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KDE (K Desktop Environment) is a Qt-based desktop environment as well as a suite of cross-platform desktop applications. Its latest desktop environment is KDE Plasma 5.
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Can I set video thumbnail position on Dolphin? (KDE 5)
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So, is it possible to set video thumbnail position on Dolphin (what frame the thumbnail will actually show) or I'll need to use a third party app to have that kind of control? I'd like to set it to, let's say, 5 or 10s into the video and not other frame far ahead like it does.

I'm on Kubuntu 20.04, Plasma 5.18.5

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Undo KDE install on Ubuntu
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I recently did this: sudo tasksel install kubuntu-desktop

Since then I have come to regret the choice, as many of my default apps have changed, and I can't actually seem to boot to the KDE desktop anyway.

I'm looking for a painless way to undo what I did, basically!

Is there a script or something?

Ob Paying Attention:

I did try: sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop

And that changed nothing useful.

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KDE Plasma task manager does not show some apps during loading
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I have the task manager does not show the loading status with some applications when starting up them such as code. Sometimes I realize that the computer is not responding but I found two instances are opened because I did not informed about its loading. However, after the application loading completed it shows its icon.

Some other applications such as FireFox it displays the loading s ...

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How to use KDevelop with github?
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Previously I used VSCodium for my C and C++ programming needs. But I a beginning to like KDevelop more. There is actually 2 things that I'm unable to setup properly on KDevelop: Github integration and remote debugging with vgdb (I will try to figure remote debugging by myself).

Edit: to be more specific When I try to sign in with my github account it keeps failing even when username and password  ...

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How do I safely switch from GNOME to KDE Plasma?
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I'm currently running Ubuntu 20.04 with GNOME. However I would like to switch to KDE Plasma without actually installing Kubuntu from scratch. I then want to remove GNOME. So I thought I would do the switch by installing the kubuntu-desktop package, selecting KDE as my desktop environment, and then removing the ubuntu-desktop package, which to my understanding includes GNOME. Is this how I should g ...

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cmake give me ECMFindQmlModule when complileing plasma-bigscreen
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This is the output. Note, I do have extra-cmake-modules installed. ubuntu 21.10 rpi 4

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:16 (include):
  include could not find load file:


Installing in /usr/local. Run /home/lnee/Downloads/plasma-bigscreen-master/build/ to set the environment for plasma-big-launcher.
fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
CMake Erro ...
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Unable to see and edit the character that is typed when you press the Enter key in simple text editors like KWrite
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I'm a newbie to the KDE Plasma interface. I find myself unable to see and edit the character that is typed when you press the Enter key in simple text editors like KWrite.

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How turn off External Display, on closing lid in Kubuntu 20.04 or KDE
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I'll running Kubuntu 20.04 on a laptop using both the laptop screen and a rather recent external monitor (Iiyama PL2796QS) connected with HDMI.

I would like to have the external monitor turned off when I close the lid of the laptop. I have searched the power management options but the external monitor isn't considered.

I have seen this question but this is for a Gnome desktop. My own dconf has very little ...

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Just installed KDE and libreoffice calc is the default file association for inappropriate files
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Right click on many kinds of files such as tar.bz2, ogg-vorbis etc. and the context menu always shows Libreoffice calc. The software to handle these files is installed and appears in open with context menu.

Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 KDE Plasma Version: 5.18.5 KDE Frameworks Version: 5.68.0 Qt Version: 5.12.8 Kernel Version: 5.13.0-28-generic OS Type: 64-bit

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KDE plasma right mouse click dead end problem
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I'm a new-bee to the KDE plasma interface...

So when I for some reason manged to loose the menu panel, I found this solution to get access to my programs:

To activate this quick minimal app menu, I right clicked my desktop and choose “Configure Desktop and Wallpaper“.
In the sidebar of the window that loads, I selected “Mouse Actions“.
Next, in the dropdown menu next to the Middle Button optio ...
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Change color of all folders in KDE Plasma
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How can I change the color of all folders, instead of just one, in KDE Plasma?

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How to make fake apport crash to come up in notification and bar, so i can test how is notification response buttons. 3rd time apport not comming up!
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How to make fake apport crash to come up in notification and bar, so i can test how is notification response buttongs. Nothing new breaking news now anymore to see if apport notifications work. How to make crash with notification be made to happen? How to test if apport is at all working? Or does it come only 2 times and then later cant report without knowing cli? Solution for basic users wanted to know ...

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Volume control with Sound BlasterX Katana
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I'm using the Katana soundbar, and have an issue with volume control in KDE. When I use volume up or volume down hotkeys, it shows new level on the soundbar, but only software "system" volume changes. This limits maximum volume a lot. Same thing happens when using the remote, or soundbar volume control buttons.

What's curious it's that alsamixer can control the volume correctly, but running it is ...

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Chrome does not come to foreground after clicking link in other app
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When I click on a link for example in a mail in Thunderbird or a message in Slack, an already running chrome opens a new tab and opens the page there, but does not come to the foreground. I have to manually click on the chrome icon in the taskbar to see the chrome window. Is there a way to change that so that on opening the URL chrome goes into the foreground automatically? I think this should work this ...

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Where does KDE Plasma store the user-specified arrangement of desktop icons?
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Ubuntu 20.04, with KDE installed on top. -- KDE Plasma 5.18.5

The way I organize some things means I've invested a lot of effort and embedded a lot of useful information in the actual arrangement of icons on my desktop. For example, arranging icons for programs according to the category of program, or using one section as a to-do list, with the most urgent folders to the left and less urgent to t ...

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How to type numbers in Vietnamese standard input method (not Bamboo, not UniKey)?
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I am wondering if anyone here knows how to use bizarre keyboard layout that comes together with standard input methods on Ubuntu-based systems. When I type: 1234567890-=\ I get: ăâêộ̀̉̃́đ-₫
and it's ok, but how you actually type numbers when you need? Alt+Ă, Shift+Ă, Alt+Shift+Ă doesn't work. Probably it is linked to default shortcuts on KDE and it needs to be disabled first, but  ...

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How to get Six (an old KDE game program) running in Kubuntu 20.04
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Six was a gold-medal winner several times in a computer games olympiad. The source code is on GitHub It has been pinned for a couple of decades, but I would like to bring it up, however I'm not familiar with programming KDE, Qt or even C++. I'm mostly and assembly, C and Python programmer, and have been at it for about 50 years (really!).

Nevertheless, ...

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Why does the KDE lock screen appear in Regolith Desktop when installed alongside Kubuntu?
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I recently installed Regolith Desktop to use alongside Kubuntu Desktop. I have fully disabled screen locking in Kubuntu, such that my display just goes to sleep without needing a password to resume.

However, when I am using Regolith and my screen goes to sleep and I wake it up, I get a KDE-branded lock screen dialog and have to enter my password. Because the screen unlocker has a KDE logo, I assu ...

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Where can I change the keyboard shortcuts that open control panels in Kubuntu?
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I recently installed Regolith Desktop to use alongside Kubuntu Desktop. I really like it, but unfortunately some KDE/Plasma settings are spilling over into Regolith.

One thing that is bothering me is the meta-s keyboard shortcut. In i3, it is supposed to turn window stacking on and off. However, for me it brings up the sound control panel. I assume this shortcut to the sound control panel is coming from ...

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Accidentaly broke Konsole (Kubuntu) after changing the default command
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I was testing some features in Konsole (Plasma's terminal) and accidentally set the command when you open it to something that is not bash and now it just flashes when I open.

The default command to open Konsole was /bin/bash and I changed to neofetch && /bin/bash but I typed something wrong and now terminal don't open bash and just flashes when opened.

I was wondering if there is some way to re ...

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GNOME Resize Window Shortcut like KDE Plasma
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I've had KDE Plasma and I was able to click super+click to move windows without going to the titlebar and do super+right-click in the general vacinity of a corner of a window to resize it.

You can already do the first shortcut to move windows, but is there a way to do the second?

In detail, what I want to do is to have a shortcut in GNOME where I can resize a window with my mouse in the general area ...

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online accounts won't connect google on kubuntu 20.04
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On Kubuntu 20.04, the online accounts menu in settings won't let me connect my Google account. About a 1/4th of the time when I click to connect Google, it would load the login screen with a pure white page. The other times, it would allow me to sign in but would stay frozen with the KDE logo on the page where it's supposed to tell me what access I would be granting KDE to my Google account and doesn't  ...

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KDE kubuntu boot around 3 minute/more. How to remove the old ubuntu system configuration and use this current installed?
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How to quicken my boot time?? Which I think it is about removing the "dev-loop8.device" and its friend, it boots multiple time as show in logs

I do realize this is because the previous time I did installed ubuntu>do some tweaks and broke the enviroment of its, even i did restoring it wont help

  1. Learned the hard lesson not to install gnome shell and it will break my UI.

  2. Learned that installed De ...

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Application hotkeys don't work in KDE
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Two Systems (dual boot): but both use the same /home partition and show the same problem:

  • Kubuntu 20.04.3 LTS - recent LTS release.
  • Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS with kde desktop.

In "Edit Applications", several shortcut keys are set. For example Meta+W for Brave Browser: enter image description here

In .config/kglobalshortcutsrc there is section with corresponding key

_k_friendly_name=Brave Web Browser
_launch=Me ...
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plasma visual feedback indicators have stopped working in Kubuntu 20.04
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Currently my Fn shortcuts work, but they do not trigger any indicator pop up on the screen. I have tried checking/unchecking the: System Settings > Workspace Behaviour > General Behavriour > "Display visual feedback for status changes", but it does not have any effect on the situation.

I have also reset the theme I was using to KDE Breeze, and can confirm it does not have any effect what ...

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Latte Side bar button don't works and also the side bar auto keeps resizing on Kubuntu
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I'm new to Kubuntu but an old user of the Ubuntu gnome version. In Kubuntu, I've used latte to make a beautiful dock and sidebar. I've used this latte-layout. When I switch to this theme the sidebar and the sidebar menu don't work and the panel keeps auto-resize every second without doing anything. Then I've tried with other latte themes that have sidebar they are also not working giving the same proble ...

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Chrome's "Show in Folder" opens Dolphin after Kde Plasma Install
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I installed KDE Plasma and I used it for some time, but when I switched back to GNOME, I eventually realized that when I download things when using Google Chrome and select the "show in folder" option, it opens dolphin, which is KDE Plasma's file manager! How do I make it so Google Chrome uses GNOME's file manager instead of KDE's?

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Safely start a KDE program from Yakuake terminal
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I'm using the latest Kubuntu version, 21.10. While running Yakuake (drop down terminal) I would like to safely start Kate and Konsole. Safely meaning without any console output in Yakuake.

First some bash code, included in my ~/.basrc as a function (shortcut):

konsole --profile profile-test \
    --layout /path/to/view.json \
    --tabs-from-file /path/to/tab.cfg \
    --workdir `pwd` &

kate $fil ...
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Cannot reach the text consoles at tty2, tty3, tty4
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Yesterday I updated my Ubuntu 21.10, but after rebooting I cannot switch to the text consoles tty2, tty3, tty4, although I have been using them for more than 10 years.

The Ctrl + Alt + Fx is now ignored, at the login screen and also under KDE.

ps shows that the consoles are running:


4     0    2047       1  20   0   3 ...
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Hide certain toolbar icons on the side of KDE Plasma's task manager?
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I want to hide certain toolbar icons, like NoMachine, Bluetooth (the icon in blue, next to Discord), Most Recent Device, etc. The icons are taking up most of my task manager and I tend to use a bunch of space on the left with pinned and open programs, like terminal and wine. Is there a way? I am using regular Ubuntu, but with the KDE Plasma desktop. Thanks!

Link shows ...