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l2tp/IPsec vpn: Cannot diable PFS
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I am using Ubuntu 21.04 and I wanted to connect to a VPN. I have installed the network-manager network-manager-l2tp network-manager-gnome. I have another laptop using Fedora and installed the same packages and I could disable FPS, however I cannot disable FPS in Ubuntu. I have tried connecting to my school's vpn without disabling VPN but it did not work. If anyone have any idea how to do it please co ...

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Easiest way to setup Ubuntu as a VPN server (L2TP) for a home router to connect
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I'm trying to create/deploy a VPN to solve a connection issue regarding a game I'm playing (Xbox). For this, I'm setting up a VPN on a EC2 machine on AWS and I want to connect from a home router. I have tried VPN services (ExpressVPN) but they offer 2 alternatives.

  • OpenVPN -> I cannot connect from my router (TP-LINK AC 1750).
  • L2TP/ipsec -> Works, but does not offer support on the required region ...
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VPN trouble on wifi network change
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I have a weird problem with my VPN(l2tp/IPSec) recently.

At first when I added the VPN there was no problem but when i changed my WiFi connection (came home from work!) the blocked sites that i visited in my previous network weren't responding any more, everything else works fine for example I tried a blocked website that i have never visited and it works fine.

I tried cleaning my dns cache but no r ...

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L2TP IPSEC VPN cannot connect Ubuntu 18.04 Strongswan - PAP authentication failed
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I'm trying to connect to a VPN server and it's not working.

Output from tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep -E "pppd|charon|NetworkManager|strongSwan|ipsec|l2tp"

NetworkManager[22546]: <info>  [1627051862.8499] audit: op="connection-activate" uuid="<uuid>" name="<company-name> VPN" pid=24903 uid=1001 result="success"
NetworkManager[22546]: <info>  [1627051862.8517] vpn-connection ...