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This is a very general tag that should only be used for questions referring to GNOME in general and not a specific component. GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) is a collection of GTK-based software that provides the desktop environment GNOME Shell.
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Why do my application launcher menu icons look scrunched?
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As shown in the screenshot below, my icons look horizontally scrunched in my Show applications menu on an Ubuntu 20.04 GNOME installation, but not on other Ubuntu installations on the same PC.

Scrunched application launcher menu icons

Any help or tips to troubleshoot and/or resolve this are greatly appreciated.

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KDE with Ubuntu 20.04
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I have installed kde on my Ubuntu installation trough sudo apt install kde-full, but I still have some question about updates, is there any issue removing Ubuntu desktop from it using sudo apt remove ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-software software-properties-gtk nautilus update-manager gnome-system-monitor? And what about new upgrades, for example, when Ubuntu 22.04 launch, will it upgrade just fine? Do I ...

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How to do parallel snap install when an app requires `--classic` confinement?
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Having done $sudo snap set system experimental.parallel-instances=true and rebooting, I am able to do parallel snap install of multiple applications. For example:

$ sudo snap install zoom-client skype instagraph
2021-08-04T15:51:12+08:00 INFO Waiting for conflicting change in progress: conflicting slot snap snapd, task
zoom-client 5.7.4-28991.0726 from Oliver Grawert (ogra) installed
instagraph  ...
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How to disable graphics hardware accelerations in 20.04?
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For troubleshooting purposes, how do I completely disable graphics hardware accelerations in Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa)?

The related Graphics settings don't seem to be available in the Settings app anymore.

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Display not auto rotating on Miix 320
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I installed ubuntu 21.04 on my Lenovo Miix 320 (a tablet notebook hybrid). While running Ubuntu from the USB Stick in the installation mode the Screen turned automatically but after installing it it does not.

Can anyone tell me what I have to do or what I did wrong?

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No way to have desktop icons in ubuntu 21.04
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No inbuilt extension for desktop icons, cant drag drop, nothing in dconf too. How can i have desktop icons

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Authetication fail on GDM
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Sorry to Disturb you

We started having some issue during the authetication phase in ubuntu 18.04, mainly, but not limited to, trying to login after a locked session-

We are using an LPAD authentication and basically when we try to authenticate on GDM the systems says "Authentication Failed" ...the screen become blank, then reappear sometimes without the password field. Sometimes after several attemp ...

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GNOME minimizing/restoring all windows of a specific application
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In GNOME desktop, how can I minimize/restore all windows of a specific application?

I know the shortcut Super + d hides all normal windows and then restores them, but I'm looking for its equivalent that works only for windows of a given application (for example, the application running in the current window).

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Ubuntu 20.04 no purple login screen
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I am using ubuntu 20.04 LTS been a year. Yesterday I wanted to change the color of the top bar. I tried to install ‘dconf-editor’ but I had got some error and the installation failed, so I uninstalled it. Then I tried to use these two commands to install gnome-tweak:


I installed them successfully, but when I restarted, The familiar purple login ...

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Ubuntu 20.04: stuck GNOME
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I need help with the following problem:

I am using an Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine and when I start it it does not boot and stays stuck as shown in the image below.

enter image description here

Started GNOME Display finishes system changes.pp link was shut down...

I've been looking at some possible solutions but:

  1. I can't access tty via keyboard shortcuts.
  2. I can only access riit t ...
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Cannot open settings and gnome-control-center in Ubuntu 18.04
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When I attempt to open settings, the icon spins for some seconds and disappears afterwards.

In terminal I used the command


and this error shows up:

gnome-control-center: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I use grep to search for but there is no such file in /etc.

I also ...

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can not disable nautilus file manager(ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
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i want to use nemo file manager as default desktop manager (icons) but i can not disable nautilus desktop icons

i tried to disable it in gnome tweaks but it didn't work

i tried

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons false

i tried to delete


but there was no such a file in that directory

when i run command nemo-desktop it shows m ...

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Ubuntu freezes at startup after new update
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After not using it for a month or two I decided it was time to go back to Ubuntu for a better experience. After using it a for awhile and updating to the newest version, where some stuff popped up about updating and deleting old packages, it required a restart and, after that, my Ubuntu has been stuck at boot right after the Ubuntu logo loading pops up. It's just the black Ubuntu logo at the bottom and  ...

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How to use the default Yaru Gnome-Shell theme on Ubuntu 21.04 in a Gnome session?
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I did a fresh Ubuntu 21.04 installation, installed the Gnome session (sudo apt install gnome-session), restarted, selected Gnome (tried Wayland and X11) in the login window (where you have to enter the user password to log into the system), installed Gnome-Tweaks (sudo apt install gnome-tweaks) and Gnome-Extensions (sudo apt install gnome-shell-extensions) in order to be able to change the Gnome-Shell th ...

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Stuck in bootloop. Login screen doesn't show up
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I've recently decided to install kde-plasma-desktop Desktop environment, but it was laggy on my PC and so I decided to switch back to gnome. So I removed the kde-plasma-desktop package and other kde packages using synaptic's package manager GUI. Then I was unable to login with xorg, but I was able to login into Wayland just fine. Today, I booted up my laptop and it doesn't show up a login screen a ...

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where to find an example png file which has date and time metadata that eye-of-gnome (eog) shows
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I'm using xubuntu 20.04 and have installed the eye-of-gnome (eog) on it.

The version of eog is GNOME Image Viewer 3.36.3

On the right side of the eog window (which is called "Image Viewer") there's a column of "Properties". This includes Size, Type, File Size, and several other items, and it ends with Date and Time.

For the photographic jpg files that i have the Date and Time fields are populated.

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Running multiple simultaneous VNC sessions
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I'm working on a project for a client that wants to access some Windows-apps via my website using noVNC, that gave me an idea for setting up a server with multiple users. I've installed TigerVNC-server on my CentOS 7 VPS, which works well when one user is connected, but when the second user connects, he/she will only get a black screen as it seems like gnome won't start for the second user.

If i, ...

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Events in gnome calendar spanning two days in notification center
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I use gnome calendar on daily basis. But for some reason now a single event is lasting for 2 days instead of one. I'm on Ubuntu 21.04. I don't think this bug existed when I was on 20.10.

In the gnome calendar app, it shows that the event is a day long but whenever I open the calendar in the notification center it instead shows the same event lasting for two days instead of one.

I'm attaching some sc ...

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Chromium error: Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)
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Im using Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS with latest Chromium (92.0.4515.107)

When I run chromium from Terminal, I see the following warinings:

(chrome:25558): Gtk-WARNING **: 21:30:31.111: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:3593:25: 'font-feature-settings' is not a valid property name

(chrome:25558): Gtk-WARNING **: 21:30:31.111: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:4055:23: 'font-feature-settings' is not a valid property na ...
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electron apps exit after a few minutes with message Killed
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I need help figuring out why electron apps get killed after a few minutes of starting them. That is they do not log ERRORs (neither dmesg, /var/log/syslog nor when starting from console with --verbose) but just exit with printing Killed or terminated by signal SIGKILL (Forced quit) to the console. This also happens when just starting them and just letting them sit. Exactly the same behavior as when ...

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GUI is laggy after a long suspend
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I've got a brand new Tuxedo Pulse 15 with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed.

After a long overnight suspend, the UI becomes laggy. Dragging windows is super laggy and other desktop animations show the same behavior. I've to restart the computer to fix it.


enter image description here

Any ideas what might be the issue here?

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How to open password change dialog from gnome-control-center from the terminal?
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I can open the User sections by running gnome-control-center but I need to access directly the password dialog box. Is there a way to directly open it?

enter image description here

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Can't Install Gnome-Control-Center on Ubuntu
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I installed xfce4 on my ubuntu today i removed it and installed Gnome back, but after that i had issues where my setting was not able to open i searched about it and found that gnome-control-center was missing from my computer and i then tried to install it and got this error

$ sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information ...
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I have trouble logging in GNOME Fractal
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I just created an account for gnome fractal in my browser as recommended by the application. Then i tried logging into the app, but seems like it is asking me for a matrix provider domain which also gives an example that shows but i don't know what has to be entered. Please Help!!

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GNOME tracker loses all indexed files
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I've recently installed 21.04 on an SSD with my personal files on a separate HDD formatted as exFAT so that it can be used by both Ubuntu and Windows on a dual boot system. This HDD is configured in fstab to mount automatically when I boot into Ubuntu with the settings "rw,exec,umask=000" which, I think, is fully permissive. I also have symbolic links from my Ubuntu home folder to the HDD (i.e. Desktop, ...

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Some text are having black box or a black mark over certain letters in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
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I am always having text glitches or we can say a type of black box over some of the alphabets, and this is occurring more frequently these days. The normal texts which I have on the documents and text inside an applications are working fine and there is no problem with that, but in the notification panel and name of the icons are having those type of black box or black mark on the text. One in ten boot  ...

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How to disable window edge tiling and enable window edge resistance in Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome?
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I just installed an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS under FreeNAS/bhyve, and I can't disable the window maximising when hitting the upper edge of the screen. Window edge resistance also seems to be missing.

I've successfully set these with gnome-tweaks and/or dconf in my earlier installations, but now they don't have any effect. In dconf I've set and org.gnome.mutter.edge-t ...

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Ubuntu 21.04. How to get round app icon to appear at center bottom of the app preview?
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When I was using Fedora 34 a big app icon showed on the center bottom of each app preview. How to do the same in Ubuntu 21.04?

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Replacement for Compiz Config Settings Manager in Ubuntu 20.04?
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I recently migrated from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 and one of the things I am missing is the Compiz Config Settings Manager. I used the "window grid" functionality of this application very much. It would allow me to quickly move a window to a quadrant (top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right) or a half (top-half, bottom-half, right-half, left-half) using a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl+NumPad (1 ...