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Questions related to logging into a user session or shell, for example at the graphical login screen that normally appears at the end of the boot process
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Purple Screen After Reboot (Post installation)
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I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04.03 on my PC. When I ran the installation, it worked well, initially. However, after I shut the computer off and turned it back on, I get the login screen, I typed my password and it hung on the purple screen. It is just a blank purple screen. I browsed the web and found that it could be the Nvidia driver causing this issue. For this reason, I removed my graphic card and ...

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First login never works
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I've recently installed Ubuntu 21.10 onto my laptop and my desktop. I've been noticing a weird bug and I need to know if it's just me or not.

After booting( or recovery from hibernation) when I get to the login screen, and try to login into my account, the first login never succeeds. I put the password in correctly, hit login, and I get the spinning wheel thing for an extended period of time.

The us ...

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After upgrading from 21.04 to 21.10 I get a blank login screen
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GUI seems to be partially working. I get a clock, accessibility and power settings, but rest of the screen is just solid purple colour, no user to select no field to enter my password so that I can actually login.

I have checked if I can get terminal access with ctrl + alt + F1-F8 but I had no luck with that.

I have tried also tried reinstalling gdm3 from root console in recovery mode, but that didn ...

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Unable to login to root/sudo user
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I have this Ubuntu 20.04 VPS which was working fine an hour back, but now I am unable to login to my sudo user. The root login is also disabled.

When it was working, I deployed a static website and wanted to install certbot ssl from sudo user, but it was getting denied that I don't have permission. After searching online I found something to change permission which is sudo chmod 755. Then it worked and  ...

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Login screen disappears after rebooting
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I'm currently running Ubuntu Studio 21.10 on a 2019 Dell desktop. I upgraded Ubuntu Studio from 21.04 to 21.10 using the command line. I have a login screen that I created after modifying an Ubuntu Studio login screen. I have a 5 second timeout for the BIOS and for the grub screen. Logins were fine until about 2 weeks ago, when I found that the boot would proceed apparently normally (with the BIOS a ...

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problem in logging in
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I've been trying to boot ubuntu for a while but everytime I do, after entering the password it verifies me and then, all options on screen disappear and only the purple back ground remains, the only thing I could do is moving the mouse pointer.Does anybody know how should I login?enter image description here

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Why does the Kubuntu 21.10 login screen stop responding?
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Occasionally, when I try to sign in on Kubuntu 21.10, the login screen will no register keypresses or mouse clicks. I can still move the cursor around the screen, but cannot interact with the password entry field or any of the onscreen buttons, e.g. shut down or reboot. The only way to get logged in at this point is to use the computer's hardware power button to turn off the machine, then power it up ag ...

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Unable to login or reboot after I made computer disk read only and logged out of the dystem
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I made the computer disk read only by mistake and after that I logged off from the Ubuntu and switched off my system. When I started my system then it is unable to restart or reboot. Clicked Ctrl+F2 but it is only showing

dev/sda6: recovering journal

dev/sda6: clean, 242560/1187840 files, 3331370/4742144 blocks

I'm unable to do login or anything after this. System is also not going to bios mode and ...

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Ubuntu login-freeze after unzip-freeze
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I'm so lost. I'm quite new to ubuntu.

I downloaded a big zip file and "unzip" it in Terminal. For some reasons Ubuntu freezed. I waited and waited, but nothing happened. So eventually I turned the computer off and rebooted.

Now every single time, I'm on login screen in Ubuntu, the freeze comes again and there's nothing I can do.

I don't know where to begin. I would be gladful for help, thanks in advanc ...

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Can't login mysql db access denied for user 'root'
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after installing mysql-server using sudo apt install mysql-server and login by typing mysql ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'very_strong_password';. After that I quit. And now when I'am trying to login mysql by typing mysql it tell me ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) I already tried

sudo mysqld_safe --skip-gr ...
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Wrong logname at login in Ubuntu 21.10
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I upgraded my Ubuntu 21.04 to 21.10 yesterday and am running into serious problems after rebooting.

Troubles with graphical drivers (solved)

This is solved, but maybe I broke something by solving this problem ? Ubuntu stuck during boot and the desktop was never showing. I restarted in rescue mode, updated grub to add "nomodeset" and did some reinstallations + reconfigurations :

apt install --reinstall  ...
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Ubuntu Mate login screen won't go away
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I installed Mate Desktop UI on my VM couple days ago. I didn't like it and I removed it, but the login screen doesn't seem to go away. I don't mind it, but now when I input the password, it doesn't log me in anymore. I even tried to go to console using Ctrl+Alt+F2 to reinstall ubuntu desktop and remove all Mate packages but I cant resolve it.

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ubuntu keeps loging me out randomly
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I have been having this problem recently: Ubuntu keeps loging me out randomly even when I am actively moving the mouse and pressing keys.

The screen goes blank and there is this cursor thing at the top left of the screen for a few seconds and I find my self at the login screen.

I have found other questions on this they don't seem to help.

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Stuck at LoginScreen
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I found out that my storage was full. So thought of restarting it. But once restarted it, And after I entered the password, it got stuck at the login screen. I can move the mouse but cannot click anything.. I used the keyboard and went to terminal and restarted it.. I have seen a lot of problem with login loop but its not my problem. I don't know what to do.. please help me. Thank you.

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How to replace login screen system
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I'm having issues with my the default ubuntu login system, because

  • It takes FOREVER to load when I close and open my laptop
  • It often doesn't load correctly, the dock icons are missing and opening the applications menu makes ubuntu unusable, so i gotta kill my pc with the power button
  • Sometimes I enter the password, it loads for a long time, screen goes black, and then i'm back at the login screen
  •  ...
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ubuntu login failure after uninstalling protonvpn
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Hi: After trying for hours to login to protonvpn using its app on ubuntu 20.04 (and not having internet access during that time) I decided to uninstall the protonvpn app, and start over. Big mistake.

I followed these instructions for uninstalling:

"1. Uninstall the official app. To uninstall the official app:

sudo apt-get autoremove protonvp ...

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Login problem after upgrading to Ubuntu 21.10 - suspect keyboard
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I have just upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish) When I tried to log in via gnome, my usual username/password wasn't recognised. I then did Ctr Alt F1 (or F3? - I can't remember) and was able to access a terminal login screen. It seemed that some characters typed at the keyboards were not being echoed correctly to the screen - for instance 'g' would appear as something like 'g[[' . However, I was able to l ...

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Can not SSH to linux GVM with root, required to change password immediately
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When I ssh to linux with root, after input the password, the system require to change the password immediately, but after changed the password, still can't login: enter image description hereYou are required to change your password immediately (administrator enforced). Last login: Mon Apr 5 23:38:50 2021 from Changing password for root. Current password: New password: Retype new password ...

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Microsoft Teams asks for login information at every startup
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I recently installed Microsoft Teams (64-bit) on my Ubuntu 21.10 laptop.

My problem is that Teams keeps asking for the login information of my organization every time it starts. I have double checked that both my web browser and the website have my login information and after entering it everything works fine, it's just that it seems to forget it when I turn off the computer.

Any sugges ...

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Ubuntu Fingerprint not available for domain users
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Hello guys hope you can help me out, currently I have a fresh install of Ubuntu Desktop 21.10.

I successfully added it to my windows domain controller, users works great but the only option that I see it’s missing is the fingerprint on users section. Note: For local Ubuntu user fingerprint works, but for domain users not, did I need to add them to a group to get fingerprint working?

Thanks in adva ...

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Nextcloud desktop log in fails on ubuntu 20.04.3
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Today I installed nextcloud desktop via 'sudo apt install nextcloud-desktop'. I logged in to the server '' and everything worked fine. I could sync the files. Then I rebooted my laptop and when I opened nextcloud I got the following: screenshot

Nothing happens when I click on 'Re-open Browser' or 'Copy link'. Can someone please help me?

Thanks a lot! Nusch

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I changed permissions in my /home dir to 750 and files in it now I'm not able to connect the server
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I changed the /home dir to 750 and files in it.

Now I'm not able to connect the server with SSH public key. It’s showing the error Permission denied (publickey).

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Can Not Log On. Usually purging Nvidia Driver in Recovery Mode>Root Terminal Helps. This Time No. 18.04.6
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I have been plugging along periodically having to purge the Nvidia driver to get my machine to log on. This time I get the log in page, enter my credentials and the screen goes black as if it is logging in then returns to the log in page. I did my routine of entering the recovery mode and choosing the root terminal. I run the apt-get purge of nvidia alone with an * and with a hyphen and *. It still does ...

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What port is USB 1-1-port1
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I cannot login to Ubuntu, everything starts okay, but I just return to the login after entering the correct password.

On entering tty there is a looping error:

USB 1-1-port1: Cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?

I have disabled all ports in the BIOS, and no peripherals work when I boot to login, as should be the case. I have also unplugged EVERYTHING so as to isolate issues. Clearly a hardware is ...

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After boot go automatically to graphical login screen
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I installed Ubuntu 18.04.6 desktop and then lubuntu-desktop. Now the system boots to non-graphical login screen. The user of the laptop will have to press ctrl+alt+F7 to go to graphical login screen.

Is there some configuration file where I can set it to go automatically to graphical login screen?

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VirtualBox: Ubuntu Server loads GUI for Login
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I have installed on a MacOS Virtual Box with some Ubuntu installations, some servers and Desktop releases. For Ubuntu Server 20:04 available since months ago, yesterday I executed the image as usual: it starts up in peace but suddenly happened the following:

Now loads a GUI login as follows:

enter image description here

wondered because it is a server instance. If I do the login it remains as follows:

enter image description here

In the keyboard if I use: ...

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cannot login after upgrade to 21.10
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After upgrading from Ubuntu 21.04 to 21.10, the login widget (the one with my username where I can type my password) no longer shows up when I start the computer.

If I push ctrl + alt +F5 , I see 3 lines of error messages, something about rtl_usb reg0x80 usbctrl_vendor req timeout, rtl8192c_common is not ready to run, and the network not being available. I don't get a prompt to type in my username ...

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I am a new linux user . i use ubuntu 20.04 . after installing it i was going to enable fingerprint
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i was going to enable fingerprint login . after enabling it , i select right index finger but it shows " Fingerprint Device Storage Is Full " . so I cant add any fingerprint . so how do i delete fingerprint data ? need solution .

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Pantheon Desktop Enviroment not showing in login screen Ubuntu 20.04.3
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I just installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 64bit and well I don't like how fresh Ubuntu looks like so I wanted to install Pantheon, installation completed succesfuly but when I reboot and I was in the login screen it only showed Ubuntu and Ubuntu on Wayland, but not Pantheon. How can I solve this? I did the installation with official ElementaryOS PPA repos.