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Proprietary means software (like an application or driver) that is not open-source. It is owned by a particular company or individual who is not willing to give out its source code, or does not allow the source to be used, changed, and redistributed. A common example of proprietary software in Ubuntu is the ATI Graphics Drivers.
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Drivers issue? poor youtube video quality after using Ubuntu
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I switched my os from Windows to Ubuntu. Thereafter, the youtube video quality worsen. I wonder whether that is a driver issue or not because I skip the enable installing "third party software" during the Ubuntu installing process.

My computer has the following description with the additional drivers not being properly installed (or identified). It displays "Intel Corporation: Unknown".

I am using U ...

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Is it true that Snap has proprietary server?
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Are there proprietary elements of Snap server? Is it possible to run Snap-based distribution independently of Canonical?

I am quite disliking Snap for multiple reasons (one of things that I like most on Linux is that I can install/uninstall things with apt-get, snap does not have even decency to provide direct help on snap upgrade).

But the most worrying thing that I heard is that Snap has proprietar ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 libnvdia driver packages keep getting kept back
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This issue keeps coming up on my Ubuntu 20.04. Almost every time an update is being done Ubuntu boots with low resolution and then I find that the nvidia drivers are being kept back. This is the latest:

    The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
  linux-modul ...
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Is an application asking you to install its snap in devmode with no apparent reason a red flag?
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I need to use Quirkos, which is shipped as a snap for download on the website. It is not available in any of the repos. In the Getting Started Guide, it says to install the snap via snap install --devmode quirkos-2.3.amd64.snap (page 3).

As this is just a qualitative data analysis tool, I see no reason why it should need to escape the sandbox in which snaps are usually running.

I am already a little ...

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Brightness control not working on Legion 5 (Ryzen 5800H + RTX 3050 Ti)
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Just loaded up Ubuntu 20.04 on this laptop. Everything's working perfectly, except for brightness control.

I've been following all the advice I can over at this thread: Legion 5 pro brightness control doesn't work on ubuntu 20.04 with nvidia driver 460

...but, nothing works for me. I haven't been able to find a single mention of a solution for the specific model I have anywhere on the internet. Again ...