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Questions about interface menus, placement and addition of them. Menus are a common user interface feature that allow users to interact with applications.
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Libreoffice came with icon menu not text
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I installed Kubuntu 20.04.3. LibreOffice came with icon menu not text. Everything was English and I changed language to my native language Finnish. It did not change the situation. How I can change the icon menu to text or text with icons menu. Sorry my English, but I hope you will understand my question.

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No shadows on menus in Firefox 91
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After upgrade to Firefox 91, the menus in Firefox no more have shadows around them. This looks ugly and makes the menus less visible on top of the webpage. Is there any way I can bring them back? Maybe some tweak in theme's CSS?

Firefox menus were always styled a bit differently from other applications menus (for example note the difference on separators and submenu arrows on enclosed screenshots ...

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google-chrome can't click on dropdown menus
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I'm running ubuntu 20.04, and am finding that on many but not all occasions, I cannot click on drop-down menus when I use google-chrome. This problem arises on all of my laptops, which are set up identically. A recent example of my problem is illustrated with the following website.

It prompts for Account type. The dropdown offe ...

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How to find a .desktop file for a given gnome search icon
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Is there a generic way to find the .desktop entry for a specific menu entry in the gnome-search bar?

For example, I was trying to find the .desktop entry for the gnome Settings application. As shown in this image:

Note that I already found this particular .desktop file because I knew that the official application name is gnome-control-center.
Thus the following command got me the right file:

$  ...
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missing "restore missing files" option
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I want to restore files that I accidentally removed from my computer.

I use ubuntu 20.04 as my OS, Files (3.36.3-stable) as the file manager, and Déjà Dup Backup Tool (40.7) as the backup program

The Help for Déjà Dup Backup Tool says that in order to restore missing files:

Backup Help › Restoring Files » Restoring a Lost File Browse to the folder containing the file you lost. Click File ▸ ...

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Some snap application menus don't display properly in 20.04.2 LTS with MATE 1.24.0
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Some menus do not display properly in 20.04 with MATE 1.24.0 (example below) - even within the same program some display properly others don't - is not affected by whether the app displays in dark mode like system default or does its own default color - it's not affected by changing the theme either - I think it appeared with an update to 20.04 LTS but I am not 100% sure as it only happens in some menus ...

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How to add “New Document” to the right-click menu of Nautilus after upgrading Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04?
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After upgrading from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04, I noticed that there is no option in the right-click menu of Nautilus to create an empty text file.


So how to add the New Document back to the right-click menu of Nautilus?

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What is the package name for the Ubuntu MATE "compact menu"?
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I installed mate-desktop and mate-desktop-environment on a stock Ubuntu 18.04 system for testing, but I didn't get my preferred choice of menus to add to the panel, the "Compact Menu".

If you install a full-up Ubuntu MATE system, you get this choice. Here is a screenshot showing that install with the Compact Menu installed, the help screen, and some other menu choices.

enter image description here

Here's a screenshot from the te ...