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Managing and using network connectivity on a Ubuntu system
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How to enable Promiscuous Mode permanently on a NIC managed by NetworkManager?
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I'm trying to bridge two of several NICs to act like a switching hub.
To do so, need to enable the promiscuous mode on the NICs.
Even if I set it to “promisc on” with the “ip link” command, the setting will be reset when I reboot the PC.

How can I enable Promiscuous Mode permanently, even if I reboot my PC?

The environment is Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS.
For this reason, the network configura ...

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Force separate Mullvad VPN settings per user?
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I would prefer that I was able to autoconnect to a different server for each of two users with Mullvad VPN.

What I have tried:

With crontab -u <username> -e for each user I added a single line from the following unique to each:

@reboot mullvad relay set location ie dub
@reboot mullvad relay set location uk lon

but both users, even with different crontabs, still connected to the same VPN.

Next I ...

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How do I download RTL8821CE dependencies, install on main machine and install the driver?
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I purchased my new laptop a few days ago and currently I am setting everything up, I already have Ubuntu 20.04 running but I need to install the network driver for the RTL8821CE. I don’t have an ethernet port on my laptop. Is there A way I am able to download bc, build-essential, dkms and module-assistant and all its dependencies as .deb files and then install the prebuilt driver?

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It doesn't react to wi-fi
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Cannot connect to wifi, while all networks are available. When I tap on any of them, just nothing happens. Also in settings of networks I was connected, password doesn't shown. Problem isn't with wifi, cause smartphone and other computers are connected to them

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how to delete the grepped iptables
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I am trying to delete all iptables created by calico in my k3s setup. I am using calico-script to delete but after running this script some cali- iptables I can see in iptables -S output, I want to delete them all

I can see iptables with cali- under iptables -S

 root@Ubuntu-18-VM:~# iptables -S  | grep -e 'cali-'
    cali-from-hep-forwar ...
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network configuration on my ubuntu machine
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I recently created an instance and wanted to see the network configuration. Does anyone know how is can run ifconfig to obtain this info? Thanks

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How can I control which interface host.local resolves to?
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I've got a server on my network (we'll called the host name server) and I can access the machine on the LAN using the host name server.local which resolves to its local address (let's call it Most devices talk to this machine via WiFi, but for added performance I recently connected another machine directly to it via an Ethernet cable. The server's IP address on this interface is 1 ...

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Wifi Not working after sometime in Ubuntu 21.04
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Recently I have installed Ubuntu 21.04. Soon after the installment I found out that the Wifi is not working after sometime. The available network list is continously loading and there are no networks on display. Even if I toggle the wifi from the settings to on and off it is not working. Only after a restart it starts working.

Initially I tried to run the following commands:

sudo service network-manag ...
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Connect to BigBlueButton via IIS
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I do not know if my question is related to Ubuntu itself or not, but if you can help, thank you.

I recently uploaded BigBlueButton on my Ubuntu 18.04 server. also, there is another website for managing BigBlueButton on a Windows server that is on the same network as the Ubuntu server. I also currently have an astatic IP. Now I want to know if there is a way I can run BigBlueButton through IIS?

In  ...

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Download on PPTP vpn much slower than upload. Need tips
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I am getting about 30mbps download when connecting to the PureVPN servers and around 140mbps upload. I am having to use PPTP because I must have a static public IP with 3 specific ports forwarded that I determine.

This speed is acceptable to operate my node, but I am wondering if there is something within my distro of Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS hat is making my connection slower on down than up? I worked ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 resolved waits for refused IPV6 result with dnsmasq
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My DNS queries are slow because systemd-resolved queries the DNS server on IPv4 successfully but repeatedly queries on IPv6 after the DNS server responds with a REFUSED. Is this a resolved config issued? A dnsmasq issue? or a bug?

I have a stock ubuntu 20.04 install connected to dnsmasq running on an air gapped appliance (ubiquity edgerouter) with top level domain 'bar' (air gapped remember bu ...

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MQTT on Ubuntu VM can’t connect to Node-Red
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I’m attempting to create Mosquitto MQTT Broker on Ubuntu VM. When i use sever localhost or ip, i can connect, but with ip is not. This is my first time i create broker and i dont know how to fix it! image description

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20.04 Wake On Lan stops working after first suspends with pm-suspend
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Recently, I started to use an old laptop as a home server.
Everything works perfectly, but WOL(Wake On LAN) does not work as expected.
This is my situation.

  1. I turn on my laptop
  2. I use SSH to connect remotely to it (from my main PC)
  3. I do some work
  4. I use pm-suspend to suspend my laptop
  5. Next, from my main PC, I use WOL to wake up my laptop
  6. The laptop turns back on.
  7. I suspend the laptop again remotel ...
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I want my network connections immutable, instead of getting "System policy prevents control of network connections" dialog
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I have a Kubuntu Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS server. Every time anyone remotely logs in with via xrdp, they are always shown a dialog System policy prevents control of network connections and they are asked to authenticate. This dialog appears automatically immediately after login.

However, nobody should change any of they network connections on this server. The interfaces are ethernet, and at this stage of the  ...

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USB Wi-Fi adapter keep failing
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System: Host: xxxxxxx Kernel: 5.11.0-18-generic x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: Xfce 4.16.0 Distro: Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo)

My new USB Wi-Fi card can't connect to the network. It keeps trying to connect and fails to receive an IP.

Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0bda:818b Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8192EU 802.11b/g/n WLAN Adapter

nmcli d
DEVICE       TYPE      STATE                     CONN ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 Server: 2 networks, 2 gateways and static routes
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I need to add a second network with a second gateway to my ubnutu 20.04 server (with netplan). The setting looks like this:

Ubuntu server:

interface: ens18

I need to add a second network ( with a second router ( as gateway to the server. This router has different vpn connections to external networks.

I also  ...

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Is an unknown process, downloading 1 GiB data in 30 minutes, necessarily suspicious?
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After a fresh boot and login (Ubuntu 18.04), I left the computer on like this for about 30 minutes. When I came back, I saw on the LTE router display. that some process downloaded almost 1 GiB in that time.

I confirmed it with vnstat, but I didn't menage to find out what process has used this data.

I can't think of any application that I have, that would do this.

My questions are:

  1. Can it be an in ...
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I want to enable my wifi adapter
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I want to turn on my Realtek wireless adapter. When I run lshw -C network it shows:

*-network DISABLED        
       description: Wireless interface
       product: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
       vendor: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
       physical id: 0
       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0
       logical name: wlp1s0
       version: 00
       serial: 00:45:e2:00:e0:df
       width: 64 b ...
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Cannot ping device from one laptop
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I have an Art-Net device and two laptops, a Lenovo x270 running Ubuntu 21.04 and a Lenovo T14 running Ubuntu 20.04. To connect to the Art-Net device, I use an Ethernet adapter on the laptop which I connect directly to the device.

The device address is and for the laptop I use, so I configure the Ethernet adapter as follows:

sudo ifconfig enxd03745229ac8 netmask up
su ...
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VPN Wireguard - handshake ok but no internet and LAN access
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I have a problem with wireguard setup. After setup up I can connect to my device. Handshake is ok but I cannot accesss internet and lan.

Device: raspberry pi 4b 8gb ram OS: Ubuntu server ARM x64 20.04 LTS

My wg0.conf file contents

Address =
ListenPort = 51820
PrivateKey = (hidden)
PostUp = iptables -A FORWARD -i %i -j ACCEPT; iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERAD ...
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Initial WiFi Setup Issue in U20.04 Server
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I just installed Ubuntu Server 20.04 on an old HP PC (AMD Phenom II quad-core with 8GB RAM and large hdd). After realizing I needed wired internet to configure WLAN, I dutifully broke out the obligatory, decade-old, unused ethernet cable and got to work.

I did some research here and elsewhere, and made adjustments to netplan using my .yaml. 500 indentation issues later, I finally got sudo netplan ...

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Wifi keeps disconnecting randomly on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
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I am running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on Lenovo Y50-70 in a dual boot setup allong with Windows 8.1. 3-4 times a day, the Wifi wold just disconnect suddenly and then automatically reconnect within a minute or two. Sometimes, it would fail to find any available connections and then I have to turn of the Wifi for 2-3 minutes and then it would reconnect. I have been facing these issues for atleast the past 4 month ...

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Can't install software via Ubuntu GUI. Neither Snap Store (orange icon) nor GNOME Software (blue icon) are able to search or show any installed apps.c
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The "Explore" tab loads properly for both. "Installed" is just empty. "Updates" says "Software is up to date"

I'm behind a proxy server at work running Ubuntu 20.04 on a Dell desktop.

Of note, when I open the "Software & Updates" app then click on the "Livepatch" tab, it tells me "Livepatch requires an internet connection."

I've already configured and updated my proxy info in the terminal and under ...

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Do I need to issue netplan apply after netplan try?
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I know that netplan try has the automatic revert, but are there any other differences? Specifically, is it required to run netplan apply after I confirm netplan try ?

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Not able to connect to other subnet device using Ubuntu 20.04
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I have added 1 USB2ETHERNET TPLINK NIC on Ubuntu server 20.04 running on raspberry pi for home DHCP server for HOME LAB purpose.

My Raspberry Pi ubuntu server, eth0 (main nic) is receiving IP ( address from my TP-LINK router, On My TP-LINK router I have set the static lease for my pi nic.

And I have set static ip ( my eth1 (usb nic) via netplan (details below). On My TP-L ...

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ssh: Could not resolve hostname foo: Temporary failure in name resolution
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There are three Ubuntu machines (20.04, 21.04) that are accessible from my workstation via their hostnames foo, bar, baz.

However, after a power outage that affects only the network router (Unifi Dream Machine), all 3 systems can no longer be reached by their hostnames

~$ ssh x@foo
ssh: Could not resolve hostname foo: Temporary failure in name resolution

Restarting machines bar and baz allowed them  ...

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Problem with wifi, after seconds lose internet
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I have problems with some networks in Ubuntu 18.04 When I connect to the network, everything is fine. A few seconds later (5/10 seconds) it stops working, from the browser I get DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET

If I execute ping I get a similar result, the first few seconds works fine and then I stop getting a response.

  • This started to happen to me when I changed the router. The router I bou ...
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Ubuntu 21.04 boot hangs at logo
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I tried to install playonlinux on Ubuntu 21.04. When the installation was finished, I had lost my wifi connection. So, I tried to re-boot, however boot-up stalls at the ubuntu logo.

Hitting escape at that point I get a screen with "Dependency failed for SSSD" services. The services listed are NSS, toFS, PAC, vice, PAM, SSH, Sudo.

At the first stage of booting I can escape to the Grub menu. From  ...

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Remote Desktop to Ubuntu from Raspberyy Pi
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I have a virtual Raspberry installed on VmWare. Likewise, there are virtual Windows 11 and virtual Ubuntu 20.04.2 installed on VmWare. With the help of Remmina, which I installed on Raspberry, I can connect to Windows 11 remotely with RDP, but I could not access Ubuntu anyway. It didn't happen with either VNC or RDP. How can I solve this problem?

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No internet connection - Ubuntu 18.04
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I use Ubuntu since 2 months and I had a problem this morning I could not fix. I have tried many solutions on forums but none worked so far. I hope I will find any help here as I need this computer to work.

Issue : Network card is not detected, I do not have access to Wi-Fi, audio and bluetooth. I only have "dummy output" as audio output.

Clue : I tried to fix an issue with Ubuntu giving me black screen wh ...