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Guake is a top-down terminal for Gnome
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How can I update Guake in Ubuntu 18.04?
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I am using guake version 3.0.5 on Ubuntu 18.04, but I see there are releases up to 3.8.1:

The Software Center in Ubuntu shows no updates are available.

How can I update guake to the latest release?

I have found this to be a problem in general, i.e. I can see a new version is available but I don't know how to apply it. Uninstall and re-install? I tried sudo apt upd ...

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Can an application run without appearing in the dock?
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For example, Guake with no pop-up icon in the dock.

Each time I drop down the terminal with F12, it opens a dock icon. Can this be turned off so it just drops down?

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Please help organise ubuntu desktop with terminal on ec2 instance
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I'm new to linux and started to learn. What i did:

  1. Created EC2 ubuntu instance
  2. Installed ubuntu desktop by following this instruction:
  3. Connected via vnc through xTerm
  4. There is no gnome terminal on ubuntu desktop at all, even though I have installed it
  5. Installed Guake terminal
  6. When I press "-" in terminal then square appears. When I press letter "x" Guake ...
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In Guake the first time I use it the window is not focused
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When I first open Guake by pressing F12 anything I type does not appear, I need to click on the Guake window then I can type in it. From then on when I press F12 it is automatically focused.

I have "refocus on open" already ticked in preferences.

I also run Conky on login, would that have anything to do with it or might it be just a bug with Guake?