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A fork of GNOME 2 that offers a more traditional desktop environment.
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Caja drag and drop with tree view
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I just switched to Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Mate because Mint MATE was buggy and annoying.

Ubuntu MATE is a great distro but one thing I like better about Mint MATE was in Caja if you drag an item from the main panel into a folder in the tree view panel it would highlight the folder so you knew exactly which folder you were going to drop into.

Caja in Ubuntu Mate doesn't do this.

I have tried a few different ...

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Ubuntu Mate Main Menu: Automatically Added Menu
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I adapted Main Menu in Ubuntu Mate to my needs. Suddenly a new menu was added automatically called "Collection" (after having started Thunderbird). I would like to delete that - but cannot find the this menu in "Main Menu"-Programme. Does anybody know why this Menu was added automatically, and how I can delete it? Bül

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How to configure ScreenSaver by Command Line?
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I would like to configure ScreenSaver by command line (CLI) on Ubuntu MATE.

I am already familiar with the GUI to configure ScreenSaver on Ubuntu MATE 20.04 as shown below:

Control Center > Look and Feel >


    Regard the computer as idle after:  2 hours

    [ ]  Activate screensaver when computer is idle
            /* I want to uncheck this */

    [ ]  Lock screen when screens ...
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Cannot login to MATE for one user but not the other
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Big disclaimer: Before this happened, I accidentally removed an important library (libreadline7), which has removed several important system libraries without me realizing (things like NetworkManager were also removed), which made Ubuntu stop booting properly. I was able to recover from this for my user by entering recovery mode from the bootloader,reinstalling ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-standard, an ...

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How do I set "focus follows mouse" in Ubuntu-Mate 20.04LTS?
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I read several past entries about "focus follows mouse" in these pages, but I could not find an answer that helped me. Many answers are for older versions, and others are for Ubuntu flavors other than Mate. These previous answers list tools and programs to do this which I could not find in Ubuntu-Mate menus.

In had expected to be able to do this using Mate Tweak, but it does not even mention mo ...

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Run pygame app at startup in Ubuntu Mate
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I'm trying to make a digital frame software with pygame and python, and want the app to run at the startup of the machine when you can see the taskbar and the system is ready to load windows.

I've tried nearly 6 ways of doing this during the last week, but none worked. I am already tired, and I would like someone to tell me how should I do it.

So.... HOW DO I DO THAT!!!!!????

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HDMI not detected anymore
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I had a normally working Lenovo S27i-10 monitor on the HMDI port of my Ubuntu Mate 20.04 system. It is suddenly not detected anymore:

henk@henk-N24-25BU ~> xrandr | grep 'connected'                                                  
eDP-1 connected primary 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 344mm x 194mm
DP-1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)
HDMI-1 dis ...
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Steam stopped working ubuntu mate 20.04
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Steam was working fine until a week or so ago, and now when I try to start it up I get this:

You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run: libva-x11 ...

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ubuntu mate 21.04 USB stick will not automount
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A USB 64 gig stick will not automount. control center "disk" shows the drive as unmounted. Gpartd shows the drive as having a FAT32 file system. Does the same thing when formatted to exFAT. Yes, I checked the card before posting this question.

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Ubuntu Mate 20.04.2 keyboard backlight timeout - How to inhibit
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Ubuntu 20.04 and then Ubuntu Mate 20.04.2 for over a year on an Ideapad Flex 5 14" like a charm. No issues with keyboard backlight until I had the idea to use a keyboard option to use the keyboard backlight to indicate the activation of the Compose key (configured as Shift+Right Alt). My work location is poorly lit, and this choice was not optimal, so I deactivated this option. However since the key ...

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Can I install a driver into a copy of Ubuntu from the computer flashing it?
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I would like to flash Ubuntu Mate to an SD card to be used in a Raspberry Pi. (I don't know why, but a company spokesperson told me my LCD display's driver works on Ubuntu Mate but not Ubuntu Server.)

The driver is simply required to be cloned from a GitHub repository, and a simple install script in that directory to be run, in order to be installed.

Is it possible for me to run this installation pr ...

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Login Screen Issue: First lightdm needs to be killed to get X session to work
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I'm running MATE 20.04 and have a problem each time I reboot. Instead of getting the lightdm login screen

  1. When I have the grub option "silent" set I get a blank screen (it's all black but on)
  2. When I remove the silent option, I get the following messages
    Loading, please wait..
    Starting version 245.4_ubuntu3.11
    Begin: Loading essential drivers ... done.
    Begin: Running /scripts/init-premount
    The sc ...
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How to configure Power Management by Command Line?
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I would like to configure Power Management by command line (CLI) on Ubuntu MATE.

I am already familiar with the GUI to configure Power Management on Ubuntu MATE 20.04 as shown below:

Control Center > Hardware >

  Power Management

    On AC Power tab

        Put computer to sleep when inactive for:  Never

        Put display to sleep when inactive for:   Never

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Is there a renaming tool (for Ubuntu 18.04 Mate) which is able to work on folder names as well?
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I am rather new to Linux, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 Mate. When I need to do more complex file renaming tasks I prefer to use KRename (the GUI version that got installed with apt-get). But often I'd also like to rename folders' names (this question is NOT about batch renaming of file names). It seems KRename (GUI) is not capable of doing that. So I wonder whether there's a tool to achieve that (as a be ...

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Is it possible to install MATE 1.26 on Ubuntu MATE?
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While visiting repositories on I see that many MATE components are released at version 1.26. And ArchLinux AUR says the same.

Is it possible to get this (or newer) version on my Ubuntu MATE 21.04 system?

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Ubuntu 21.04 – make rectangular area screenshots by keyboard shortcut
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I have used a keyboard short calling shutter -s and making an rectengular area screenshot under Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 for many years. No problems ever. Of course, shutter was already running... the redundant call would simply do it's job of captuing (and or tell the original instance, either way, no problem, proper capture, proper display in shutter window)enter image description here

Now, under Ubuntu-MATE 21.04 and with shutter  ...

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LibreOffice 7.1 Writer flickers and crashes
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I am using Libreoffice under Ubuntu-MATE 21.04. According to the LO's about dialog: User Interface: UI render: default; VCL: gtk3

I only use the text processing „Writer“, nothing else.

enter image description here

Problem 1: my styles panel (on the right) on the right flickers all the time

...blinks, maybe 50-100ms to white and back... (but certainly not in a blink tag fashion, more of a “nervous redraw”)

  • basically ...
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Where are the quick launch entries of the top bar saved in Ubuntu 18.04 Mate 32-bit?
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I am running Ubuntu 18.04 Mate 32-bit. Sometimes when I add a program shortcut to the quick launch section of the top bar, it will be gone after a restart. I hope to bypass that by manually editing the respective configuration file. I am rather new to Linux and do not want to simply edit some file by my own choice. So can you tell me which is the correct file to edit?

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What does MATE do on suspend and how to change it to pm-suspend
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In Ubuntu Mate 21.04 suspending with sudo pm-suspend works perfectly. But using the power button does not work.

The dialog Power Management Preferences shows When the power button is pressed: Suspend, but nothing happens when I press the power button.

When I change the value to Ask me, the dialog where one can choose to shut down or suspend pops up, and thus I know that the button itself works. Howe ...

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How to correctly proceed with "There is no application installed for ... files. Do you want to search for an application to open this file?" on MATE?
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I have Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS installed. I have downloaded DXF file which is not known for my operating system.

I open Caja, navigate to this file, try to open it. And then get the following message:

Could not display "/home/user/file.dxf"

There is no application installed for DXF vector image files. Do you want to search for an application to open this file?

and I clicked 'Yes' in this window. But not ...

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Intermittent rapid power cycling problem in Ubuntu MATE
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Good evening,

A few months ago, I installed Ubuntu MATE onto an Acer Aspire (I don't quite recall the specific model name). However, around 6 weeks ago, after an Ubuntu update I began to have a weird bug, namely that when my laptop is plugged in on the charger it constantly cycles between charging and discharging states. The cycle is extremely quick, so the net effect is that it is not like it is ...

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Ubuntu Mate 18.04 32bit on MD E1210: Power management shall not invoce sleep mode when tasks are running
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I have Ubuntu Mate 18.04 32-bit running on an old Medion E1210 netbook. I set the power management to go to sleep mode after 1 hour of idle time when connectet to the power grid. But what I get: when the computer is idle, it will take much longer than 1 hour until it goes to sleep mode - on the other hand, when it's executing some heavyload tasks it will go to sleep mode after some time even when those  ...

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Will Ubuntu Mate desktop 20.04 install on Dell Optiplex 7010
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Dell 7010 Optiplex 8gb memory 250 gb ssd

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Suspend doesn't lock screen on 21.04 MATE
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Since upgrading to 21.04 MATE, I've noticed that intermittently the screen-lock doesn't always come on when you press the suspend button.

I'm running a desktop with power on all the time. It is the same whether I press Suspend through the menu or use the lockscreen shortcut.

I have been upgrading MATE continuously since 18.04 and never encountered this issue before.

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mate-session warns about not finding a desktop file
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Getting similar warnings in the system logs:

Jul 14 09:11:18 precision-7510 mate-session[5184]: WARNING: Unable to find desktop file 'keepassxc.desktop': V složkách hledání nelze najít platný soubor klíče
Jul 14 09:11:18 precision-7510 mate-session[5184]: WARNING: Unable to find desktop file 'mate-keepassxc.desktop': V složkách hledání nelze najít platný soubor klíče
Jul 14 09:11:18 ...
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My internet connection became noticeably slower after downgrading from 20.04 to 18.04 MATE
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A couple of days ago I had problems with my new installed WiFi driver in Ubuntu 20.04. I couldn't solve it so I downgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 (MATE because I missed 16.04's feel)

This solved my driver problem, but for some reason its connection speed is slower than 20.04. I know MATE uses different configurations, any possibility it also causes my speed to slow down? Any explaining is appreciated

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Cheese will start from terminal but not main menu on 20.04
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I'm running Ubuntu MATE 20.04.2. When I try to launch Cheese from the main menu, a small bar (like a minimised window) appears in the panel at the bottom of the screen, saying "Starting Cheese". After a few seconds it vanishes, and Cheese does not launch.

However, when I try to open Cheese from the MATE terminal, it works straight away!

$ which cheese

$ which -a cheese
/usr/bin/cheese ...
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Timestamp keyboard shortcut
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On Ubuntu Mate 20.10 on a Lenovo T450 notebook, I have been trying to create a timestamp keyboard shortcut for quite a while. The intent is to be able to insert a time stamp into any sort of file as if I typed it, whether a text file, LibreOffice Write, Calc, draw or any other type of document.
The two closest questions similar to this one are:

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Some snap application menus don't display properly in 20.04.2 LTS with MATE 1.24.0
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Some menus do not display properly in 20.04 with MATE 1.24.0 (example below) - even within the same program some display properly others don't - is not affected by whether the app displays in dark mode like system default or does its own default color - it's not affected by changing the theme either - I think it appeared with an update to 20.04 LTS but I am not 100% sure as it only happens in some menus ...

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Is there a way to specify beginning of line in a Pluma Search?
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Here is my description of the current system:

  • Pluma 1.24.0
  • Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
  • MATE 1.24.0

I was trying to replace spaces with tabs, but only at the beginning of a line. I could find spaces, and could find tabs, and even combinations of spaces and tabs. I did have 'Match regular expression' and 'Parse escape sequences' checked. I tried using a caret preceding the space, but it did not work. I tried  ...