.

After following this question, I am stumped as to what to do because I'm not seeing the same files. I ...

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Unable to go to bios settings and stuck at gdm.service
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Logged off from my Ubuntu 20.04 and restarted the system. When I'm trying to check bios settings, my system is getting stuck at gdm.service Stuck at gdm.service

I tried to plug my usb drive and usb cable also, but it is giving me 'unable to enumerate USB device' error. USB device issue

Also normal starts are not working. Stuck at Ubuntu icon.

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Upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 causing many failures
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I upgraded Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 and now everything is broken. apt doesn't work.keep getting dpkg errors when trying to use it. cant install anything. nautilus and terminal doesn't work. lots of icons are not appearing.broken icons broken icons2 broken icons3

some python errors occurring and so on. what to do now? even backup program doesn't work. How to make it work again? I couldn't understand how  ...

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How to disable Username-input field (StEntry) Ubuntu 20.04?
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Is it possible to hide or disable the input-field for Username in the logon screen on Ubuntu 20.04 - making it "impossible" to type into the field for a period of time? Reason for this is to make it clear for the student (along with a background image) that the machine is still being configured. (See picture below for reference)

Ubuntu 20.04 Login screen Ubuntu 20.04 Login screen

I think it has something to do with the gdm3 ...

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GDM3 does not start at system boot after upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04
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After the upgrade, I get the default logon screen (not gdm3). From a terminal, when I issue

sudo systemctl status gdm

it says "dead". Then, if I issue:

sudo systemctl restart gdm3

the GDM login screen comes up fine.
How can I figure out what is causing GDM to fail during system boot?

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Purple screen after upgrading to Ubuntu 21.10
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Couldn't log in because the gdm3 login screen has no password field, see screenshot:

gdm3 login screen

The unability to switch from current session to the TTY3 text console (Ctrl+Alt+F4 or F3 didn't work here) forced me to restart in recovery mode in order to select lightdm instead of gdm3 using:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

which did work fine.

I retried:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3

after having uninstalled gdm3 ...

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Using Smartcard Insert Event to Bypass Username Prompt in Greeter
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I'm switching over from CentOS 7 to Ubuntu 18.04 and setting up smartcard login.

The smartcard login using pam_pkcs11 with opensc works just as well as it did in CentOS, but the greeter in CentOS (GDM) would identify when a smartcard is inserted and direct the users to enter a PIN without entering a username and leave it to the pam_pkcs11 mapping to find the user account. The username would be d ...

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Display manager doesn't load desktop and instead shows a black screen for 5 minutes after entering login info. then loads after the 5 minutes
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After I get to the login screen from a reboot, once I enter my password and login, instead of getting the desktop, I get a completely black screen for exactly 5 minutes, once those 5 minutes have passed, the desktop loads without any error messages.

Version: 21.04

Kernel: 5.13.0-7620-generic

GNOME Shell 3.38.4

NVIDIA Driver Version: 470.82.00

systemctl status gdm3.service output:

systemd[1]: Starting ...
Score: 0 sometimes stop working when booting to ubuntu
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I have a dual boot (win 10 + ubuntu). when booting to ubuntu sometimes it hangs on

by the way, I use the tweak tool to change the looking of the shell and to add themes.

I was unable to define the problem. but it sometimes works fine and sometimes does not even log in?

any suggestion? sometimes stop working

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Cannot install A GUI in my computer
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I am on Ubuntu 20.04. Whenever I try to boot up my computer I get nothing only black screen. If I press ESC, then I can see only /dev/sda2 clean, etc. Nothing else. It looks like there is no GUI on it.

I pressed CtrlAltf5 to enter a tty and logged in. Now when I try to install a GUI I get dependencies error. But when I install something else it was doing fine, e.g., Aptitude: sudo apt install aptitude ...