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My keyboard isn't working
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I installed xserver-xorg-input-all with sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-all in Ubuntu 20.04. My keyboard doesn't work when I restart the PC, but when I shutdown and power on the PC it's working well.

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I swapped Escape and Caps Lock with xkb symbols, but now the Caps Lock key activates both Escape and Caps Lock
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I am working on my own custom keyboard layout and part of that is swapping the Caps Lock and escape keys. The layout appears to work quite well all other keys appear to be remapped correctly, except when I press the physical Caps Lock key on my keyboard it activates escape as expected. But also toggles Caps Lock at the same time.

Pressing the physical Escape just activates Caps Lock. I was hoping ...

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Keyboard does not work for first few seconds
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I notice that my keyboard does not work for first few seconds while I boot into ubuntu or open after suspension. After a few seconds it works completely fine. I get stuck in the login page for a few seconds as I am unable to enter anything using my keyboard. I use a HP pavilion 15 series laptop with ubuntu 20.04.3 dual booted along with windows.

PS: Its not the slow keys that's creating this issu ...

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How to switch between keyboard layouts in Xubuntu without it changing itself back
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I have installed Xubuntu 20.04 on a machine.

Under "Keyboard" settings I have unchecked "use system defaults" and added an extra keyboard layout.

I want to be able to switch between the 2 layouts easily using an applet on the panel, so I have added the "Keyboard layouts" applet.

When I click this, it changes the keyboard layout. However it doesn't stick - as soon as I move to another window, it changes ...

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Capslock key self activates
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There was a similar question posted by another User ,however whilst their problem is largely the same as mine, their solution is irrelevant to my equipment. I have a normal new mechanical USB keyboard (not cheap) and CapsLock is self activated on start up, as well as intermittently/random whilst I am working. For example (just only one of many), when the CapsLock is OFF and an action/app requires passwo ...

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Atypical version of keyboard and trackpad don't work after suspend. (After testing several fixes)
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Laptop install of Ubuntu 20.04. It's a dell inspiron 5402 (non touch screen laptop). After it suspends the keyboard and trackpad stop working. I looked into it some and found several fixes.

The problem originally was both of them stop working after suspending or locking. I tried adding i805.reset to the grub command. That caused it to work for about 5 seconds after locking.

I then tried replacing ...

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Creating global hotkey -- Hibernate from Lock Screen
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I recently got a new laptop and set it up to dual boot Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows. I keybound sudo systemctl hibernate to ctrl-shift-f1 and added that command to the sudoer's file. I also added the UUID of the swap partition to GRUB. This works fine when I am logged in to my account, as I can hibernate and it restores properly.

I like to hibernate my Ubuntu so I don't lose my work when I need to boot i ...

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USB Keyboard suddenly worked wronly and unconfigured laptop keyboard and mouse
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I've been using an external USB keyboard and mouse on a Lenovo E480 laptop for more than two years with ubuntu 19 and then 20 without any issue, a few days ago, suddenly both keyboards and mouse start behaving strangely.


  • If I select a portion on test in the Text Editor, for instance, then I am not able to unselect it by clicking outside the selected area
  • If I click on the icon for an opened  ...
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Bluetooth mute unmute button for Zoom
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I’m trying to map the Alt+A keyboard shortcut through the Bluetooth button on my selfie stick remote to mute/unmute Zoom meetings.

Anyone got any ideas on how can I accomplish this?

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ubuntu18.04 How to map a key to a another value but only for specific keyboard
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I am using a compact keyboard at home, but a full-size keyboard in the office on the same laptop. When I am using the compact keyboard, to use the arrow keys, I need to hold the Fn key since the default arrow keys are right-alt, ?, Menu and right-ctrl. Any way I can map the arrow keys for the compact keyboard without changing the keys for the full-size keyboard?

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How do I exit keyboard navigation mode?
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I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 and I've run into a bit of an issue.

I was working on a program I'm writing and I believe I accidentally enabled a keyboard accessibility option. When I try to use my keyboard normally now, the tab key selects different elements of a GUI application and pressing space acts as if I'm clicking the selected element. It's getting rather annoying as I can't use my desktop as I ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 on Asus ZenBook 14 UM433IQ-A5024 - Suspend does not work
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I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my new Asus ZenBook 14 UM433IQ-A5024. This is not my first time using Ubuntu but I am a relative beginner.

The problem: After being suspended, the laptop has some trouble to start again. The light on the ON switch keeps blinking, but the laptop takes a while to wake up. After starting again the background light of the keyboard does not work and the light on th ...

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How to solve keyboard problems at Xubuntu 20.04 after the upgrade(s)
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I use Xubuntu 20.04. Lately after the upgrade(s) I face these two problems:

  1. It doesn't change the language from English to any other one, in any way.
  2. Characters like these ! : @ # can not be used at all. How could these be solved from my terminal? Thanks in advance!
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keyboard not found on toughbook CF-20
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I'm trying Ubuntu 20.04 on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 (a convertible laptop/tablet machine from the startup disk to check things work properly before installing.

A few things I thought wouldn't work at first (like touchscreen) are actually working but it looks like the keyboard is not detected at all (there is  ...

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Can't type "." (a period) after laptop screen timeout
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I'm on a newly installed Ubuntu 20.04 laptop (ASUS M413). I shortly found . (and >) cannot be typed after a screen timeout, while every other key works fine. Reboot fixes every problem but neither driver nor firmware updates do work. I should try reinstalling Ubuntu, but before that I'd like to ask somebody had similar problem to this.

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Prohibition sign and non responsive keyboard
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Photo of a laptop screen displaying a prohibitory symbol

This prohibitory sign is appearing often and when it appears, the keyboard is not working properly, i.e. no input from the keyboard is being taken by the system and the issue is happening very often. I tried using an external keyboard but that is also not working, so it is not a hardware issue I guess. I use a Lenovo Ideapad 320.

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Keys in Keyboard not working intermintently
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My Laptop is Dell Latitute E6530 (3.0GHz processor, 8GB RAM, 64bit Arch.)

I dual boot my laptop Ubuntu 20.10 and Window 10. All keys works just find in the windows. However, in the Ubuntu, the keys randomnly will stop working and without any repairs, they will starts to work again.

I have tried update and upgrade to latest distro but it seem no solution. Please, any help?

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How to use RGB keyboard on linux?
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I've recently installed Ubuntu on my computer. When Ubuntu starts, my RGB keyboard light is off!!

Can you help me get the light to work with Ubuntu?

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Keyboard function keys behaving as if fn is constantly pressed*
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*in most cases.

When I press FN+F#, I get the same functionality as on windows. F5 to 7 handle music... F3 opens my mail...

However when I dont, there are some function keys that when pressed do almost the same thing.

Note that i am using a laptop with this keyboard. however not even the function keys on the laptop's keyboard have the same functionality...

On windows, F5 to F7 is for music, F8 to F10 is f ...

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Keys Not Working/ Wrong Keymapping
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Space bar, c, p and b key aren't working. Up and down arrows are stuck on page up and down. Y key is taking screenshots. Using Ubuntu 19.1; screen keyboard works. Restart doesn't fix it. Tried a couple fixes, reinstalling keyboard drivers, etc. Updater is frozen, can't update system. Any help appreciated

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Keyboard is not working in the main screen and in Terminal too
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I have installed Ubuntu 20.04lts. From last night, my keyboard is not working except in the lock screen. But it does some command like alt+F4 to close any application. My laptop is HP Pavilion G6. What can be done?

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Ubuntu(20.04) requires keyboard input from bluetooth mouse-joystick (without keyboard), for connecting the second time. First connect worked
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I bought a simple joystick, with just a 360° steering stick and a button on it, to control my PC while watching movies. First connect worked like a charm out of the box, but after shut down and start up of the computer at the next day, my ubuntu suddenly wants that I type some Numbers and hit enter on my mouse-only joystick, to connect it.

There pops up a UI Dialog with the follwing:

Please ente ...

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How to change shortcut for switching languages to ctrl+shift in Ubuntu 20.04 KDE
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I'm new to Linux, I want to use ctrl + switch to change languages, but it's not allowed from those settings. I use KDE.

This is where I tried changing the settings:

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How do I force Windows mode for a Bluetooth keyboard connection?
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Many hybrid (PC/Mac or Windows/MacOS) Bluetooth keyboards have a physical button (Keychron) or hotkey (Logitech) to switch between Windows- and MacOS-mode.

The Seenda Wireless Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard ISJ-WJK70BT4 has no such hard- or softbutton. It automatically detects Windows and MacOS and changes the button layout accordingly, most famously swapping Win/Option and Alt/Cmd.

I don't know how the Seen ...

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Not Allowed Sign flashing on the screen everytime I insert a headset AND automatically plays any paused videos and music
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I recently have Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed and everytime I insert my headset, not allowed sign is showing when there is no video or music playing. But if there is a video or music playing, the sign is not showing. However when I pause a video/music while headset is inserted, it will automatically play again after a second or two.

Here's a screenshot of the sign: (image) screenshot

I also tried rea ...

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Why on screen key board isn't working well Ubuntu 20.04?
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Just installed Ubuntu 20.04 on a Lenovo Yoga 12, on screen keyboard is working on Ubuntu environment but not working inside any other application like web browser or libre office, intro key isn't working and delete key isn't working either.

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Screen flickering and slow response to mouse moves
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I am new to linux and I am using Ubuntu 20.04 on my Dell device which uses intel i3 processor with Intel hd graphics 5500.

The machine was working well for a month and then suddenly yesterday I started seeing a flicker on the screen with purple horizontal line on top and when I press a key or move my mouse it takes some time for the screen to update.

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Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS -- Repeat Keys only works on certain keys after using Dvorak-Qwerty remap script
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Repeat keys works for space-bar, backspace, enter, but not any character keys. This happened after waking from hibernate. Repeat keys are certainly turned on, its on in the settings GUI, its on in xset, I have no peaq_wmi module to blacklist as is the common solution to this problem.

If I use the on screen keyboard all keys repeat as expected. It also doesn't seem to be purely a hardware issue as rep ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 Language Input fail to launch
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So I have installed Chinese and Japanese in addition to the default English input. After my first installation both appeared to work correctly, i.e. the Japanese input would register hiragana input, with kanji suggestions next to my input. However after I restarted my machine, even when I switched to my Chinese/Japanese input method, English is the only option. What have I done wrong? Any suggestion to  ...

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Holding a key down in game repeats as if I'm typing instead of holding
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When I hold a key in a game, the key is not held. Instead, it holds for a moment and then stops and repeats - the behavior you expect to see when typing. The most obvious example is holding tab in Counter-Strike causes the scoreboard to flash instead of being shown continuously. Other issues caused by this is jittery movement when using wasd.

This behavior is fairly recent (started maybe 2-3 week ...