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Questions about multiple monitors (Including projectors), how to configure,customize, and troubleshoot, etc.
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Cannot extend monitor with daisy chaining
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I wanted to use daisy chaining to connect two monitors to one usbc thunderbolt port (three monitors in total).

In principle it works, but I can only get the second monitor in the chain to mirror the first and not extend it. Neither gnome, nor nvidia-settings recognizes the second display in the chain.

The monitors are all Dell UltraSharp 27, the MST option is activated on both monitors, the error oc ...

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How can I create a wallpaper slideshow with a different image per screen
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I would like to create a wallpaper slideshow on Ubuntu Focal (20) but I have a multi-monitor setup and would like to have a different image on each screen, all rotating at the same interval, similar to what is available on Win10.

I am aware that you can use Shotwell to create a slideshow (what I am currently using) but it displays the same picture on each screen. I've heard about solutions like n ...

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How do I set up two monitors to work with nvidia geforce 750Ti?
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I have NVIDIA Geforce 750Ti installed as my primary graphics card, as I have two VGA monitors I have connected the primary monitor to the graphics card and secondary monitor to the motherboard. So in my graphics settings, the primary monitor is correctly displaying its information whereas in the secondary monitor it doesn't. The resolution for the second monitor doesn't show the option for 1336x768.

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Mouse (single/double click) does not work in secondary screen/monitor
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I have installed VirtualBox 6.1.28 r147628 (Qt5.6.2) where:

  • The Host is Windows 7
  • The Guest is Ubuntu Desktop 20.04

The Guest Additions was installed through the .iso file. Therefore is possible:

  • Share directories copy/paste between the Host and Guest
  • Copy/paste between the Host and Guest

About the Display (Monitors). The guest instance configuration is:

Video Memory:  64MB
Monitor Count: 2
Scale  ...
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Radeon 4550 video card not detecting second monitor
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On Ubuntu 20.04 with KDE installed on top.

It's a bit of a complicated setup, so please bear with me.

Primary video card: Radeon 5450 --> 1 VGA monitor, 1 DVI monitor (both working perfectly)

Secondary video card: Radeon 4550 --> 2 VGA monitors (one works perfectly, the other problematic and not working)

Tertiary video card: Radeon 4550 --> 2 VGA monitors (one works perfectly, the other not ...
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External monitor - xrandr resolution doesn't work and problem with refresh rate

I'm facing problem with xrandr to set new resolution and refresh rate. I only have the resolution 2560x1440 with refresh rate 33 mhz, if I try to increase the refresh rate I got the error below:

  Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)
  Major opcode of failed request:  140 (RANDR)
  Minor opcode of failed request:  16 (RRCreateMode)
  Serial number of failed request ...
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Second screen is zoomed in
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I'm having trouble with a second screen on my laptop.

So I found a TV screen somewhere (Samsung) and tried plugging it into my laptop, it does work (as in I get an image) the only problem is that it is zoomed in to far. I'd guess that 5-10% of the screen gets cut off (at the top, bottom, right and left). I had seen some advice on similar posts about xrandr but am unable to fix it, does anyone have advic ...

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How to boot Ubuntu 18.04 with 2 external USB-C DisplayPort 4K monitors?
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When I boot Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with two external USB-C DisplayPort 4K monitors, the display freezes prior to the login screen. However, if I first boot with only one external USB-C DisplayPort 4k monitor, I am able to plug the 2nd monitor in and get both working if I set both monitors to 29.98 Hz. This is due to a limitation of the Intel NUC I am using, which only supports two USB-C 4k monitors at 30 Hz ...

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Is there a Display Manager for ultra-widescreen monitors in Linux?
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So in my daily life, I use Ubuntu 20.x for coding, chatting, browsing but also most notably for online calls with screen sharing.

So I use an ultrawide monitor and I get annoyed with the window resizing. Also, I couldn't find a proper solution for screen sharing during online calls, as I only got the option to choose a monitor or a program to share.


Now I found a video of the so-called ...

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Nvidia 3080 Ti and GT 1030, Driving 6 monitors
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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

I'm trying to drive 6 monitors. I have a 3080TI and a GT 1030.

Using the nvidia xconfig utility it looks like I can only run 4 monitors on 1 X screen and the other two (on the GT1030) on a separate X screen. This isn't exactly ideal.

I tried to do my best at xrandr magic with:

xrandr --setprovideroutputsource 1 0


xrandr --output DP-1-1 --mode auto

However I get the following er ...

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Create virtual screen to have access to extended monitor in old laptop - ubuntu 20.04 wayland nvidia
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I have a pc running ubuntu 20.04 via NVIDIA 1650 gpu, and my monitor is connected to pc via HDMI cable. I want to use my old laptop as a second monitor (extended screen) because I can't buy a new monitor now. Could someone help me what should I do? I tried to add a virtual display via xrandr or xorg config but still no luck! All other answers were outdated and not working for nvidia.

My goal is to c ...

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Second monitor with no signal but VGA is connected, Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
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I have connected a second screen through VGA, but there is no signal (the 2nd screen is black). I have tried changing the resolution of the second screen, rebooting, etc, nothing is working so far. Help?

Here's the output of xrandr:

Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 2752 x 900, maximum 16384 x 16384
LVDS-1 connected primary 1600x900+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 345mm x 194mm
   16 ...
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How do I configure xorg.conf for two X screens on one Nvidia card?
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  • Goal of this post: Figure out what xorg.conf configurations are necessary to use each of my dual monitors as a separate X screen.
  • Intermediate goal for this post: Figure out why I cannot start X with my manual xorg.conf configuration.
  • Success metric: When I can launch xeyes or other X11 apps in a script which specifies which of my monitors they appear on.
  • Ultimate purpose: To start LXC GUI contain ...
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Ubuntu 21.10 and hardware acceleration problem for external monitor as a primary display
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I recently upgraded to 21.10 and note that browsers run really slow only for the external monitors. I disable hardware acceleration in the browser's settings and it solved the problem. Only for browsers) There are a lot of programs with the same problem where I can't disable hardware acceleration - playing videos in the telegram messenger for example.

I checked 2 combinations:

Laptop + Dell P2415Q 2 ...

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Change default monitor on user selection screen
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I primarily use an external monitor for my Ubuntu device, and I've configured it to display on only that monitor. However, while I'm on the user selection screen (before I've logged in), it displays it on the original monitor, instead of the external display.

How could I make Ubuntu use a different display while I'm in the user selection screen?

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Per monitor scaling on Wayland GNOME
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I need to set per monitor scaling in Gnome Wayland. I followed instructions and set /com/ubuntu/user-interface/scale-factor to {'XWAYLAND0': 8, 'XWAYLAND1': 4}. The object keys are the display keys from xrandr log. The XWAYLAND0 is laptop display and XWAYLAND1 is external monitor. I just want to scale down the external monitor. This seems to do nothing. Any tips?

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xrandr external monitor not being set as primary after screen unlock
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Edit2: the solution is so much simpler with autorandr which is explained here: no more messing with scripts which never seem to run -- I still have no idea what I was doing wrong with the xrandr commands, but it doesn't matter anymore.

Edit: I still have some problem with triggering the xrandr command correctly at each login, because something I'm not understanding ...

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Any alternative to the gnome3 desktop-profile-manager extension?
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I am looking for a way to easily change profiles between three environments with different monitor setups, I regularly plug my laptop in.

Currently I have 3 monitors.xml files, that I switch each time via cli, but this extension:

looks perfect for my usecase, but is not maintained anymore.

Any known alternatives?

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Saving Display Configuration (Monitor Position, Primary, Refresh Rate)
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I have something of an unusual setup with my Ubuntu desktop and Windows laptop. The two devices share two monitors, one main monitor using the monitor's input switch (DP for the desktop, HDMI for the laptop) and one secondary monitor switched using a KVM (HDMI for both.)

When I use my laptop during work hours, I set the main monitor to use HDMI from the laptop, and set my Ubuntu display configura ...

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Display not recognised (shows as disconected)
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I have 2 displays but only 1 of them is being detected by the system, the one that's working is connected via VGA cable to the Motherboard connector and the other is connected via HDMI through an AMD GPU card (Rx 570), running xrandr shows the gpu's HDMI as disconnected, i've tried other linux distros (Debian and POP!_OS) and had the same results, i know the problem is not the monitor or the cable becau ...

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xrandr brightness and gamma values seem to be false
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I am trying to emulate night mode on my external monitor because when I change the brightness with xrandr night mode gets disabled.

My idea was to make xrandr output the current values (when in night mode) of the monitor with xrandr --verbose | grep 'Brightness\|Gamma' , which did output the values, but after setting those I get a different blueish background color than the warmer one I expect.

D ...

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2nd monitor turned on for a split second, shows the Ubuntu logo, and then stays blank
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I've just recently reinstall Ubuntu for works(Dual-booting with Windows 11), last time when I installed(dual-boot with Windows 10), 2 monitors works fine, they even keeps turning on on startup. But now with this installation, I can't get the 2nd one to work.

Problem: It will turn on, show the Ubuntu logo for a split second(the main monitor doesn't show the logo), and then turn blank/ black and st ...

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Kubuntu won't detect second monitor after nvidia install
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My Kubuntu 20.04.3 stopped being able to detect my second monitor after installing the nvidia-driver-390 recommended graphics.

One monitor is connected to the card an the other to the board.

Apparently (am a Linux noob) the xorg server isn't detecting the second monitor anymore as you can see in the xrandr command bellow

xrandr result

Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 1920 x 1080, maximum 16384 x 16 ...
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Ubuntu 21.04 - 2 out of 3 screens work (Nvidia / Ryzen laptop)
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I'm using Asus TUF A15 laptop with Ubuntu 21.04 installed (Ryzen 5800 / RTX 3060)

My usual setup is made from 2 screens - laptop's internal (144hz/1080p), and external monitor connected over DisplayPort (144hz/1444p).

Today I dusted off an old monitor which I planned to use as third screen (60hz/1080p), over standard HDMI albeit after connecting I encountered a problem.

For some reason I can use only t ...

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Virtual Box and Ubuntu 20:04: Ubuntu for the secondary monitor behaves not correctly
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I have in some laptops installed VirtualBox 6.1.28 r147628 (Qt5.6.2) where:

  • The Hosts are MacOS (El Capitan) and Windows (7 and 10)
  • The Guest is Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 for each Host.

The Guest Additions was installed through the .iso file. Therefore is possible:

  • Share directories copy/paste between the Host and Guest
  • Copy/paste between the Host and Guest

About the Display (Monitors). For each guest in ...

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How to make the external screens the defaults for open applications?
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I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 with Cinnnamon 4.4.8. I'm using two external screens together with my laptop screen (one of the externals is configured as primary). I use the laptop screen for a single application (slack) and the two external screens for all other usages. But every time I disconnect and then reconnect to the external screens, all applications are on my laptop's screen and I need to drag them b ...

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Session crash when I disconnect external monitor
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  • XPS 17 with Ubuntu 21.04 - Wayland and Nouveau drivers for the RTX 2060
  • External monitor plugged with Thunderbolt port


When I disconnect the external monitor, 25% of the time the screen goes black for 5 seconds and then brings me back to the login screen. After I log in everything is gone and it looks like a brand new session.

I get a crash report with this info in the Title section ...

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Ubuntu 21.10 - Switching primary screen to external screen
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you just finished installing Ubuntu on my Windows laptop. everything seems to work perfectly. but I am facing a problem when booting, my main screen is switched to my external screen instead of my laptop screen.

Is there a way that I can set my laptop screen as primary?

btw I have an Nvidia graphics card.

EDIT: updating from Settings > Displays works, but resets on reboot

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Dual monitors not working on Ubuntu 21.10 - Nvidia GPU on ROG Zephyrus M15
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my laptop is not recognizing any external monitors over HDMI after updating from Ubuntu 20.04 to 21.10. (I also tried screen sharing on Google Meet and got a black screen when sharing the entire monitor, probably related)

I tried running Nvidia 470 and 495 drivers. Main graphics driver shows up as Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics (CML GT2). The laptop has a i7-10750H and an RTX 2070 Super MaxQ.

$ uname -r
5. ...
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Multiple Monitors not Detected, Radeon RX580 on Ubuntu 21.10
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I'm running a Radeon RX580 on Ubuntu 21.10. I've been using Ubuntu on this machine since late 2018 with no real graphics issues. Yesterday morning (Nov. 10 2021) the system had updates and asked me to reboot. When I did, the single HMDI monitor is detected, but the two display port monitors are not. xrandr does not show the other drivers, and passing the various AMD flags into the grub config does not c ...