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PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client
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Using a PuTTY private key from windows to linux
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I've generated two keys on PuTTY: public and private. Using this software on windows I can connect to the server as usual.

Then I tried to copy those files in my ubuntu machine (21.04), and logged in loading the private key (open putty, write the user@hostname and then load the private key at SSH>Auth), but there is unable to connect being rejected by the server as this error says:

Unable to loa ...
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Install PuTTY ver 0.76 on Ubuntu 20.04 & comms to ESP32
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I have installed Putty 0.73 on Ubuntu 20.04. I've followed the esp32 esp-idf instructions found here: . (sudo apt install putty, etc.) My purpose is to get comms working between the laptop and an ESP32 WROOM module, flash and run hello_world and move on from there. (Following the steps, /dev/ttyUSB0 shows up when I plug in the USB cable to the ESP32.)

After installing and running Putty, I get the te ...

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Da Vinci Resolve: How to open and execute a putty terminal in Ubuntu 20.04?
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I'm trying to install Da Vinci Resolve for Ubuntu using a guide on the Blackmagic forum which tells me to open a "putty terminal" by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1 but this locks my screen. I've already installed Putty but am not sure how to proceed.

I'm not that savy with linux so all help would be welcome. Here's the link to the forum guide I was referring to: ...

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Putty Connect Issues
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I am trying to ssh into a virtual machine using putty. The VM has my public key and I am able to connect to the VM when I am using one internet connection but when I go to another location the connection times out and I cannot connect.

I believe this is an AWS EC2 server but do not have that information on my side.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can't connect to VM after windows reboot
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I have tried all the solution I can find. Still can't connect.

I use VMware to build my VM. And I use putty to connect my VM. After a few days use, I can't use putty to connect to my VM. I have try a lot of test, but still can't find anything wrong. So I just make a second VM. However, just one day used, I can't connect to it anymore. The second VM I even didn't change any network setting.

informat ...