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Questions about LibreOffice and the included applications (Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, Math). Unless the question is a general how-to, user should always tell which version of LibreOffice in use.
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How to activate macros in WPS Spreadsheets 2021 in Ubuntu 20.04
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I'm trying to compare LibreOffice version Calc with WPS Spreadsheets in terms of how macros are handles. I imported an Excel spreadsheet containing many macros into WPS Office Spreadsheets 2021. I'm referring to the Personal Edition of WPS Office Spreadsheets. Macros do not work because they are not enabled. How do I enable all macros, and edit them in the WPS Office Linux version  ...

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How to create .odt file using terminal on Ubuntu 20.04?
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I tried the method given at:

If I am using: libreoffice --writer FinalProposal.odt then, I am getting an error shown in this figure.

If I am using touch FinalProposal.odt && libreoffice --writer FinalProposal.odt then, it is working fine and I am able to create new file.

I want to know, what am I doing wrong?

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Libreoffice calc opens sheets with one line of unknown characters
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Does anyone know why Libreoffice opens csv files like this for me recently? I've been having to import them into google sheets instead, where they work fine but it's a pain. Ubuntu 20.04 LO Version: Build ID: 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.1

Screenshot of LO launch screen:

enter image description here

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How to make sound persist when Power Point file is used in different media
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I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I want to import audio from some location into a PowerPoint file (which I edit with LibreOffice 6.4.2) and then copy it to a CD and present the PowerPoint file.

However, when I copy the file to the CD and use it on a different Linux or Microsoft computer, it does not play the audio, as the audio link is not on these computers.

Is there a way of adding audio to a presentat ...

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Why does Libreoffice crash when opening documents in web view?
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When ever I try to open a document which was last viewed in "Web View" LibreOffice crashes. I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and LibreOffice This issue has been happening for me for years and I gave up trying to use web view and stuck to normal paged view, but I thought I would try to use web view as that problem is probably going back to version 4. Yes, I could remember to returned to paged view befo ...

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Libreoffice came with icon menu not text
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I installed Kubuntu 20.04.3. LibreOffice came with icon menu not text. Everything was English and I changed language to my native language Finnish. It did not change the situation. How I can change the icon menu to text or text with icons menu. Sorry my English, but I hope you will understand my question.

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Libre offce open latest file date from command line
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Here is my present CLI to open a file in Libre Office

libreoffice /

which works just fine. However, rather than naming the file to open I want to open the most recently modified .odt file in the directory

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Open a file based on its modification date
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I know how to open a LibreOffice writer file from the command line. I need to open the most recently modified file in the directory specified in path. It is an .odt file. Thanks

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backup strategy for libreoffice files in ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/backup directory
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In backing up my home directory, I find I have just shy of 30,000 files of the form


my guess is these are the files used to recover corrupted files when they occur. I don't know if they are action-by-action backups or session-by-session backups.

Many of the files are 0 bytes. Most of the files run from .8M to 1M.

What is the downside to excluding these files from the backup, or de ...

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Libreoffice don't open files outside Document folder
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After Ubuntu upgrade, Libreoffice stops to open files outside home Document folder.

Ubuntu 18.04.5 Libreoffice installed via snap

libreoffice --version
LibreOffice ce769e3009755dcf0082844e386f5dca4c8ecb2f

Trying to call it from console (to see if there is any error messagem):

cd ~
echo "I have full access to the folder" > file.txt
libreoffice.calc file.ods

It halts with a Dialog saying

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Even after removing Libreoffice, software update keeps showing me the Libreoffice updates
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I'm using Ubuntu 21.04. I had libreoffice removed as I use online service so desktop app are not needed. However, even after removing the software update keeps telling me to download and update libreoffice packages.

enter image description here

How do I remove them from the updates also and why it keeps tracking Libreoffice? Is it that some portion of libreoffice is still on my machine somewhere?

Update: I removed using the foll ...

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How to include OLE text documents in search
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I've got a LibreOffice Writer document that has a bunch of OLE links to other LibreOffice Writer files (mainly because for some reason when I try to create a new OLE object, it doesn't give me the option to create a Writer object!).

I've got text in them, and I can see the text on the screen when I'm not editing, but when I search for text, it doesn't find the text in the linked writer documents.

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Libreoffice writer cannot export images into a pdf after an update
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I have a odf document containing various images: jpg and png mostly.

When I export it to pdf, in the resulting pdf file I can't see any picture but only the text.

Any idea why? Oh and I think it stopped working after a general ubuntu 20.04 update that I performed.

The version of the writer in 7.2


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How to update LibreOffice in Ubuntu 20.04?
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In Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, for general use, how to update LibreOffice from the default version installed by Canonical?

Are there reasons to leave it as is? I regularly use Software Updater to install recommended updates, and wonder why LibreOffice is still on an older version.

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How to do PowerPoint's Slide Zoom function in LibreOffice Impress or other presentation apps?
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This video shows what is PowerPoint's Slide Zoom function.

Is there an equivalent function to achieve the same effects in LibreOffice Impress? If not, what alternative apps is there for Ubuntu user to achieve the same?

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Emojis appear distorted on Ubuntu 20.04.3
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I have a strange problem with emojis appearing distorted (stretched/enlarged on the X axis) in some applications. The problem does not happen in all applications, and in some applications, like web browser, emojis appear fine in the page content, but are shown distorted if they are part of the web page title.

Perhaps the most prominent example is in LibreOffice Writer:

emoji distortion in LibreOffice Writer

The thing is that I have 4 o ...

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How to convert signed doc with extensions .adoc or .edoc to pdf using command line?
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I need to convert signed .doc which have extensions .adoc or .edoc to PDF using the command line.

I have tried lowriter, soffice and unoconv but none of them seem to read these formats.

Is there any tool in ubuntu to convert .adoc and .edoc to PDF?


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Libreoffice dialogue too long
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I want to print a document in libreoffice, the dialogue was too long so I can't press the ok at the bottom, so I found a walkthrough: I can just strike enter, which is not too bad.
But today, I want to print something double sided.My printer is old and outdated, so to do this I would print the odd number pages and reverse print it and then manually put the papers back inside to the tray and print the ev ...

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Error when saving a LibreOffice Writer document
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After typing a document, I am failing to save the document. There is a pop up that says Error saving the document 'nameofdocument': General error. General input/output error. How do I resolve this. I am using Ubuntu 20.04

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How to make a brochure from a pdf file in ubuntu?
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Say that I have a 16-page pdf file, A4 sized. I have A4 paper and printer. I want to shrink it to halves, and print them on 4 sheets of paper, double side, fold them in halves, and staple it in the middle.
The way I do it now is to export it to PNG, use LibreOffice Writer to rearrange them. This is time-consuming. Is there a better way to do it? If I have a 64 page file.
PS: What if this is a dictionary a ...

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How to make an overlaid column chart in LibreOffice Calc?
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I want to make a bar/column chart that looks like so: enter image description here
(credit to Matlab documentation for the image)

In my case I'm representing a snap-shot of a solution state: I have some variables and each have an associated upper-bound constraint.

Importantly my variables can actually be above their upper-bound (implying the solution state isn't constraint-abiding), hence a stacked column chart isn't a good op ...

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Using parlatype with Libreoffice for transcribing
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I am trying to use parlatype for transcribing an audio file. I have basically run the file through Google Recorder to get automatic transcription but need to clean it up as the speech recognition software is still imperfect. So I have the raw transcription in Libreoffice and use parlatype for playing the audio. There are a few things I cannot figure out about parlatype.

First, is it possible to c ...

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How to set LibreOffice as the default app to open Pages documents
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Since LibreOffice can open and edit Pages documents, I would like to set LibreOffice as the default app to open Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents. For the sake of this question, I will refer to all of these collectively as .pages documents, since the process will likely be the same for all of these.

The problem is that .pages documents are just renamed .zip files which can be uncompressed and o ...

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Why do Japanese keyboard arrow keys scroll in LibreOffice Calc but move cell with US keyboard layout?
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After upgrading to Ubuntu 21.04, the arrow keys on my USB Japanese 108-key keyboard scroll in LibreOffice Calc as though scroll lock is toggled on (even though the scroll lock light is not on) instead of moving the selected cell. (Actually, this happens with the US-intl keyboard layout too.) The arrow keys work as expected in other programs though, including LibreOffice Writer.

If I switch to the ...

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LibreOffice 7.1 Writer flickers and crashes
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I am using Libreoffice under Ubuntu-MATE 21.04. According to the LO's about dialog: User Interface: UI render: default; VCL: gtk3

I only use the text processing „Writer“, nothing else.

enter image description here

Problem 1: my styles panel (on the right) on the right flickers all the time

...blinks, maybe 50-100ms to white and back... (but certainly not in a blink tag fashion, more of a “nervous redraw”)

  • basically ...
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Libre Writer showing only blank icons, how to get the file menu (and tools to change setting)
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I recently opened Libre Write (LibreOffice), and noticed that the entire top bar is just a set of icons. I can get to a more contextual menu by right clicking the top bar, but "file", "tools", "settings" are all missing, doesn't seem to be a way to change the top bar to not be icons.

How would I go about changing this to contain a context menu?

Picture of image

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Libreoffice impress crashes when i try to import a video
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I have a presentation and I am trying to use Libreoffice Impress but I need to import a lot of videos and when I am trying to import any video it just crashes the whole libre office suite.

I have ubuntu 21.04.

And I can't find a way instead of importing a video (which means I have downloaded to my computer) to add a youtube video.

Can anyone help me how to fix the crashing of Libreoffice impress? or ho ...

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Reload sheet in LibreOffice Calc
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I am editing a LibreOffice Calc sheet using another program while keeping the sheet open in LibreOffice Calc. Is it possible to refresh LibreOffice Calc so it shows the changes?

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LibreOffice-Calc How to display input bar results in a cell, *or* what is fraction-to-decimal formula?
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I want to enter a fraction in one cell and display its decimal equivalent in another cell. If I format a cell for fraction input, and enter a fraction such as ⅜ in that cell, I see the decimal equivalent (0.375) in the Input bar. How can I show that decimal equivalent in a cell, or what is the formula for converting a fraction to decimal, and displaying the result in a cell?

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Why my LibreCAD does not show the design
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Here is the console:

$ sudo librecad 
RS_DEBUG: Critical
RS_DEBUG: Errors
RS_DEBUG: Warnings
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-root'

Am I missing any dependency packages?