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Questions relating to makefiles, (The file that contains the instructions for make)
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Unreal 4 compiled successfully but UE4Editor file doesn't exist
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I have Ubuntu 20.04 on a desktop with an old i7 CPU and 16 GiB of RAM.

Here are the commands I ran to compile Unreal 4.27:

make -j 4
make -j 4 ShaderCompileWorker

I had to try several times before the process completed. On previous attempts the machine ran out of memory and I had to do a hard shutdown. It seemed to be the use of make -j 4, to try to limit the use  ...

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How to debug Makefile based projects in any IDE in Linux Environment
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I am compiling and debugging source code of Gpg4win in linux (ubuntu) environment. I successfully build project using console terminal by using simple commands like:

make install

Now I want to modify my code in any IDE and then rebuild the project from IDE, but I dont know how to use debug projects based on Makefile in any IDE. Thanks

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Cannot source venv using makefile
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The Makefile inside project root

# Makefile

.PHONY: help
    @echo "Commands:"
    @echo "venv   : creates development environment."

# Environment
    python3 -m venv venv
    source venv/bin/activate 

When i run:

make venv

I get the following Error:

$ make venv
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate 

/bin/sh: 2: source: not found
Makefile:15: recipe for target  ...
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vmlinux is not being generated even after executing make -j4 .config command
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I'm trying to build customized build for linux kernel, for that i have generated .config file based on my requirements but when building that .config file, it is not giving any error nor vmlinux file is getting generated.

for initiating build process, I've executed below command make -j4 example.config

please let me know, what did i missed here

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GNU make executes weird shell
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The shell function in GNU make behaves weird on Ubuntu. Consider this simple Makefile:

TEST1 := $(shell command -v sh)
TEST2 := $(shell /bin/sh -c 'command -v sh')
        $(info TEST1 = $(TEST1))
        $(info TEST2 = $(TEST2))

Running make prints

make: command: Command not found
TEST1 = 
TEST2 = /usr/bin/sh

Weird. Why does the default shell not know the command built-in? And what is the defaul ...

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need to compile. from source¦no configure, no readme available
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I downloaded the angryIP scanner in 2.x and 2.21. The old version, because I need to run it on a Tegra (ARM) processor. The universal plattform .deb fails to install, so it seems not to be that universal... However, the archive comes with all the .h and .cpp files, but no,, configure, readme or whatever. I tried a couple of hours now with the auto(re)conf tools, but I fail. Any i ...