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A method of connecting to the internet through an intermediary (a proxy server) which handles connections and redirects them.
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proxy is only working with GUI but not when I set through terminal with ~/.bashrc
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I have read a lot of guides about setting a proxy for ubuntu. I can do it with the GUI in the network settings and it automatically starts using the proxy I specified and when I open firefox or chrome to check my ip it shows the proxy ip.

But I'm not able to get it working with terminal by editing the ~/.bashrc file. I do it like this:

sudo nano ~/.bashrc

then add this at the end of the file

expo ...
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how to use v2ray proxy on ubuntu server
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I used this script and configured v2ray proxy on my server and node.

i want to set dns server for my proxy. that means when user set proxy server on and then use my dns server for resolve websites behind proxy. How i can configure this github repository and set my dns servers? please dont link me to v2ray proxy website. i can not understand a ...

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I want to configure apache as backend and nginx as proxy server on ubuntu
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I have configured nginx as proxy server on port 80 and apache as the backend server on port 8080, now when i access localhost in the browser the ubuntu logo is missing on port 80 but it is fine on port 8080.

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Ubuntu 20.04 trouble with "Software & Updates" - "Error while refreshing cache"
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In the "Software & Updates" application, when I check/uncheck any sources or ppa and click "close", I get this (which is normal):

Screenshot 1

After clicking "Reload", I have these errors:

Screenshot 2

It seems like the problems with proxy. I do use proxy, but even when I disable it in "Settings", the problem remains. However, I don't have any problem with sudo apt update.

I don't have any proxy-related env variables, n ...

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How to set proxy setting to 'manual' or 'automatic' from bash?
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I use two different networks in an alternating fashion, but one requires proxy settings and the other one works fine under automatic proxy detection. So whenever I switch, I have to go to Wired Settings > Network Proxy and change it to either Automatic or Manual:

enter image description here

I want to automatize this behavior, but I cannot seem to figure out how to set this choice from the terminal (without modifying the  ...

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Linux alternative to fiddler for windows auroresponder function
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I got debugg an website with its assets in production easily, but i don`t seem to find any good alternative to it on ubuntu.

the only feature i am looking for is: I need something that decript the http request of a javascript file, and replace with the local file a javascript. In order for me to test changes in code without having to put into production.

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no internet time out
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I'm trying to download files to the server with some commands like

git clone

And everyone gets a connection timed out response Only ping gets a response connection is correct I'm trying to figure out where the problem is I checked and there should be no firewall for outbound connections but for inbound

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SSH Tunnel Port Forwarding using multiple ethernet device
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on Linux Ubuntu, I want each modem to do the ssh tunnel event using its own internet (not according to the selected network on the computer), is something like this possible?

Example Diagram Image

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Ubuntu 20.04 system level proxy not working for google-chrome browser
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I have to configure proxy on Ubuntu for multiple users in Ubuntu 20.02. According to my search, I have found that I should add following content in /etc/environment:


NO_PROXY="localhost,127 ...
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Socks5 3 proxy problem
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So I Have 2 servers that run Ubuntu 20.4

One of them I can easily make socks5 proxy without any problem.

The other one I can't, even if I allow ports in the firewall with ufw allow [port], I use 3proxy that works great on the other server.

I check proxies with Proxy checker (Proxifier) checker error:

[19:33] Starting: Test 1: Connection to the Proxy Server
[19:33] IP Address: my IP
[19:33] Connection est ...
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Ubuntu server running a proxied Node/JS web app with Apache2 gets weird connection failure
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Like this, I am running an Express JS app trough Apache (note retry=0 is important):

   ProxyRequests Off
   ProxyPreserveHost On
   ProxyVia Full
   <Proxy *>
       Require all granted
   ProxyPass / retry=0
   ProxyPassReverse /

After upgrade of some software (e.g. to Ubuntu 20.04 server) and of the internet gateway (S ...

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make git use system proxy settings
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I know how to set the proxy settings for git but I am frequently changing networks and have to activate and deactivate the usage of the proxy multiple times a day. It would be much easier if git would use the system proxy settings so I can switch the proxy in one single place. Any ideas?

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Can't install software via Ubuntu GUI. Neither Snap Store (orange icon) nor GNOME Software (blue icon) are able to search or show any installed apps.c
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The "Explore" tab loads properly for both. "Installed" is just empty. "Updates" says "Software is up to date"

I'm behind a proxy server at work running Ubuntu 20.04 on a Dell desktop.

Of note, when I open the "Software & Updates" app then click on the "Livepatch" tab, it tells me "Livepatch requires an internet connection."

I've already configured and updated my proxy info in the terminal and under ...

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Create ping monitor with proxy
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There are 3 sites. One local and two remote.

Local machines can initiate a connection to any site. Sites can initiate a connection between themselves. Remote sites, however, can't initiate a connection to local.

I'm looking for a simple ping monitoring that could be deployed locally, and ping a server in SiteA through SiteB, and report back to local.

I have looked at nagios but it seems like wether I  ...

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Proxy connection drops at regular intervals
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My system has Ubuntu20.04 and a LAN connection through an institutional proxy server. It worked just fine up until a month ago. Since then, every 5-6 hours the proxy server refuses connections. It takes disconnecting the lan cable to get the connection back up. Another thing is when this happens, settings still shows that lan is 'wired connected', suggesting that the issue is not hardware related. I tri ...

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How to set /etc/apt/apt.conf on a Linux subsystem for windows when Windows has automatically proxy setup checked?
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On my Windows machine, proxy settings are basic:

Automatic Proxy setup:
  Automatically detect settings : checked

On my Windows machine, I've installed a Linux subsystem (Ubuntu). I'm trying to perform a sudo apt update or a sudo apt install .... Apparently, in order to get this done, I need to fill in /etc/apt/apt.conf (this file does not exist yet).

I've created that file and very naïvely, I' ...

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What happens if proxy is not applied system wide in Ubuntu 18.04?
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I'm using Ubuntu 18.04, I see that there is not an option to apply system wide proxy in Network Settings. Instead, I need to edit etc/environment.

My question is what's the difference between proxy that is system wide and proxy that is set in Network Settings?

Thank you!

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Two different IPs when accessing through SSH vs directly via terminal
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I have this app that needs to get the assigned static IP of my Ubuntu PC. The PC is behind this proxy server:

When I open the app using SSH from another computer, the app displays the correct assigned IP. But when I open the app directly in Ubuntu, it displays this IP: I have no idea where it gets this IP from. This IP doesn't show up when I run "ifconfig".

I'm new to Linux.  ...

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very low internet speed when using Pdanet+ proxy on ubunto 20.04
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I am new to Ubuntu, and I am using pdanet+ for repeating wi-fi connection because the place that is the wi-fi signal is good on it, it's so hot in the summer so I use my LG K350 phone with android 6.0 to repeat the wi-fi signal and I go to network settings then proxy and I change it to 8000, when I test the internet speed on my phone the result is 8 mb per second but on my laptop, the resul ...

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SQUID Ubuntu - Can you connect to a Squid proxy from another network
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I've been playing with Squid in Ubuntu to set up a proxy server I can use when I'm out of the country.

I was able to set it up so that any device in the proxy's network can connect through it, but realised that it might be limited to just that.

So, Is it possible to connect to the squid proxy from another network? If so, what should I do/change?

Any suggestion/advice is appreciated

Thank you

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Redirect using iptables
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I have free proxies from Can I use iptables to redirect to these proxies so that the ip changes in the browser?

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Is it possible to proxy two http service with different port using nginx reverse proxy?
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I have two http services running in ubuntu server and they're using port 4000, 8080.

If I directly visit http://my.domain:4000, http://my.domain:8080, they're working fine.

But using port number is ugly url, and I am going to visit these sites using follow urls and block 4000, 8080 ports from outside.

svc1 -> http://my.domain
svc2 -> http://my.domain/svc2

Can I make this possible with Ngnix rever ...

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Deploying react js app by setting up a reverse proxy
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I have a react js app running on localhost:3000 on my vps (godaddy).

I have set up a reverse proxy using Apache web server on /var/www/html/ecommerce/app by setting .htaccess like this:

DirectoryIndex disabled

RewriteEngine On 
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [P,L] 
RewriteRule ^$ [P,L] 

The idea is to access the app via http://my-vps-public-ip/ecommerce/app.

R ...

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How to install GOM player with wine?
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I downloaded wine and playonlinux because I wanted GOM player. My wine version is 6.0.1. When I typed winecfg, it asked me to install mono and gecko. I installed them. Then, I opened GOMGLOBALSETUP_CHROME.EXE file with window program loader (it thinks it is wine). Then it appears like installing in windows. But then, I can't find GOM player anywhere. So, I right clicked a video file >> open wit ...

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Does changing IP disturbs connection with server?
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I generally connect to my institute server using ssh user@ipaddress. It works fine.

Recently, I change IPv4 network address, network mask and Gateway in my Ubuntu system in order to get internet. I didn't change proxy settings on my system.

After modification, I cannot able to connect to the institute server using ssh user@ipaddress. The error is as follows

ssh: connect to host xxx.xx.xx.xx port xx ...
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Container can't connect to host public ip after ip change
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First of all hello y'all.

I've been working on a docker server for my company with several containers. One of them is an apache container with proxy enabled in order to proxy reverse the adress of the other containers removing the port. For example myip:3000 would be the redirection is working properly on the dns server.

When i was setting up the server, i had an specific ip in order to ...

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How does one get maas to use a proxy for internet access but not for non-routable IP's
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I have an Ubuntu 20.04 server running maas 2.9. As for regular command-line operations on the machine, all is well. curl, get, apt, etc. all work great. /etc/environments is set correctly.

But when it comes to maas specifically, I do not seem to be able to specify a proxy for and no proxy for

Does anyone have the sauce?