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GNOME Shell extensions are small snippets that expand the functionality and features of GNOME Shell. These snippets are written in JavaScript and CSS.
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How can I add a network drive to the system to see the available storage as I do with the root folder
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I want to know if its possible to add a network drive to nautilus or (in my case) to Gnome system-monitor extension. Right Now I am writing in the fstab file the following lines:

//IP-of-the-server/folder/ /mnt/server cifs username=*****,password=**** defaults 0 0

What I am trying to do is to see the available storage and the used one in the following parts of the screenshots. I have already instal ...

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Gnome Shell Extension disables highlight?
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Zack here. I have installed a gnome extension: Panel Date Format. I put in my settings and all that, and next thing I know, my clock no longer highlights when I hover over it. It's not anything with my theme, because when I disable the extension, it highlights again. Is there a way to mod the extension to make it highlight on hover again? GNOME version is 40.4. Thanks

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Why does nothing happen when trying to install dash to dock extension?
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I just installed Ubuntu 20.04 and I am trying to install extensions from I installed the addon for Firefox to load them from the browser, but when I turn the extension on, nothing happens. No error and no message at all.

I tried these things:

  1. Install gnome-shell-extensions:

    sudo apt install gnome-shell-extensions
  2. Install chrome-gnome-shell:

    sudo apt install chrome-gnome- ...
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Any alternative to the gnome3 desktop-profile-manager extension?
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I am looking for a way to easily change profiles between three environments with different monitor setups, I regularly plug my laptop in.

Currently I have 3 monitors.xml files, that I switch each time via cli, but this extension:

looks perfect for my usecase, but is not maintained anymore.

Any known alternatives?

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How can I change my gnome shell theme (user themes extension) using the terminal?
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I want to change my gnome shell theme from the user-theme extension using the terminal. I did dconf watch / to check what changing the theme does and the path it gave me was



So I try to do gsettings set name "Theme name" but it didn't work (Output: No such schema “"

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How to install GNOME Shell Extensions using Firefox Snap?
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Firefox on Ubuntu 21.10 has migrated from .deb to Snap. Now, I cannot install GNOME Shell Extensions, such as Night Theme Switcher, from the extensions store. Is there a good way to install GNOME Shell Extensions using Firefox Snap? Or am I stuck to building?

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Gnome tweaks extension tab missing
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I installed gnome tweaks with sudo apt install gnome-tweaks Then it doesnt show the extensions tab. I reinstalled it but no use I watched numerous YouTube tutorial so see wether it's a mistake in installation still didn't get it.

Pls help. Thanks in Advance.

Edit I tried to run gnome tweaks using terminal and there is this error. Terminal

the error of *file line number 216 enter image description he ...

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GNOME extension is incompatible
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I used Ubuntu 20.04 for a few months. This is the third I'm using Ubuntu 21.10 and I cannot install this GNOME extension: Emoji Selector

How can I fix this?

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Gnome extensions under Ubuntu 21.10
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I have upgraded from 21.04 to 21.10 having first switched off my gnome extensions as I have had problems upgrading with Gnome extensions switched on in the past. The upgrade seems to have worked ok but my extensions are no longer available. The Tweak tool no longer supports the extensions and shows that a lot of extensions are now "Out of Date" due to 21.10 using G ...

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Google chrome app icon not showing up in the default app drawer after distro upgrade from 20.04 LTS to 21.10
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I first upgraded my distro from 20.04 LTS to 21.04 and then to 21.10 two days back. Ever since i'm facing some problems.At first i had to reinstall firefox and spotify apps because they were missing in the updated version. Today i woke up to see that the google chrome icon is missing from Ubuntu 21.10 app-drawer although the app is installed.

First of all, how do i fix this google chrome icon iss ...

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Clock Override alternative?
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I've used Clock Override for some time and am very happy with the formatting options it lets me choose. After I upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10, I found that that format needed re-applying, and that's when I quickly found that Clock Override has not been updated for newer versions of Gnome (nor does it seem will any time soon).

Can anyone recommend an alternative or a way to do what Clock Override does an ...

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Gnome browser addon for installing extensions does not work on Firefox in Ubuntu 21.10
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I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10 and found that the browser addon for installing Gnome extensions doesn't seem to be working with Firefox. I get the following error when I visit

Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected. Refer documentation for instructions about installing connector.

I have installed chrome-gnome-shell

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How to get "send/share via gsconnect" actions on nautilus actions in ubuntu 20.04?
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Is there a way to add "share via gsconnect" option in nautilus actions?

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GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected in 21.10
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I have followed the Q&A in this link: Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected

But still no working in any browser Chrome, Brave nor Firefox. I have deleted and re-installed the connector restarted gnome but the browser still shows the message in the title. I would rather not install Chrome from snap. Anyone got some new ideas, would be appre ...

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Problem with installing gnome shell extentions via chrome
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I can't install any extentions from When I swithed the button, nothing happens, no pop-ups for accepting the installation. When I reload the page, the button switches back to OFF. I'm using Google Chrome, also tried Firefox, but it didn't solve the problem. A few months earlier everything worked fine.

*I've already installed gnome-tweaks and gnome-extentions.

**I reinstal ...

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Why does my window or application minimize when its child process exists?
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I am experiencing a strange issue with Ubuntu 18.04 that I don't know could have been caused by a wrong configuration or a conflict from recent application installs. What happened was whenever the child process of a GUI application exists, the parent GUI minimizes. Example cases would be:

Example 1:

Open Naulius, find a tar file and open it by double clicking. Select /tmp then click Extract. Immediately, ...

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Can't install gnome extensions, fresh 20.04
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When open and open any extension, I can press button on/off. It switches but nothing happens, no message about installation pop up. Previously, a year ago, on other machines with 20.04, everything was fine.

P.S. I install gnome-extensions, chrome-gnome-extensions, gnome-tweaks. Tried chrome and firefox and install required extensions and them.

P.P.S. It turns out that extensions ...

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problem with dash to dock gnome extention
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i installed dash to dock but an extra dock appears when opening start menu.

enter image description here

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Desktop icons not showing, gnome 40
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I just update gnome to version 40, currently running ubuntu 21.04. Everything works fine except desktop icons not showing, I tried installing "desktop icons" extensions but for some reason, I cannot enable them. I am also quite new to linux so please bear with me.


The settings of extension had an error:

TypeError: frame.show_all is not a function

Stack trace:

buildPrefsWidget@/ ...
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Some applications are broken after installing gnome-shell-extensions
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Some of my apps have lost their icons, and they won't start when I left-click them. That is, nothing happened, or, nothing appeared in the top left corner screen, besides the "Activities" button. Interface of the "Show Applications" button

Those apps have also disappeared in /usr/share/applications, ~/.local/share/applications, as well as in /usr/bin. That is, I can't find "Visual Studio Code" whe ...

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Gnome shell extension update: ERROR
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Ubuntu 21.04, Xorg, gnome-shell 3.28.4.

I occasionally get a message that this-or-that Gnome shell extension should be updated. (Latest: Lock Keys). Trying to update the extension invariably leads to the ubiquitous red "ERROR" message on the extension list (and a defunct extension). The solution is always to restart X (Alt+F2, r), then everything works again (until the next update is signalled).  ...

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Why open weather shell extension is diabled in Gnome Tweak Tool?
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In Gnome Tweak Tool, I'm unable to change the enable open weather:

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Touchegg keyboard shortcuts ignored by Gnome
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I have touchegg setup to use touchpad gestures, and I'm also using the Gnome Workspace Matrix extension to use 2D layout of workspaces. I'm trying to use a gesture to switch between workspaces by having touchegg send keyboard shortcuts (Control, Alt, and an arrow key), but Gnome is ignoring them. Something odd I'm noticing is that when I use the gesture all the keys show up in xev, but when I physically p ...

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Firefox shows duplicate window options after installing Unite gnome extension on ubnutu 20.04
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I really liked how we used to have the window action icons on the top bar back in ubuntu 16.04. Now to get the similar top bar feel on Ubuntu 20.04, I installed Unite Gnome Extension. This used to give me almost the same look and feel but for some reason it is not working properly on Firefox 90.0.2 and is showing the window options separate to the top bar (refer to the image below).

Could anyone hel ...

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Gnome extension key binding not working
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Gnome extension( key binding not working,extension window getting stuck when i'm trying to bind the keys on Ubuntu 21.04.

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Certain applications cannot be reordered in Dash to panel
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I use the Dash-to-Panel extension (see for example to get a Windows-like toolbar. This should allow either grouping or ungrouping multiple instances of an application and if ungrouped it should allow rearranging their order (after checking that Lock taskbar is off). For the most part this works perfectly. However, for at least one application (Mathematica) diffe ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 - Gnome Tweaks - Installed shell themes aren't showing in drop down list
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I am following Linux Scoop's tutorial on installing the Orchis theme and I was able to install and choose the themes for Applications, Cursor and Icons but I am not able to choose "Orchis" in the drop down menu for Shell.

I followed the same steps that Linux Scoop did and I also copied the theme to Home/.themes and also usr/share/themes. I tried restarting my pc and it still doesn't show up. What ...

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Why do some shell extensions always report they need an update even if they don't?
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I see some strange behaviour here. I'm running Ubuntu 21.04 and Gnome-shell on a number of computers, and it works very well indeed. BUT there seems to be a small glitch with a couple of the extensions, namely Autohide Battery and Impatience. When I go to and select Installed Extensions, these two extensions always display a green Update button, even shortly after they have have b ...

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How can I use GSconnect cli for sending notification to phone?
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~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ -d $( ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ -a) --share-text="hello"

I thought this is the alternative for ping-msg in kdeconnect cli but it keeps giving a JS Error:


(gsconnect:10749): Gjs-WARNING \*\*: 19:59:48.567: JS ERROR: TypeError: options.lookup_va ...
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Error message related to package list being shown frequently on Ubuntu 20.04
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To the best of my knowledge these errors are because of either 2 gnome-shell extensions or virtualbox. I have removed both now but still getting the problems maybe they have corrupted system configuration. Is there any way to fix it?

Now I don't know what's going but I haven't received a single snap update for quite few days.

These are two of errors

enter image description here