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Questions about using grub on EFI/UEFI systems relating to configuring, installing or removing grub from EFI/UEFI partitions.
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How to customize Ubuntu ISO grub install params
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I want to customize the installer in default ubuntu 20.04 iso image.

More specifically I want to either

  1. Completely skip grub install ( I want to do it manually )
  2. Add additional params to grub install command (like --noefivars etc)

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop ISO

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Corrupted Windows boot and BIOS while dual booting?
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So I was/am trying to install Ubuntu to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu together, but while trying to do so, I went into the BIOS and I believe I changed the boot menu to Legacy - I think it was a drop down from UEFI to Legacy. Anyways, when I restarted it, I now get the Client Mac Addr (no post screen). Thankfully, I had Ubuntu on the flash drive and it went into installing that. After this was installed, ...

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How do I remove Linux and GRUB from my computer when I installed it on a seperate drive
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I am trying to remove Linux from my second drive to prepare my laptop for craigslist. Specifically, I have Windows 10 on one SSD and Linux Mint on a different SSD, and I would like to reset my Windows and delete my Mint OS because I want to make my system more vanilla for resale. I was wondering how to delete the linux partition without bricking my laptop, since I am booting using GRUB rather than the d ...

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Boots to grub command line or shows you need to load kernel first message for 4-5 reboots before booting normally
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I know this has been asked a lot of times before and I have tried almost all those fixes the commands like set root=/dev/nvme0n1p1 always fail tried both boot-repair disk's recommended repair and advanced (only selected to purge grub before reinstalling it)

I have reinstalled OS 3 times with same issue every time, and I tried all the fixes, but everything failed.

Note: it's not dual boot and i ha ...

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Alarming grub message that has no significant effect - how to get rid of it?
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On a test system today I installed an SSD - this is the first time I've messed about with a PCIe mounted SSD instead of a SATA one.

The test system is a 64 bit UEFI computer, currently it's triple booted with Ubuntu 20.04 on a hard drive, 20.04 on the SSD, and 21.04 on yet another hard drive.

All 3 systems boot and work the end.

But, when I choose the SSD install of 20.04 from the grub menu,  ...

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Boot to hidden windows partition using grub
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im trying to fix my dual-boot with another installation of windows on an SD card but my laptop doesnt seem to load SD cards during boot time and i couldnt find anything in the boot order

I was thinking i could use grub on my Ubuntu installation to mount and then boot to the EFI on the SD card

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Can I use an existing EFI partition as /boot?
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So I'm planning to switch full-time to Pop_OS! and while backing up (which is another can of worms I'll be explaining later), I realized "Wait, do I have to create a new partition for boot? Or can I use an existing one?" I didn't really know what the answer to that was so I decided, before switching to Pop_OS!, I'm gonna ask here.

Can I use an existing EFI partition as /boot?

Now, I'm gonna cover the s ...

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Boot stuck on HP logo after initramfs fsck
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Update: I bit the bullet and did a fresh install, so this is no longer an issue. I don't think I'd consider it "solved" though.

Went to fire up my computer this morning and was met with the BusyBox initramfs prompt. After running fsck on both sda1 (my HDD) and sdb2 (my SSD with Ubuntu installation) my HP Pavillion went straight into booting, but gets stuck on the HP logo on black screen.

Things I've  ...

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Windows 10 boot option in Grub Menu failed to boot windows 10 (21H1)
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Windows 10 version 21H1 upgrade destroyed my grub menu on both of my Desktop and Notebook. I fixed the grub menu and face new issue.

Windows 10 boot option in Grub Menu failed to boot windows 10 (21H1)

I finally found the easy fix for my problems so I post it here just in case it can help others.

I have done these steps:

  1. That Windows is installed and configured to boot via UEFI.

  2. Ubuntu is installe ...

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Installing Ubuntu on MacBook Pro 2019 with macOS Big Sur
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I am trying to install Ubuntu on MacBook Pro:

  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019)
  • macOS Big Sur 11.5.1
  • 2,6 GHz 6x Intel Core i7

I created new partition on Mac SSD for second OS and bootable USB with Ubuntu 21.04 installer (installations from USB with versions 20.04 and 20.10 failed). While OS installation I was getting executing grub-install error. I've tried to repair grub and make Ubuntu bootable on MA ...

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is it possible to make a ubuntu hard drive portable with ubuntu already installed?
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I installed ubuntu 20.04 on an external hard disk using gparted to make partitions and i did everything this said but i gave up on the E step (Install Grub onto the ESP partition) because i couldn't unmount the media volume of the thumb drive. From there i used ubuntu for a month at least and i've got some files that i don't want to lose so I'd prefer not to reinstall it. But the computer i use wit ...

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Lubuntu 20.04 - Error configuring shim-signed - GRUB install devices on update
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I used to have both a Windows 10 disk and another with Lubuntu, but now I left the Lubuntu as the main disk, and removed the other one. I was updating and the following message appears: enter image description here

I selected the drive and clicked "Continue", which leads me to this:

enter image description here

But i clicked "No" because I don't want to continue if boot might fail afterwards, but doing that takes me back to the first picture. So I am not sure ...

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Corresponding Edit In grub.cfg
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How would you translate this single edited line


from /etc/default/grub to /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg on mkusb 18.04.5 LTS Persistent USB?

I need it translated to code manually, because I can't do sudo update-grub for the changes made to /etc/default/grub to take place on the mkusb persistent USB. Otherwise I get this error

/usr/sbin/grub-probe:e ...

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Boot error after accidental reboot: "/dev/sda2: recovering journal"
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I’ve been stuck on the boot screen for very long time. I’ve just installed Ubuntu on my old PC today and I just pressed a random key and I think I accidentally booted.

This is what I see when I now boot my computer:

Photo of boot error

/dev/sda2: recovering journal
/dev/sda2: clean, 214984/12222992 files, 2626581/4882432 blocks

Please help I’ve be searching for solutions, but I can’t even type anything or p ...

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Unable to boot installed Ubuntu on 2006 Mac Pro (1,1)
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Added bootia32.efi to install USB Stick and can boot to try/install. Install goes smoothly but am unable to boot the installed version (20.04). I've tried the usual suspects (reinstall grub, boot-repair, grub rescue solutions) nothing works. Any ideas?

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MokManager hangs when no display is present
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We are using NUC10i3FNB devices headless in an IoT application. When upgrading kernel to 5.11.0-22 on Ubuntu 20.04 it requested MOK manager to run to install additional keys.

With no display, these devices never ever boot again, until a display is connected during boot. Is this a bug with MokManager or with NUC?

Also as workaround is there a way to cancel MokManager loading on next boot? In other wo ...

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How do I fix "GRUB_" boot linux?
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When I try to dual boot, It seems some error occurs and this GRUB_ command line appears, but I cant interact with it, it's fixed.


Before the grub command line appears, this error is shown:

Invalid image failed to read headers: Unsupported Failed to load image: Unsupported start_image() returned unsupported startImage failed

I dual boot ubuntu 21.04 and windows 10, and they are in different hard drive ...

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how to create dual OS bootloader AFTER installation?
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I installed ubuntu alongside Windows but on a separate drive. For some reason dual OS grub/bootloader menu wasn't created so now to change the OS I need to modify the boot order in the BIOS. Is there a way to create a ubuntu bootloader after the system has been installed?

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Reset password or reinstall Ubuntu without access to the bios
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I've had 20.04 on my old computer, that died, so I just bought a new computer. It has Nvidia hardware and had Windows 10. Of course I wanted to install Ubuntu, and instead of the LTS I chose the 21.04. It was not a dual boot, by the way. Installation went great, but then the password doesn't work.

I'd like to reset the password or even to reinstall Ubuntu as I still have the usb drive, but the co ...

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how do I stop this GRUB option to show up when I start my PC
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How do I remove this GRUB os selection ?

enter image description here

I'm on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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can't upgrade because of "grub-efi-amd64 : Dépend: grub-efi-amd64-bin (= 2.04-1ubuntu44)"
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My system is a Ubuntu 20.4 server install with webmin installed for the management, Icinga for supervision of problem, postfix, nodejs, apache, etc. Normally, upgrades are done automatically, but since Jun 4, apt is failing with the following error:

Lecture des listes de paquets... Fait
Construction de l'arbre des dépendances       
Lecture des informations d'état... Fait
Vous pouvez lancer « a ...
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Dual boot installation of Ubuntu 18.04.5 goes to grub commandline
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I have a somewhat convoluted setup with windows initially being installed on my pc. I put in a new nvme ssd onto which I attempted to install Ubuntu 18.04.5. My PC is set to use UEFI boot. After some issues installing ubuntu a few times, I seemed to get through the installation succesfully. The issue is, grub goes to the command line screen on startup. First I ran boot-repair. There was an error and thi ...

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How do I restore the Grub menu?
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I lost my password and booted into the command line from the Grub menu. Now my PC does not want to boot into Ubuntu. Every time I reboot, I end up at the Grub command line. Is there any way to restore the Grub menu? I can boot into Ubuntu using Grub command line commands.

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Grub file filters not found after upgraded to latest ubuntu version
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Grub file filters not found even after tried using insmod normal. Please tell me an solution to fix this without any hardware support

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Cannot access BIOS in Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS since kernel update
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Very recently my BIOS option is not accessible during the boot.

I checked the solution of Adriaan here but I'm puzzled.

(base) user@machine:~$ grep -e "^menuentry " /boot/grub/grub.cfg
menuentry 'Ubuntu' --class ubuntu --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os $menuentry_id_option 'gnulinux-simple-####' {
menuentry 'System setup' $menuentry_id_option 'uefi-firmware' {

Well, it seems there is a UEFI F ...

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How boot EFI rather than from MBR
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I was forced to reinstall Ubuntu, wiping out a lot of engineering programs and data because a Windows-10 update deleted and overwrote my Xubuntu partition. Computer was duel boot: Windows-10, XUbuntu 20.04. Nothing (not Windows nor Ubuntu) would boot.

I could only use a "live CD" which really isn't live but apparently the name for the Ubuntu boot/install DVD?

I was told that this was because I insta ...