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Ubuntu 20.04 FireFox Cannot connect to server. I have Wi-Fi connectivity
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OS: Ubuntu 20.04 Wi-Fi: MEDIALINK Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter -Connected; all networks visible Browser: FireFox -Opens normally; Hmm. We're having trouble finding that site. We can't connect to the server at "you name it". Ubuntu 20.04 is a fresh install independent of any other OS. I ran NetworkManager and there are ten(10) warnings highlighted.

  • interfaces file /etc/network/interfaces doesn ...
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How to configure two or more network interfaces to work simultaneously on different users I log into linux
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I have 2 nics on my pc and I need to configure them to work simultaneously on each user I log in, one nic per user, (knowing that you can change the user and the programs of one keep running even if logged in to another user). I want to run webscraping via python and I need to use a VPN connection for each process. It's possible?

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How can I connect 2 or more vpn servers at same time between users on same PC?
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I need to connect to different countries on nordvpn at same time between users, what do I have to do? I bought a Nic (internet card adapter via usb). I'm not sure what to do next.

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WiFi connection keeps disconnecting Ubuntu 20.04
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My internet connection keeps disconnecting for a random period of time and then reconnects. Sometimes it even disconnects and reconnects for 5-10 minutes straight. I have no idea what might be the issue I tried reinstalling the network manager but I couldn't resolve the issue.

Here are some logs from the network-manager service:

<info>  [1632573472.6381] device (wlo1): supplicant interface state ...
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UBUNTU 20.04 DELL LATITUDE 3420 system is not getting connected to the internet all of a sudden
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UBUNTU 20.04 DELL LATITUDE 3420 system is not getting connected to the internet all of a sudden. Earlier I was able to connect to the internet.Requessing any successful resolutions please.

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Missing settings pannel + missing internet control (Ubuntu 20)
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I am facing a very annoying problem. This week, I saw two things waking up on my Ubuntu when I woke up.

  1. I no longer have "settings" graphical interfaces ...
  2. I no longer have internet.

One with the other, it's quite crippling. I am on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa kernel 5.4.0-86-generic.

My PC : Asus ROG Strix Scar II with Nvidia. I am dual-booting with Windows 10. I am the only user. I specify that I ...

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Connected, but no internet after new ISP on 21.04
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Recently moved and now have Spectrum instead of AT&T.

2 machines on the network. Windows box works fine.

Ubuntu machine connects fine to local network, but intermittent internet. (long load times, times out most of the time).

apt-get update never works

Things I've tried:

  • deleting and resetting up the connection
  • setting DNS to,
  • installing resolveconf
  • purging avahi
  • changing eth ...
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DNS not working on WSL
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I'm currently using an Insider build of Windows 11. (22458)

However, I had this problem a few times on other builds. (and wsl worked before)

When I start wsl, I'm not able to do a DNS request. (Pinging an IP address directly works.)

I tracked this problem down to the file: /etc/resolv.conf

It includes the DNS server address.

The default is:

However, this one doesn't work.

If I change it to  ...

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Kubuntu firewall blocking internet access after downloading UI
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We've tried setting up a plex server on two occasions, and both of these times we've run into trouble where the commands for allowing ports on the firewall does not work, so we end up downloading the firewall UI from discovery.

After just downloading the application, what happens is that we lose internet access, and we have to execute :

sudo ufw reload

everytime we start these computers.

It's real ...

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I installed firewall-configuration and lost the wifi
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to keep the PC safe, I installed firewall-configuration from Ubuntu software:

enter image description here

As soon as the installation was over, I lost the WiFi connection (and even Rstudio cannot connect with R, by the way). I removed it with sudo apt-get remove firewall-config but the WiFi is still dead.

How can I reestablish the wifi? and do I need a firewall in ubuntu? and an antivirus? (if yes, is clamAV OK?)


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How to see and manage the connected devices on your Ubuntu hotspot?
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I would like to check how many devices including mine are connected to the active hotspot, and perhaps manage the devices by kicking out unwanted devices that might be connected to my hotspot. I was surprised to find no such options avaliable in Ubuntu as almost all mobile phones have it.

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Wifi from home router keeps dropping - Ubuntu 20.04
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I am new to Linux. Ubuntu keeps dropping my home wifi connection with the error: Connection failed: activation of network connection failed in addition to the occasional Need authentication to connect to this network. The internet speed also fluctuates between normal to super slow to no internet.

The thing is this only happens on my home wifi (which works fine on the rest of the devices). If I connec ...

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Limited internet access
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My computer suddenly has question mark over the wired connection icon and I can't connect to certain sites and services (such as vnc and slack) but it can still open Gmail, Google drive and YouTube. I've set up VNC server and it was working just fine but on the following day and after being automatically suspended I could no longer remotely access the server and all this mess with the internet started.

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Internet connection is fully broken. Network is unreachable. Ubuntu Server via LAN
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my Ubuntu server lost its internet connection suddenly (I wasn't even ssh'd in). Now all pings with a hostname fail to resolve and a ping to or returns network is unreachable.

How can I fix this? I've attached a couple images of command that I think could help, as I can't use SSH:




ip route

I would really appreciate any help.

I've already searched for "ubuntu network unreachable" and tried every ...

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Ubuntu server No internet connection
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Help me please. 3-rd day trying.

After installing ubuntu server there is no internet connection. ipconfig not installed and no possibility to install it because of internet connection

So. there is 3 interfaces (picture) enter image description here I`m trying to config netplan

      dhcp4: true
      dhcp6: true
      dhcp4: true
  version: 2

But there is no still internet. I tried man ...

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I've connected to my WiFi but internet is not working!
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enter image description here

I have windows dual booted with Ubuntu on this laptop.

I've internet access on windows but not on Ubuntu.

Tried USB tethering, it doesn't work. Version: 20.04.3 LTS

About my wifi adapter- Product: QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter Vender: Qualcomm Atheros Clock: 33MHz

Please help me out here!!

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Ubuntu 20.04.2 Temporary Failure in name resolution
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About 2 weeks ago my VM became unreachable from the Internet - I can't access it via ssh, I can't access the files stored on it but I can ping it. I have KVM VNC Setup for it so I logged on and I tried to ping but it resulted in the Temporary failure in name resolution error. However, it is successfully able to ping IPs directly such as the DNS Server and any public IP.

I've bee ...

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XUbuntu 20.04 won't connect to wired router/internet
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XUbuntu 20.04 won't connect to wired router/internet using my computer, the live CD, or live CD for 18.x or 16.x. These had worked before without problem. Other computers running 18.x still work and my desktop still connects using Windows 10 but not when I boot into XUbuntu. I've tried a couple of solutions posted and one worked temporarily but failed to connect on next boot up. Please let me know what  ...

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Download speed after last update
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After the last update I noticed that my download speed is very slow. Right now it's around 15MB/s and used to be around 100MB/s.

The problem is only with wifi.

There was a bug report somewhere in 2020 on Ubuntu's Launchpad with a similar bug that after updating the download speed on the machine was very slow, around 2MB/s.

How can I fix this and what info do you need to help?

Extra info:

Ubuntu 20. ...

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Using degraded feature set TCP instead of UDP for DNS server [WiFi connection]
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My laptop disconnects every 5 minutes but it is always connected to the wifi, which correctly works (I can see that it works from other devices). I have tried with another browser but it is the same, in addition I have experienced the same loss of connection with a ssh file transfer.

Using the command sudo journalctl --since="-2 minutes" , just after the connection crash, I get:

set 10 11:11:22 acer-A ...
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Wifi & Wlan is shown and connected but websites do not load
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Wifi used to work flawlessly but suddenly does not anymore. I shut down my laptop and after one week I booted it and the problem occurred. I have not done any changes in my network or updated any software.

Available wifi connections are shown. I can also connect to my wifi. On my phone the same wifi works. I also plugged in a wlan cable and it can also connects. Just websites won't load. That is, after ...

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Wifi reconnected, no internet
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After a wifi outage yesterday, my computer has reconnected to the network but cannot access the internet. Other devices are fine, so I presume it is a software problem.

Exactly what that problem is has stumpped me. I have local access, my printer keeps telling me its connected, but I can't ping Google or anything else.

It is running Ubuntu 20.04, if that helps. The wireless card is intell Wifi 6 AX2 ...

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Ubuntu 20.04: No Wi-Fi adapter found
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I just got a new PC, a Lenovo Ideapad 5 Pro, and I put Ubuntu 20.04 on it right out of the box. However, when I go to connect to the internet it says that there was no Wi-Fi adapter found. I also discovered that the laptop does not have an ethernet port, so I can't even connect through a wired connection.

I believe the issue is a driver issue, I'm having trouble finding a suitable driver, but I d ...

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Newbie using Ubuntu 21.04, Problem with ‘Metered Connection’
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See image. Updates paused but metered connection box unchecked. How to fix this?

The solution should be something a newbie can implement.

This thread is relevant but I was unable to follow all the posts that had lots of terminal commands. Is that the only way to fix this?

Can I get around this issue by just manually running 'sudo apt updat ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 no internet on wifi through dns
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Yesterday I set up a raspberry pi based pihole dns and got the connection working fine on my laptop and phone. Today, on wake, my laptop (Ubuntu 20.04 kde plasma, HP 14z-fq000, AMD 3020e, WiFi card rtl8821ce 802.11ac)is unable to access the wider internet through the dns. The wifi is listed as, connected (limited connectivity), and I have access to the local network such as the pihole (via ssh) and my p ...

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Ubuntu 21.04 connected to wifi but no internet
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i am new to linux ,i installed kubuntu 21.04 on hp elitebook 8470p with Intel Centrino Advanced N 6205 Wifi Card but when i connect to my wifi , i cannot access the internet , and my wifi works well with another devices such as my android phone. So I tested the connection if it was connected correctly, and go to but i cannot connect to the router settings. i tried to restart NetworkM ...

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20.04 sudden loss of wired Internet causes no mouse and keyboard control
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Everything will be working fine, until a random loss of wired Internet will occur immediately followed by loss of mouse and keyboard control. So far the only solution is to reboot using my pc's power button. Using a dual boot system with Windows 10 on a separate SSD.

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no public ipv6 address when shared to other computers is selected
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I have no education about networks or subnets and how ipv6 works, so here is the problem.

I have Ubuntu mate 20.04 installed on a machine which is connected to the internet vai android WiFi tethering.

I want to share my internet connection through an Ethernet port of the Ubuntu machine to my router's wan port.

I edited the wired connections setting and under ipv4 and ipv6 tabs in my Ubuntu machine and  ...

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Internet connection disables permanently when logging in and out of different profiles
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Linux 4.15.0-154-generic #161-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 30 13:04:17 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
Release:    18.04
Codename:   bionic

It's on a Lenovo G50 laptop.

I have three user profiles set up on the machine. Only two are ever used. One (the administrator, myself) stays logged in usually, and uses the  ...

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Unable to connect to Ethernet internet after trying to enable Hotspot
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I had my Ethernet working but the hotspot button has been disabled after Ubuntu installation.

enter image description here

to handle that I tried following the steps of this link

To my surprise, now even my Ethernet has stopped working. I have deleted the conenction that I have created but the problem is still there.

I get ? (Question Mark) on my Ethernet icon . The LAN works when I connect to windows laptop. What settings do I  ...