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Questions related to PulseAudio, the default sound server in Ubuntu, which manages all audio devices like internal and external sound cards (and therefore all speakers, microphones, headsets, etc.) through its ALSA backend.
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Ubuntu doesn't let me switch between audio devices
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I'm using ubuntu 20.04. I've tried switching from line out to headphones from settings and pavucontrol. Neither works. I've a 4.0 surround sound system on line out, but I've tried stereo and that doesn't work either. Headphones are stereo. Can you help me?

When I connect my stereo speakers to my headphone jack. Can't connect 4.0 there, because it needs 2 jacks. Sounds work on speaker, but not on  ...

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Combo headphone/microphone splitter does not work on Ubuntu 20.04, individually plugging in headphone or microphone does
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So I can plug either my external lavalier microphone Boya By M1 or my headphones directly into my Dell G7 7588 laptop's single 3.5mm jack, and they both work.

I purchased this microphone and headset combo jack which splits the single 3.5mm jack on my computer into a headset output and a microphone input. Sometime ago it was working fine, but now I cannot get the microphone to work through it. Not ...

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Ubuntu doesn't let me switch between headphones and line out
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I'm using ubuntu 20.04. I've tried switching from line out to headphones from settings and pavucontrol. Neither works. I've a 4.0 surround sound system on line out, but I've tried stereo and that doesn't work either. Headphones are stereo. Can you help me?

When I connect my stereo speakers to my headphone jack. Can't connect 4.0 there, because it needs 2 jacks. Sounds work on speaker, but not on  ...

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How to disable audio of only one HDMI / Displayport port?
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I have two monitors connected via Displayport to different ports of the same GPU. I want to permanently disable audio of one monitor, and keep audio in the other one.

Pavucontrol is very useful at disabling hardware entirely (i.e. the webcam's mic). But I cannot find a way to disable audio from Monitor 2 while keeping Monitor 1 intact.

I'm happy with PulseAudio's hot swapping and it works great when ...

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Using pkill or kill ps aux (inside a script) to kill processes results in Pulseaudio losing audio connection?
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I have this script that searches for multiple applications and kills them for situations of low memory (or when browser starts to lag CPU)

pkill -f 'chrome --type=renderer' (Kills only browser tabs, not entire browser)  
pkill -f 'firefox'  
pkill -f 'ffmpeg'  
pkill -f 'Portion_Of_Your_App_Name_Here'  

Activated by a hotkey.

When using said commands individually from a terminal, processes get killed and ...

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How to disable alsa's Loopback Mixing by default?
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On Ubuntu 20.04

Sometimes it happens that the speakers emit an annoying sound when booting. I can solve with:

amixer sset 'Loopback Mixing' Disabled

Saving the settings with:

sudo alsactl store

The same is true if I launch alsamixer and disable the Loopback Mixing. When I restart the Loopback Mixing is enabled. How can I disable it so that on the next boot the Loopback Mixing is disabled?

Thank  ...

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Sound not working properly
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I have an Honor Magicbook 14 view laptop, this device has 2 speakers on top and 2 speakers on the bottom (stereo), it was sold with windows 11, everything worked well on it (the problem is not with hardware).

I recently installed Ubuntu 21.10, found that the sound was crooked, the problem is this: Only the top 2 speakers work in Alsamixer,defined as Speaker. When headphones are connected, the 2 l ...

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How to prevent Ubuntu to change my default audio output when a new one is detected?
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I am currently on Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 using the GNOME desktop.

I have speakers and sometimes I have to connect multiple audio devices through my usage.

Is there a possibility to prevent the default audio output to change when I connect a new one? (using GNOME or CLI)

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Fixed volume in Gnome
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I'm in 20.04. The system works fine, but I have an issue with the control of volume. Sound is working inc, System sounds, but I have a FIXED volume with no volume control. The slider has no effect. It is the same in Settings, no control of volume. Even Pavucontrol has no effect. No idea how this has happened.

I'm using PCH and as I mentioned I have sound, but no control of it.

How can I debug this?

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Audio Latency overall
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Installed the "21" version of studio on an HP media desktop and tried using some programs with curious results. Having an audio latency issue that seems to be happening in more than one program. Kden, audacity and even playing a file through vlc has a lag of around 10 sec. Have tried resetting alsa and monitoring through carla but suspect the issue may be with either buffering overall or a conflict o ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 auto connect bluetooth sound devices
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I am using Ubuntu 20.04 on a Lenovo Flex 14. I have several bluetooth sound devices. All connect and play. However I must connect them manually each time despite all being trusted devices. Then I have to go to PAVU to shut off the laptop speaker and any external monitor sound. Is there some way to have these devices connect automatically?

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Multiple microphones with usb are not working
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The microphones most of my devices are not working with very low audio shown in the Gnome settings app. I use Ubuntu 21.10

The devices are all plug and play. Normally don't need any drivers.

I already checked alsamixer. They are all 100% and not muted.

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PulseEffects and PulseAudio don't work as advertised
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I'm sorry. I don't know how else to phrase the title. I have Ubuntu 21.10 with Cinnamon. I have been having a hard time and have had a hard time with the whole kit and kaboodle since I installed Ubuntu 21.

Originally, I had reinstall both pulseeffects and pulseaudio. That still didn't really fix the problem. Then I deleted the pulseeffect and pulseaudio config directories. Then it started working ...

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pacmd set-card-profile doesn't work propertly
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I have 2 card profiles. I'm trying to switch between them but I only can go from 0 to 1 and not the other way around. I show you:

pacmd list-cards | grep 'active profile'
    active profile: <output:hdmi-stereo-extra1>
    active profile: <output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo>

If I'm in profile 0 I can do:

pacmd set-card-profile 1 output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo

And it switc ...

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No sound after install of 20.04.3 LTS on Linx 1010B
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I am new to Linux and I’m having trouble getting sound to work on Linx 1010B 2 in 1 Tablet. Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Sound works fine from live USB but not once installed. It appears to be a problem with the way ALSA is seeing soundcard.

Live USB : [bytcrrt5640 ]: bytcr-rt5640 - bytcr-rt5640 bytcr-rt5640

Intall: [rt5640 ]: SOF - sof-bytcht rt5640 sof-bytcht rt5640

Can anyone help me with this pl ...

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Turn Off loopback audio in meet
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I found that when I'm on any meeting site (meet, slack, teams) and I open a video or song, the sound comes back through the headphone, I tested it on another 3 pcs with ubuntu 20.04 and 2 microphones with P3 connection, I've already looked for internet and I can't find an answer on how to prevent this audio loopback, I've already installed alsamixer and pavucontrol but I couldn't find an option that wou ...

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Ubuntu not detecting wired headset
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Do forgive me as I am new to Linux and Ubuntu. I was given a computer to use for work but it requires a headset. I have one but the computer is not detecting it at all. It does not show up in pulse or in lsusb whatsoever. Is there any way to fix this? Any help would be so appreciated as I need this to work for my job. I have done searches for this issue but nobody else seems to be having this exact prob ...

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Alsamixer not found. Kernel 5.11.0-27
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I'm asking here as a last resort. I've tried all (to the best of my knowledge) of the solutions on this and many other forums but none of the solutions resolved my issue. So here is some info i think might be helpful to solving my problem (i'm a total novice and have no idea what's relevant and what's not).

PS: I've installed and reinstalled alsa and pulseaudio and the sound works on windows

If you  ...

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built in mic volume is really low
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On Ubuntu 21.10 on an IMac mid-2011, the built in mic volume is really low, even when:

  • In system settings: the mic input volume fader is at max.
  • In pavucontrol: the built in mic input is at 100%
  • In alsamixer: all the input faders are at the max

but the built in mic volume is still really low.

I do pacmd list-sources :

index: 2
    name: <alsa_input.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo>
    driver: < ...
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Audio and shutdown issues on Ubuntu 20.04, 21.10
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enter image description hereI have a new Vivobook pro 14X with Ryzen 9 5900HX, Once I installed Ubuntu(Dual boot with Windows 11) on this everything was fine until the Audio stopped working. At first I tried with Ubuntu 20.04.3 and then 21.10. In each version at after the installation the audio was working for sometimes but then it sopped working. After the Audio stopped working I also checked in Windows ...

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Sound is very flaky on Dell Inspiron running 21.10
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My Dell Inspiron 3501 is using the Cirrus Logic 8409 sound card. I did a fresh install of Kubuntu 21.10, and sound is very flaky. There does not seem to be a rhyme or reason when it works or not. Sometimes when i reboot, the sound comes back. Sometimes i need to plugin headphones and then unplug them (but that only works on the rare occasion the headphones are detected). Sometimes it stops working  ...

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Midi not Working after installing Jack
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I am currently trying to run FlStudio 20 (with the help of wine64) on Ubuntu 21.10. Its mostly working surprisingly good. The Only Problem I am unable to solve Is my Audio & Midi.

With the basic pulseaudio drivers the sound was extremly glitchy and buffering, or the latency was just trash.

So I tried to install Jack along Pulseaudio so I can hear the Sound of my other Applications while using F ...

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bluetooth: call audio loop when paired with phone
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I have a phone connected to my Ubuntu 21.10 PC via bluetooth, sharing phone calls and media audio. I basically want to use the PC as a headset with access to two-way audio during calls.

Media from the phone is played on the laptop speakers as expected. Blueman shows that the High Fidelity Capture (A2DP Source) audio profile is selected.

During a call the profile switches to Headset Audio Gateway  ...

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Leave SPDIF enabled
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I have optical S/PDIF output as my primary sound output. Problem is, it takes about 1/2 second between when sound starts and when my output device starts the playback. I assume it is because the audio receiving side (a Logitech Z-5500) needs this time to detect the signal type. That means I miss the first 1/2 second of audio. Mostly a nuisance, especially for messages which have a short ping to i ...

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No microphone / headset function for Pixel Buds A-Series with pulseaudio / Ubuntu 20.04.3
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I am using Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS and trying to use my Pixel Buds A-Series as headset. It works perfectly fine as audio sink / headphones, but I can't switch the Profile to 'headset' (in order to get the microphone to work)

It detects the profiles a2dp_sink and headset_head_unit but the later is shown with 'avaliable:no'

when I try to switch the profile to headset_head_unit:

pactl set-card-profile 24 headset ...
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Alsamixer - Mic Off
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I've had this problem for X years and never found a solution the workaround has been to use Signal on my mobile and not Skype. But finally, now that I want to digitise old band practises on DAT and MiniDisc I have no choice but to use the analogue mic input.

I've narrowed down the problem to the mics being marked [off] in Alsa mixer and being displayed as [unplugged] in sounds settings. I have al ...

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How to reset sound input and output devices
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The speakers and internal microphone on my laptop stopped working.

When I run pavucontrol-qt (Volume Control), Speakers are unavailable as a port on the Output Devices tab. Similarly, the Internal Microphone is "unplugged" as a port on the Input Devices tab under Built-in Audio Analog Stereo. Instead the Output Devices port is "Headphones (plugged in)" and the Input Devices port is "Microphone (plugg ...

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How to enable LDAC on Sony WF-1000-MX4?
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I have tried everything, but I cannont get LDAC to work with Sony WF-1000-MX4.

I've added:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:berglh/pulseaudio-a2dp

I ran update and upgrade and installed:

sudo apt install libldac pulseaudio-modules-bt libavcodec-extra58 libfdk-aac1 bluez pulseaudio blueman

When I run:

pacmd list cards

I get:

     index: 1
        name: <bluez_card.14_3F_A6_A6_80_11>
        driv ...
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Setting a persistent default audio output
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I am trying to set my default audio output to be over Display Port. I've already tried following the settings described in this thread.

The main issue is that my preferred audio output doesn't show up when I run pactl list short sinks. I am able to manually add it via the following, however this doesn't work consistently:

pactl load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,8
pactl set-default-sink alsa_ ...
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I deleted pulse audio folder and now no sound what to do
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I'm new to the Linux world and chose Ubuntu as my daily driver. My sound and everything was going fine when i ran this command in terminal and made my life a mess : The command- pulse audio -k After that i saw a blog saying i should delete my Pulse folder in etc and I did that. Now my sound i.e both my output and input are gone please help me get my sound back ! I get this error when I run pulse audio - ...