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This is a very general tag that should only be used for questions referring to GNOME in general and not a specific component. GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) is a collection of GTK-based software that provides the desktop environment GNOME Shell.
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Apps Broken after changing Icon Themes?
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Been running Ubuntu 20.04 for five months, and after playing around for the millionth time with icon themes, my system reported "App X will close because of a crash", and Gnome Tweaks, Terminal, File Explorer and others closed, and their icons disappeared and are not able to be opened again. (icons for the top bar also disappeared except for the date, time and calendar?)
On other users other than my ...

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How do I find relative files in python with ubuntu?
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Basically, I am trying to set the background of ubuntu to a file, and I pretty much need to use relative paths.

I have looked at other people's and tried what they did but it didn't work, it just changes the background to a dark blue colour.

My code: os.system('gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri file:../Installer/Assets/BG.png')

Also, I am using Ubuntu 21.10 and yes, I have added ...

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Enable remote screen sharing from headless server on 21.10
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I have a VPS running Ubuntu 21.10 that I can SSH in to and doesn't have a video device.

I want to know how to configure it to be able to remote in to the server from my personal machine via VNC or RDP preferably with Gnome Shell or Ubuntu Desktop.

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How to remove sticky error message being overlayed on all screens of ubuntu, the message is displayed on all screens even after restarting?
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I was installing some extension from that extensions had some dependencies which was not met and hence it dumped an error message on my screen

" System Infromations - Desktop Widget Please Install: libgtop, Netowrk Manager and gir bindings on ubuntu: git1.2-gtop-2.0, git1.2-networkManager-glib-devel on Arch: libgtop, networkmanager on openSUSE: typelib-1_0-GTop-2_0, type ...

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In Gnome builder, "Create Project" button is inactive when JavaScript is selected
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When I try to create a new project in Gnome Builder the Create Project button is inactive if I select JavaScript and GNOME Application. If I switch to GNOME Application (Legacy) or some other language it works.

Screenshot with inactive "Create Project" button

gjs (1.64.5-0ubuntu0.20.04.01) is installed, Gnome Builder was installed using Flatpak (not sure if that is important).

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How can I customize the time and date format in the top bar, without a shell extension?
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There are several Gnome Shell extensions, but how do they work? Can I do what they do? I want to use a customized date/time format string myself, without requiring a shell extension. Is there documentation for whatever top-bar APIs the shell extensions are using? Ubuntu 21.10, Gnome 40.5.

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Ubuntu 21.10 "Show applications" does not list apps in dock
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I recently installed Ubuntu and noticed a possibly purposeful behavior.

If I add "Chrome" (just as an example) to favorites (which pins it to dock), clicking "Show Applications" button does not list Chrome as one of the apps.

If I remove Chrome from favorites, it turns back to "Show Applications" menu. But I like it in dock.

Searching still returns Chrome, and I can start Chrome from dock anyway, but I  ...

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Several errors per minute: "Failed to start Tracker file system data miner." and "Failed to start Tracker metadata extractor."
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I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to Linux so bear with me.

I installed Ubuntu 21.10 Desktop from a Live USB over the weekend to a NAS device. Performance was abysmal but I kept at it and eventually screwed something up, unable to boot after a day. So I reinstalled (without formatting from scratch -- I had already moved 3TB of data back onto the drives and didn't want to do it again) and everythi ...

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Is it possible to assign font styles and colors to Gedit and Gnome Terminal through the system's GTK theme?
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I have Gnome Tweaks installed on Ubuntu, and I was curious if it is possible to assign font colors and styles to Gedit and Terminal through the system theme to create a more unified look.

As I workaround, I was able to select Solarized in both apps, but the backgrounds didn't match the Arc-Dark theme. So in Gnome Terminal I had to customize the background and manually enter the hex code used for  ...

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Something has gone wrong even if the upgrade was successfully
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There are tons of questions about this error but almost all of them refer to interrupted dist-upgrades. Instead, I've upgraded from 20.04 to 21.10 without any problem (at least, no popups that show errors).

The machine is headless and it's configured with a dummy monitor to be accessed by a remote desktop application:

Section "Device"
    Identifier  "Configured Video Device"
    Driver      "dummy"
E ...
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Screen brightness goes to 10-15% when charger plugs
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I have Ubuntu 21.10 installed on Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 with Ryzen 4600H and GTX1650. The screen brightness have several problems with user interface. First one is after the reboot or turning on the device, the actual brightness doesn't match the menu brightness field in top right corner. The menu shows 0 but the actual is 100%. The next problem is if i plug (or unplug) the charger for the first time a ...

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Endless Keyboard Layout Problems / Tried countless solutions
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I use Zorin OS 16 with X11 windowing system and my Gnome Shell version is 3.38.4, and everything is properly updated.

The background to my problem is the following: I was trying to solve a crash that was presented when I changed my screen brightness, when a guide ended up leading me to two possible solutions: the first involved uninstalling some Nvidia drivers, and the second, change my system la ...

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Sound then Gnome locks up
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I've had problems with Gnome locking up for some time now (see Gnome not responsive)

I just noticed that just before Gnome locks up some sort of alert tone plays - a very quick bing-bing-bing (in descending freq), then keyboard and mouse locks up. I do not have screen blanking enabled in the settings menu.

Is there some other place that might be the cause?

EDIT: System is a desktop (hardware listed i ...

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Hide Top Bar in overview
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What I want to do:

Hide the GNOME Panel while Overview/App Grid is open, but show it on the desktop. So when I go to my activities overview or look at my apps, the panel is not there. But when I am looking at the desktop, it is there, and I can interact with it and everything.

What I've Tried:

I've tried variations of Hide Top Bar extensions without any luck.


You should be able to make  ...

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GNOME Shell Extension screen margin
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I am in love with tweaking my shell, and I have a few extensions installed. One of which is Hide Top Bar.
When enabled, my Desktop Icons (Desktop Icons: NEO/NG) shift up. This makes the top bar overlap the icons when the panel is shown, and I would like to fix this by shifting them back down.

The code that modifies the desktop's margins is in desktopIconsIntegration.js. I don't know what I wou ...

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Context menus visually corrupted with static-like appearance (picture included)
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Whenever I open a context menu in a few places, it is covered by corruption as shown in the picture:

picture of corrupted context menu

I am on Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS, Gnome 3.36.8 and X11. Started all of a sudden, is consistently reproducible, which means certain context menus or bookmark folder lists always are corrupted and others not.

Funny enough, if I manage to guess where the option is, I can click it and it works fine.

My CPU i ...

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Gnome Tweaks Appearance section layout is messed up
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I have no clue how but the Appearance section layout is messed up! The dropdown boxes' width is stretched and it's causing the Gnome Tweaks left panel to disappear if I decrease the width of the window. I've included pictures of dropdown boxes and Gnome Tweaks window after i decreased width. What's happening and how can i fix it? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

I've already t ...

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apt --fix-broken install gone crazy
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So recently I was trying to install an app which required newer version of libpango and tried installing it using

sudo dpkg -i libpango-1.0-0_1.50.4+ds-1_amd64.deb

Which gave me the following error

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libpango-1.0-0:amd64:
libpango-1.0-0:amd64 depends on libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.67.3); however:.
Version of libglib2.0-0:amd64 on system is 2.64.6-1 ~ubuntu20. ...

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Ubuntu 20.04.4 GNOME with scale 200% on 4K monitor - application windows are maximized beyond screen on re-login
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When I lock my screen then come back after some time to login, whatever window I was using before will be maximized beyond my screen where I can no longer see the bar at the top of the window for me to minimize / maximize / close. For example in Firefox, it will just show me a portion of the web page and I cannot see my tabs or anything at the top of the window to reset the window to fit within my scree ...

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How to change the background color of the following in GnomeShell.css
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How to change From Grandient To Simple Color Using GnomeShell.css

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syslog randomly full of error messages?
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Seemingly out of nowhere I got a notification that my system storage was full, and after some digging in recovery mode (laptop wouldn't boot after trying to restart) I discovered that syslog is full with (presumably thousands of) this error message:

Feb 26 22:04:20 ejfisc-XPS-13-9380 gnome-software-service.desktop[16482]: [16482:16685:0226/] Failed  ...
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Ubuntu Upgrade Login Screen - No Users Listed - psmouse serio 1 error
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I recently performed "sudo apt-get upgrade" in Ubuntu 22.04 since I was getting a partial upgrade error. During the upgrade, it suddenly turned off my computer and since then, I am witnessing a weird situation.

I am getting a purple login screen with no users listed whatsoever, I tried multiple things but to no avail. When I set "AutomaticLoginEnable" to true from /etc/gdm3/custom.conf, everything ru ...

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GUI not opening
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I was experimenting with the Linux flavour, and I tried to install kubuntu-desktop on my system, after that, I didn't like the GUI that much so I removed it using --purge method and autoclean.

And after that when I rebooted the system instead of opening the Ubuntu GUI a black screen appears and this was written on the screen

dev/sda1: clean, 552599/6111232 files, 7119295/24414464 blocks

I can ac ...

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what determines where applications go when connecting another monitor
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There is no rhyme or reason where applications show when connecting a second monitor. sometimes, for example, Opera Browser automatically goes to the second monitor, but sometimes it stays on the prime monitor. Other applications also do this. Is there any way to set a policy on this? Ubuntu 20.02.01 kernel. The second monitor is hdmi , sometimes set to primary on one monitor, other times set  ...

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Registers 2 key press in activities overview
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In activities overview, if I start typing, it registers the first key press as 2 key presses. Watch the gif for better understanding. Key_Press_Problem_Ubuntu_21.10 This is a fresh installation of Ubuntu 21.10. I installed it an hour ago.Registers 2 key press in activities overview

Why is this happening? How can I fix this?

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Opening a file with "less" causes notify-send to send a message
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In my development environment, we have some helper scripts that wrap certain commands (like maven or docker), and then use notify-send to send a notification if the commands fail. After running a particular build that failed, every time that I open a file using less, that build failed notification pops up.

Any ideas what's going on there? (I realize I have no code/files to be able to show what my s ...

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Additional empty line in right-click menu
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For unknown reason an additional empty line at the very bottom (below "Properties") is displayed in the context menu that appears when I right-click on a directory in Nautilus - see the screenshot below (this does not happen for files, only for directories). This was not happening previously, I don't know why it started to happen. This looks ugly and I want to get rid of this. Do you have any idea what  ...

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Remove GNOME 40 and install GNOME 3X instead?
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I am on ubuntu 21.10 (currently 22.04). and i dont like the UI that gnome 40 has on ubuntu. i personally preferred the look of the previous versions (such as 21.04) as it looked more in place with Ubuntu's GUI. If its not possible, is it at least possible to make it "feel" like gnome 3 or in other words, earlier versions of ubuntu which included GNOME? I really dont like the new UI of gnome 40 or ...

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How to switch to the previously opened window after being brought to desktop
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After switching to Desktop screen via Super + D (or Ctrl + Alt + D), I want to switch to the previously opened window via Alt + Tab, however the Desktop is not counted as window, hence pressing Alt + Tab shows not the previous window, but the one opened before it.

For instance, I have 2 windows opened ("1" and "2" in the order of opening) and window "2" is displayed. Then I switch to Deskt ...

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2277 failed to spawn search-provider
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I am using ubuntu desktop 20.04 and my screen froze on my azuz laptop. I had to use the alt+sysrq key with the letters R E I S U B to exit the frozen screen. Then I looked for the cause of crash using journalctl -b -l -e where I found gnome-calculator[2277]: search-provider.vala:140: failed to spawn.

Don't know what to do from here. I want to understand the cause and how to fix it. Thanks