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Ubuntu 20.04 not powering off
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I have recently installed Ubuntu onto my old (early) 2008 Macbook.

I installed Ubuntu 18 and was all working fine, then I have updated my Ram to 4gb instead of the standard 1Gb.

After this I have updated to Ubuntu 20.04, all seems to be working as it should however, when I power off the machine, it will exit on the screen display with "Ubuntu" at the bottom center and not complete the power off... ...

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Getting a Black screen when dual booting from a MacBook Pro
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I have successfully installed Ubuntu 21.04 on a partition of my SSD. However since the grub install repeatedly failed whilst installing Ubuntu, I told terminal to install Ubuntu without it. And it did except whenever I select my Ubuntu partition while booting up it immediately gives a black screen. I have tried holding down the left shift button and pressing esc repeatedly and pressing ctrl+alt+T but no ...

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Can I use Ubuntu live USB on a MacBook Pro M1?
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You know, like boot into the non-persistent (or sometimes persistent) USB like in a windows computer.

What about the upcoming M1X?

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Installing Ubuntu on MacBook Pro 2019 with macOS Big Sur
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I am trying to install Ubuntu on MacBook Pro:

  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019)
  • macOS Big Sur 11.5.1
  • 2,6 GHz 6x Intel Core i7

I created new partition on Mac SSD for second OS and bootable USB with Ubuntu 21.04 installer (installations from USB with versions 20.04 and 20.10 failed). While OS installation I was getting executing grub-install error. I've tried to repair grub and make Ubuntu bootable on MA ...

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White Screen When Rebooting After Installing 21.04 On 2010 Macbook Air
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I'm new to Ubuntu (and Linux in general), and I'm trying to install 21.04 on a 2010 Macbook Air from a USB. When I restarted it after I went through the installation process (wiping the disk in the process), I was left with a white screen. It also leaves me with a white screen after I power it off and back on again. I can't go into recovery mode or safe mode, and the only thing I can do is hold option/a ...

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Abnormal Display Glitch On MacBook Pro mid 2015 (Ubuntu)
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This is the video of what is happening:

I have tried Ubuntu 20.04 and 21.04 (and also PopOS) and the issue persists. Also the weird display happens not only on the desktop but at boot and when shuting it down.

Adding acpi-osi= to the boot parameters, installing

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White screen of death upon finalization of loading
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Yesterday I took the plunge and attempted to load Ubuntu 21.04 onto an old 2008 Macbook. I used a USB drive to load from and everything we going great. At the end, the prompt as me to remove the USB and to press enter for the computer to restart. When it started back up I was greeted with a white screen of death and nothing else on the screen. I tried using all the old "Mac" restart button but nothi ...

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Glitching graphic lines on desktop after 20.04 install on Macbook Pro mid 2009
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I downloaded the Nvidia driver when it was shown as an option. I know that the macbook did not use that initially. Is there a way to fix this? I am a total noob and I am learning by making A LOT of mistakes. Any help is welcome!

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I installed Ubuntu Gnome on my old Macbook Pro, now stuck with the grey screen at start
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Everything is said in the title. Installation worked perfectly, but when the computer rebooted, it stay stuck on grey screen forever. any idea where the problem come from ?

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X freezing when starting some games on MacBook 5.1
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Whenever I try to play games like "0ad" or "Widelands" or use the latest version of Firefox (release 87.0 worked fine, only later versions have the problem) X freezes. Sometimes it happens immediately, other times it takes seconds or minutes.

On the other hand, games like "Dwarf Fortress" or "Teeworlds" and the Browser Chromium don't have the issue.

System is a MacBook 5.1(late 2008) with:

(X)ubuntu 21 ...

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Ros in M1 macbook air
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I'm considering buying M1 macbook air.Can m1 mac run ubuntu in parallels(virtual machine)with all apps eligible to run. Could i use this for robotics(ros) and related works??

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Ubuntu 20.10 Macbook Air 2011 bluetooth issue
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Running Ubuntu 20.10 on a Macbook Air 2011. When bluetooth paired a pair Razor Anzu smartglasses I noticed that something is wrong with how bluetooth i configured. It works very poorly and the sound in the glasses is so bad it cannot be used. When rebooting to macOS (have dual boot) it works perfect. I am just posting this to inform and hoping that this problem will be corrected one day.

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Will the latest LTS version of Kubuntu run on my late 2009 macbook?
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So, i am trying to find a good linux distro that is similar to windows* (my main os) and it has to be lightweight. I will run the distro on my 2GB RAm, Core 2 Duo Late 2009 MacBook. Does someone please have a suggestion of a lightweight distro similar to windows. I will be thankful if i recieve an awnser.

*with many google searches i think kubuntu is great, but i don't think it will run

PS: sorry fo ...

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Built-in camera not working on Ubuntu 20.04 installed on Macbook pro late 2013
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I have tried all the existing suggestions (including iSight, cheese) I could find on this and other forums to make the camera work, but nothing seems to work.

Here is the error message from cheese:

: cheese_preferences_dialog_setup_resolutions_for_device: assertion 'device != NULL' failed

Does anyone know if there is any update regarding the camera issue for Ubuntu 20.04?