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HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13 aw2xxx ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop no input/output sound devices
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I have a HP-Spectre-x360-Convertible-13-aw2xxx laptop, and i install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop as second option (first boot Windows 11).

The problem is that:

The only available output device in Sound Settings is Dummy Output.

The alsamixer is here:

I can provide any other setting (pulseaudio,...) if you requested.

Thanks in advance, Chris Pap ...

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Boot HP Probook 6560b with ubuntu?
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i got a HP Probook 5650 that I am desperately trying to install Ubuntu on with a USB. No matter what I do it, it still boots into the windows OS installed (which I don't have access to).

I've been in the boot options and change the order/priority of boot devices, so that USB hard drive, USB floppy and USB CD/DVD are on top. I made sure the option for booting from USB is active/ticked in the bios  ...

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ProLiant DL360p Gen8 Install
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Apologies for any newbie first post errors...
I recently bought an old server (HPE ProLiant DL360p G8) to setup a home lab. I've tried to install numerous OSs but cannot get network cards working. I've updated iLo and BIOS to latest using SPP software from HP. I have successfully installed Ubuntu Server 18.04.6 and it runs well - except I have no network that the Ubuntu installation can access. The  ...

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Ubuntu won't install on my notebook
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model: hp pavilion 15 au-125-ur, processor: intel(r) core(tm) i7-7500u cpu @ 2.70ghz 2.90 ghz, ram: 8 gb

When i try to install from flash drive the installation stops when trying to prepare the SSD. I also inserted hard drive with preinstalled Ubuntu and it crashed multiple times.

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will ubuntu work on an hp envy 13, specifically envy 13-ba1027nn
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I will start a full stack developer course soon, and i gotta get a laptop that's gonna run Linux, specifically Ubuntu. I've been eyeing envy 13-ba1027nn since it's pretty powerful and cheap ish. Will Ubuntu run on this specific laptop? Here are the full specs provided by hp:

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Printed pages are displaced upwards
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The system is Xubuntu 20.04.3.
The Printer/Scanner is HP All In One 3790.
The software is HPLIP 3.20.6 and it has been downloaded and installed manually from the HP site.

The problem is that all the pages that are printed, either text or images, are all displaced upwards so that if the document is text for example, the first line is always printed outside the paper top boundary and therefore not p ...

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HP Laser 108a printer not detected via USB
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I have bought a budget printer HP laser 108a, and was using it very well on my Windows machine, but when I shifted to Ubuntu 21.04, I am not able to detect it in Add Printer settings, I downloaded its driver from HP official website and installed it but there was no progress, I tried removing ippusbxd after looking to some articles but it wasn't there in my desktop, I installed HPLIP, but still foun ...

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HP Z240 Computer - ubuntu-20.04.3-desktop-dvd boot doesn't work
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in the BIOS/UEFI of my workstation I have enabled legacy and disabled Secure Boot.-

The prepared ubuntu-dvd to boot from DVD doesn't work.-

(Linux boot for a restore of AOMEI-Backupper-DVD works.)

I have read that there are some tricks to boot ubuntu from DVD.

regards and thanks - Leo

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Install DeskJet 3762 on Ubuntu 20.10
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According to this:

for 10.04 and above you need to do this to install printer support for a DeskJet 3762

sudo apt-get install --assume-yes libcups2 cups libcups2-dev cups-bsd cups-client libcupsimage2-dev libdbus-1-dev build-essential ghostscript openssl libjpeg62-dev libsnmp-dev libtool libusb-1.0-0-dev wget python-ima ...

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Ubuntu 21.10 freezing randomly on HP 246 G7
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So, sometime ago, I upgraded my ubuntu 21.04 to ubuntu 21.10. Right after, I noticed that when I was using the kernel 5.13, it just freezes randomly, so I keept using the version 5.11 waiting for a patch which should solve this problem.

But, this patch never came, and one of the latest upgrades that I made, deleted the 5.11 kernel from my computer, so I couldn't use ubuntu anymore, because it kee ...

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Is it possible to connect an ubuntu laptop to a USB-C docking station over a USB-C to USB-A adapter and get signal in the monitors?
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I have a Dell WD15 docking station, and one of my laptops is a bit older so it does not have a USB-c port. When connecting that hp laptop (Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS) I get the usb and audio connections, but there is no signal for the monitors. Is there a way to make this setup work, or is this hopeless?

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Duplex Printing not working in ubuntu 21.10
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duplex printing does not work in ubuntu 21.10 within applications like LibreOffice, Firefox or PDF-document viewer. I can select options like double side long edge/short edge, but it always prints single side. It just works with the HPLIP-Toolbox. Obviously the HP Toolbox is using different printer drivers. Somebody an idea how to solve this problem?

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Ubuntu not detecting fingerprint reader on HP Pavilion
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I just installed the latest LTS version of ubuntu on my HP Pavilion laptop, and would like to use my fingerprint scanner to log in. Unfortunately, ubuntu doesn't seem to automatically recognize my fingerprint scanner. How can I make ubuntu detect my fingerprint reader?

Output of lsusb:

Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
Bus 003 Device 003: ID 04f3:0c00 Elan Microelectron ...
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Failing in installing Ubuntu in my Windows Vista HP Pavilion dv9378ea (32 bits system)
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I have tried to install Ubuntu on my old HP Pavilion dv9378ea laptop using many different versions of Ubuntu. None have succeeded so far. The latest version I have tried is Ubuntu 16.04.6 L . It looked promising but finally when the rotating progress symbol had been rotating for three hours I gave up. I seems that the file vmlinuz should be mofified to file name vmlinuz.efi . I therefore need your help  ...

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why does my hp laptop start automatically after shutting it down?
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I am a new Ubuntu user. I have been using another distribution, but today I have decided to switch to Ubuntu. after installing, I powered my computer off. later, I installed the updates and I ran upgrading. Once I finished upgrading and updating processes, I powered off my computer. but it suddenly auto-powered itself, in the first glance I thought its me who hit the restart button. I powered it off ag ...

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Ubuntu 21.10 freezes after sleeping
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After updating my Ubuntu install to 21.10, my HP laptop freezes after system sleeps, automatically or not. The screen glitches, and I can't input anything with keyboard. I had to hard reset my laptop so I can access again my Ubuntu installation. I never tamper with my system configuration and only use it as end-user, other than modifying keyboard input.

Static image

I'm using a rather old laptop, HP 15-ba077cl. Her ...

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After installing enum4linux on Ubuntu the wifi button blocked
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The wifi button locked after installing enum4linux. I tried to format my device, but the button didn't change. I tried to install Windows the wifi works, but the color of the button stayed the same.

I have HP ProBook 470 G0. How can I fix this problem?

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Ubuntu 20.04 does not wake up after suspend on HP laptop
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I am running a new HP 14s-fq1377ng Notebook (Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5700u with radeon graphics × 16, Graphics: AMD Renoir) and have a working dual-boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04.

In Ubuntu, when I try to put my laptop to sleep by either closing the lid or selecting "suspend" the following happens: After a few seconds where it seems that nothing happens, the Notebook screen goes black as d ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 - Hp hplip: HP Device Manager can't find device, while the setup can
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I have followed the directions found online for installing my HP printer. Downloaded the install from the official website (version HPLIP-3.21.8), and run till conclusion.

Now I can open either Settings, or the HP Device Manager. If I open the HP Device Manager, it says that "No Installed HP Devices Found" and to either run the terminal command hp-setup, or to just open the Setup to add a new dev ...

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Live Ubuntu 20.04 USB cannot detect HP hard drive
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I am using a new HP laptop and was trying to install Ubuntu via live USB. As I proceed to install Ubuntu 20.04 the installation window only shows the the USB memory. The live USB has failed to detect the internal hard drive. I have a hard drive of 1 TB. I have also disable secure boot too. I am using windows 11. What should I do to fix this and install Ubuntu 20.04?

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After an upgrade from 16.04 to 20.04 LTS my HP printer/scanner doesn't work anymore
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I've upgraded from 16.04 to 20.04 and my HP printer/scanner Laserjet pro m479fdw doesn't work anymore. It works fine using wifi direct, but using my domestic network, it doesn't work anymore. When I was running 16.04 I installed So when I upgraded to 20.04, as it didn't work, I installed But same result. I uninstalled it, then using Synaptic, I installed all hplip pac ...

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Unable to use the scanner on my HP 4520 All-In-One
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I previously had issues with printing with my printer on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Unable to use my HP 4520 All-In-One

After solving that problem with @Waltinator 's & other's help, I still am unable to scan using the scanner. I tried to understand the group permissions instructions on the above link but wasn't able to figure them out. For example, when I checked ls -l, it didn't show anything that appeared ...

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How to control a Backlit keyboard led from ubuntu's terminal? HP Pavilion 15-ec2004AX
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I have HP Pavilion Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5600H 15-ec2004AX

I am using ubuntu and I want to control the Keyboard Backlight from terminal. I know that in my laptop I cannot control its color but I would like to just be able to turn the keyboard backlight on or off from terminal.

I have already tried everything on the internet about backlights.

What I have tried so far:

1.) xset led on / xset led 3 / .... (all  ...

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Screen flickering on Ubuntu 20.04 - HP Spectre X360 with Intel Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520]
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I am using Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on my HP Spectre X360 with Intel Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] and I am having flickering graphics.

Unlike similar entries that have been reported, my flickering is discontinuous. It sometimes happens showing grey flickering boxes 5-6 times in a minute, and sometimes it does not happen for 2-3 minutes. Overall, it annoys me quite a lot.

I have tried decreasing the refre ...

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Finger print reader in hp probook 4430s
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I have a fingerprint reader on my laptop hp probook 4430s running ubuntu 20.04. finger print reader is from validity, Inc. How do i use it to login? as I earlier had windows 7, it was usable there .

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cannot print from evince any more
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I'm on 20.04 with a HP Jaserjet 1018, hplip version 3.20.3

Since today, I cannot print PDFs from Evince (Document Viewer) any more. In the "Status" tab of the HP Device Manager, it says "the print job has completed" after a while, but nothing happens. In the "Job Queue" Section of the "Printer Control Tab", the "Status" is "Printing" at first, and then switches to "Stopped". Some observations:

  • This also ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 Mellanox MT27800 40Gbit Capacity
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Server Specifications

  • Platform: HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 BIOS v2.90
  • Processors: Dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v3 @ 2.30GHz
  • Network Interface: HPE InfiniBand EDR/Ethernet 100Gb 2-Port 841QSFP28 Mellanox MT27800 Firmware 16.31.1200

When I run a lshw -class network I get the output below:

       description: Ethernet interface
       product: MT27800 Family [ConnectX-5]
       vendor ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 not waking up from suspend (hp aero 13)
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My new laptop hp aero 13 is not waking up from suspend . I saw many facing this problem but it does not solve my problem

my swamp space when i run the command free :enter image description here

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Black screen on HP EliteBook after lock or reboot
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After an Ubuntu 20.04 security update on HP EliteBook 840 i7-8550 I did a reboot. The GRUB works properly, however I get black screen afterwards. I need to use recovery mode and only then switch to the normal boot to get my Ubuntu working. Moreover, the same issue happens after locking the screen either due to power saving or doing so by hand. It seems that once the screen goes black it does not recover ...

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Unable to use my HP 4520 All-In-One
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I am trying to use my HP printer. First I plugged it in and it showed up as a printer but I couldn't print from it. I eventually used the sudo chmod +x ./ successfully writing over the hplip-3.20 version that was native to 20.04.3 with ./ But this didn't work.

Currently, I have an HP circle in the top right menu bar but clicking it has it claim that there are "No I ...