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For questions relating to Canonical's Multipass - a virtualization platform for Ubuntu VMs.
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How do I connect from my multipass guest OS to my host OS's localhost
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I have two websites running locally on my system which need to access each other. One is within a multipass vm, and the other is in docker and accessible via localhost in my host OS.

In the site in the vm, I need to give a URL for it to access the other site. How do I find or set up a url I can use to connect from my virtual machine to my host OS?

For example, in my VM curl <some url> shoul ...

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I am unable to upgrade my mac M1 multipass instance running Focal. Somehow it wants to install a kernel from Xenial
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I am unable to upgrade my mac M1 multipass instance. Looks like it can no longer find the sources:

Failed to fetch  404  Not Found [IP: 80]

I have done some digging but am unsure of exactly how to proceed.

This is a recently installed instance  ...

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How to configure proxy in multipass virtual machine
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My host computer (macOS Monterey M1) needs to connect through a proxy, which I can configure by setting the address as an environment variable (among other places):

export https_proxy=http://.../

This allows me to run something like:

$> curl

I'd like to run Focal 20.04 in a multipass virtual machine, which I've got all setup and launched, but it does ...

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Can't find Multipass Ubuntu files on Mac M1 Finder
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I'm running macOS 11.2.1 on a Mini M1 with one internal and two external drives. Using multipass 1.8.1+mac to create an Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS instance in terminal. Once in terminal, I can find the 3rd party software I installed while in the shell. However, when I want to find some of the files I see in Ubuntu on the Mac drive, I cannot find them. I clearly don't understand the relationship between the  ...

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Multipass - Commandline?
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I've tried using multipass. When I click on multipass in the startmenu it does not show anything dealing with a shell. It has a run as administrator option but this does nothing. I had an ubuntu CLI option in the start menu and when I tried to update it asked me for a password. I tried my passwords and they were all incorrect.

Can any one provide some assistance as to what I am doing wrong?

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Manually download multipass VM images
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Not sure if multipass run VMs locally or in the cloud, but if it is running locally is must download e.g. qemu2 images first. Can one download these image manually? Is there a simple URL to e.g. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

(Just wanna test something in 20.04 and wanna spin up a VM quickly on my current running KVM/QEMU hypervisor and it would really be easy if I could get my hands on a pre-made Ubuntu qemu ...

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Details of multipass instance
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"The multipass launch command without any argument will create and start a new instance"

Not clear to me what is actually happening with this.  Is it running Ubuntu on another computer, x11/ssh/rlogin/etc ? Or does it create a local virtual machine?

Is the instance persistent, or does it (and all its data & history) cease to exist when you're done with it?

If remote and persistent, does it make y ...

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multipass mount options
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When mounting a local directory inside a multipass instance...

flydutch@led:~$ multipass mount /media/TEST multipass-test:/opt/TEST is mounted with nodev flag:

ubuntu@multipass-test:~$ mount
:/media/TEST on /opt/TEST fuse.sshfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,allow_other)

Is it possible to specify the dev flag option?

Remount the directory inside the instance doesn't work ...

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How to spin a x86_64 ubuntu on Apple M1 with Multipass
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I have an Apple M1 processor (ARM64). Is there any way to spin a x86_64 machine? By default Multipass 1.8.0 is launching ARM64 Ubuntu instances.

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Trouble completing snapcraft tutorial on Ubuntu 20.04, Raspberry Pi 4
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I am trying to package my first snap with the ultimate goal of deploying an app on Ubuntu Core 20. I am new to snapcraft and multipass, so I'm following the "Create Your First Snap" tutorial on the Ubuntu website.

I am building on a Raspberry Pi 4, running Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS. Once the snap is packaged, I want to then be able to copy it to another Raspberry Pi 4 which is running Ubuntu Core 20.

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Multiple volume device on Ubuntu Multipass
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I am using Ubuntu Multipass and would like to launch an instance with an additional volume device e.g. /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc since sad already exist with a partition. I would also like to know how to create an additional device on the instance

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multipass ssh port definition on creation of vm
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Is there a way to define the port that ssh is forwarded from guest machine? Right now it a randomly port is picked on the host machine.

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Error while running multipass launch
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I'm new to ubuntu. I want to lunch multipass but it gives low disk space error. I have enough space in my hard disk. Thank you

Error message : launch failed: Available disk (541548544 bytes) below minimum for this image (2361393152 bytes)

Release detail: Description: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Release: 20.04 space detail find here

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How multipassd should be restarted to get multipass commands fuctional again?
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Currently I can't run multipass shell, it shows the following in the terminal:

$ multipass shell ubuntu-test
shell failed: cannot connect to the multipass socket
Please ensure multipassd is running and '/var/snap/multipass/common/multipass_socket' is accessible

It seems that I need to restart multipassd, but how should I do it?

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Network error message: Feature is not implemented on this backend
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i have a problem with multipass.

For the background only:

I take the following command from the documentation for Multipass:

$ Multipass networks --format yaml

multipass networks command

Contrary to my expectations, I get the following error message:

$ Multipass ne ...
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Is it possible to use additional images with Multipass?
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I'd like to use multipass to set up arch, debian, and amazon linux 2 images in addition to ubuntu images; is this possible?

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I'm trying to run an AppImage on multipass, but it won't open a window
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I recently downloaded an App Image onto multipass and was hoping to run it, but when I did the terminal did this:


Nothing happened, no window opened. I know I probably have to install something, but what?

Thanks a lot.

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Multipass Source path does not exist
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I'm running multipass on Ubuntu Desktop 21.04 to create many Ubuntu VMs on this Ubuntu machine. I need to mount a folder I created at the root directory /app to one of the VMs. While ls -l /app shows the folder, multipass mount /app newvm gives the error that Source path "/app" does not exist.

If I try to use autocomplete with multipass mount / and press tab it shows most of the folders in my root dir ...