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IP or Internet Protocol. Use this tag for questions about IP addresses or configuration, or the protocol as applied to Ubuntu.
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How to access HTTP service by typing IP address in Firefox?
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enter image description here

enter image description here

My ip is But I can't access it. I'm running Ubuntu in Virtualbox.

How can I fix this?

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Raspberrypi 21.10 Server static IP but boots with 2 IP (one from DHCP?)
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Set up pi with a static IP ( following Raspberrypi4 -4 with 8g

At boot it displays

eth0 IP
eth0 IP seems to be from my router dhcp. Gateway & Nameserver are as I setup in network-config file. In the tutorial, it suggest I have to replace "dhcp4 : true" Do I have to set dhcp4 :  ...

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Splitting traffic between two networks
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I have 2 network adapters in my computer, I want to redirect all (internet) web traffic to only one network, how can I do this?

I would like to ensure that all web requests go through a specific network.

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When I changed my IP address, ros packages are broken. (Failed to run '"/opt/ros/melodic/" ': return code 132)
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Failed to run '"/opt/ros/melodic/" ': return code 132
Failed to run '"/home/aoc/catkin_ws/devel/" ': return code 132
Failed to run '"/home/aoc/lidar_ws/devel/" ': return code 132

When I open the terminal those lines show.

Then I use sudo apt update command , I saw these errors;

Err:2 bionic/main amd64 ros-melodic-joint-qualific ...
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Temporary failure in name resolution Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
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I have a brand new machine and get this error after every reboot.

$ ping
ping: Temporary failure in name resolution

$ cat /etc/resolv.conf

search fios-router.home

I fixed it this morning by doing this.

ifconfig // get all devices
ip addr flush dev enp53s0
ip addr flush dev ipv6leakintrf0
ip addr flush dev lo
ip a ...
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What's the difference between address, [::] and *?
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If you run something like ss -tunlp (or netstat -tunlp) you get a list of listening ports.

The standard format should be <host>:<port>, eg.

But you also see<port> and [::]:<port>. What do these 2 mean?

In particular, if you see [::]:22 or or *:22, does that mean anyone can ssh into that machine?

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is it possible to alias a port number?
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I want to run a service on a custom port (e.g. jenkins on 8080) and I prefer to access it via browser with a name I can remember, e.g. http://localhost:jenkins which will be an alias for http://localhost:8080

  1. Is such a thing possible?
  2. If so, will it be only an HTTP thing, or all network protocols will know of this alias?
  3. Also, if (1) is true, is this feature supported on other OS (centos, windows ...
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Wired interface (enp2s0)
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For some reason my internet won’t connect and kubuntu is giving me the error:

ip configuration not available

I don’t know how to solve the problem and if anyone does please help.

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Implementing IP Source guard feature in linux?
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I'm running a Linux router box that I'm playing around with. It's just a standard PC. Do any of you know HOW to achieve "IP Source Guard" functionality in Ubuntu ? I'm thinking something like described here:

I think it should be possible without reinventing the wheel, but I can' ...

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How to detect router switching in daisy chain network?
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We have an embbeded Linux device product which supports the built-in network switch. The device has 2 ethernet ports. By using "daisy chain", 2 or more devices can be chained together. The Device2 is able to have networking as it's connected to Device1 which is connected to the router1.

      \    /        
+---------+        +---------+
| Router1 |--------| Device1 |
+---------+     +--|         | ...
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Disable ipv4 for a specific process
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Is it possible to disable IPv4 on a per-process basis?

I would like that a specific process only uses IPv6 for resolving DNS and then for making TCP connections, but without disabling IPv4 for the whole machine or for any of the network interfaces.

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Some Websites/Pings return network unreachable 20.04
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I am a fairly new user working through the set-up of a dual boot on my PC. The Windows OS is able to reach all websites, and I am using the same connection. (Ethernet into a wireless adapter). The pings tested all reach a Server Not Found page in browser.

Output of reddit ping

ping: connect : Network is unreachable

Output of google ping

PING ( ...
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server address and ip in ubuntu 20.04
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I have not used ubuntu much, only when I have to deploy a web. Right now I am trying to deploy a python django web, but I have an issue with ip address.

So, I tried python runserver at first, and it gave timed-out errors. Server address, which I was told by my supervisor and which I can only access via putty, is When I tried to deploy my python django web specifically to this a ...

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DNS server (and reverse proxy) with Ubuntu
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I have a bunch of Docker containers running on my Ubuntu server. Each one is accessible within the local area network via IP address and port.

Is there any way to setup a local DNS server for each one so I don't have to keep entering in the IP and port? For example http://container1 will take me to

Or can this only be done via the router?

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Multiple IP addresses assigned to the same physical interface AND unable to access internet
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Skip this paragraph if you don't want to hear about me. I am not a network engineer, I am not a software engineer. I am a video editor. I maintain a small network of storage servers, and have for quite a while. I have picked up a good bit of networking along the way, and have friends who work in the field (and yes I've asked them about this). I also have never posted to a forum like this before, so ...

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Hot to use a range of IPs on my server?
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I need to have access to all IPs of an /26 block assigned to my Ubuntu 20.4 server.

Already tried setting the block with netplan, but I only have access to the first IP in it.

I've tried with ip too, but I need to setup each address manually with the command ip addr add <ip> dev <interface> and this is not reliable, imagine setting up an bigger IP block.

What is the proper way of sett ...

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ubuntu server 18.04 set dns server name without change after reboot
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I am new in ubuntu.

When installing Ubuntu, I set the network settings manually and manually set up the IP and DNS server in installation wizard , but now I after installation complete can not change the settings (especially DNS) in installed ubuntu. In other words, I do not know where these settings are stored. I tried different solutions but none of them worked. Can you guide me? Thanks

OS : ubuntu  ...
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How can I make Lamp Web Server Stack discoverable to others devices in LAN?
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I've followed official Canonical Community tutorial about setup basic Lamp Web Server stack to host WordPress sites (For local development). I tweaked it so it could work well with files permissions. It works fine on local machine, but I also need to test my websites on mobile devices too...

enter image description here

I don't have domain yet, I'm using IP Address instead (For testing purposes). How can I configure Apache Web  ...

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I am trying to restrict Azure NSG outbound internet traffic and allow only traffic for ubuntu updates for a VM. Do we have static IP for update server
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We are checking if there is static public IP which is not changed frequently for the ubuntu automatic updates in Azure VM to configure the same in allowed outbound traffic in NSG.

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PXE server - broadcast port restriction on boot client demand
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I would like to setup my PXE server to attribute a correct IP-address, only for clients requesting network boot.

Therefor I've configured my network adapter with 2 IP addresses on a different range. is the general network that broadcast on /24

For the PXE server boot I'm trying to use another set of IP's to separate it from the rest of the network configuration. The server has therefor  ...

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how to change IP Address DNS Only?
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I want to change the DNS IP to other than Indonesia, can that happen? because I can only use a VPN, the IP Address and DNS will change according to the VPN. but I want only DNS to change for example from Indonesia to Singapore. How to?


Please Help Me

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Connection timed out problem
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I'm new to ubuntu .. i tried to connect pc remotely using ssh and checked firewall to allow port 22 work .. i used this command to cnnect

ssh user@ 

but got

ssh: connect to host  port 22: Connection timed out 

i could connect the server with ip local but public ip address not

i checked ping in the client and got

PING ( 5 ...
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Logged into remote server with key but can't upload file with scp
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New to Ubuntu, I logged into my institution's remote server having generated a private/public key pair. I was set up with a username after sending the administrator the public key. I should have been able to log in by using ssh myusername@servername but I can only log in if I replace the servername with the IP address, ssh myusername@xxx.xx.x.xx

Now, wanting to upload a file I tried:

scp ~/myfile.rds myus ...
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Where is the Internal IP address stored in Ubuntu?
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Is there some file in the Linux-Ubuntu filesystem that contains the internal IP of the machine running it? Ideally, is the output provided by the following command

hostname -I

saved somewhere in the filesystem?

(thanks to How do I find my internal ip address?)

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Network Connectivity Problem after changing IP
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I have a weird problem

I have two networks (Site A) and (Site B) connected via a cisco router

Site A has pcs like A1, A2, A3 Site B has pcs like B1, B2 (Windows Server) , B3 (Ubuntu 18.04.5)

All pcs can ping to each other and all is fine.

If I change the ip of B2 to be anything else in the subnet all pcs can ping to each other and all is fine.

If however I change the ip of B3 to be anything else, a ...

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Can't set MTU lower than 1280
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I'm using OpenVPN and it only works when my network interface MTU is 1200, I can change MTU to 1200 with this command with no problem:

ip link set dev eno1 mtu 1400

But as you know it's temporary, when I go to settings/network and change MTU, it will take effect and it is permanent but if I set it to any value below 1280 it will not take effect and when running this command, I see it's not going below ...

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Container can't connect to host public ip after ip change
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First of all hello y'all.

I've been working on a docker server for my company with several containers. One of them is an apache container with proxy enabled in order to proxy reverse the adress of the other containers removing the port. For example myip:3000 would be the redirection is working properly on the dns server.

When i was setting up the server, i had an specific ip in order to ...

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vsftpd LAN and WAN access configuration
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I'm using Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS baremetal, with the latest version of vsftpd. I have a very small FTP server at home, but I'm facing the following issue:

If I set the local IP on pasv_address (pasv_address=, I can connect locally, but not externally. If I set my external IP on pasv_address, I can't connect locally.

Is there any way to be able to use the FTP server, both LAN and WAN? ...

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Giving user privileges to setup can bus
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I would like to give a user the rights to be able to create a virtual can bus without having to be sudo. The command I want to execute is ip link add dev vcan0 type vcan

For this I have used sudo visudo and then added the line "user" ALL=(ALL) /usr/bin/ip link add dev vcan0 type vcan, where "user" is the user I want to give access.

However this does not seem to work. The user still needs to use su ...