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RAID stands for redundant array of independent disks, and allows for disks to be linked in various ways. Common RAID setups in Ubuntu are a hardware RAID, FakeRAID and software RAID.
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Configure RAID6 to ubuntu 18.04
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I want to try make RAID on webmin but I get The kernel RAID status file /proc/mdstat does not exist on your system. Your kernel probably does not support RAID.

when I use zcat /proc/config.gz | grep 'RAID' command I got this output.

    $ sudo zcat /proc/config.gz| grep 'RAID'

# CONFIG_RAID_ATTRS is not set
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Ubuntu Installing mdadm
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I need to use RAID to my nvidia jetson tx2 server machine. I started from webmin for make RAID configuration I gor this error;

The kernel RAID status file /proc/mdstat does not exist on your system. Your kernel probably does not support RAID.

After, I tried install mdadm to my ubuntu server machihe and I got this error;

enter image description here

What can I do?

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS NVIDIA jetson tx2

Kernel 4.9.125-tegra

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buffer I/O error & print_req_error dev xvda
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We are seeing alot of "Buffer I/O error on device xvda2, logical block xxxxx" and "print_req_error: I/O error, dev xvda, sector xxxxxx" on two VM's running Ubuntu 18.04.3 and soon after that we see filesystem to remount as read only causig the VM to crash.

These VM’s are originally created in XenServer 7.2. and migrated now to Citrix Hypervisor 8.2. Xen Guest tools have been upgraded to 8.2. le ...

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How to find out which disk is failing in a btrfs raid1 filesystem?
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A couple of days ago system SSD in my desktop failed completely. A week or two before some symptoms appeared: the system occasionally booted as read-only, some errors appeared. But after a reboot all worked well. SMART didn't show anything at all.

This is my main working computer and it is 10-year-old (with some upgrades). I have proper backups set up to a HDD and also important data is sent to a ...

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Recover data from raid 1 disks
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I used mdadm to create a raid 1 with 2 disks. After some time I reinstalled the OS (without wiping that 2 disks obviously). What I've done is to assemble that two drives with the following commands:

sudo mdadm --assemble --scan

sudo mdadm --assemble /dev/md0

sudo mount /dev/md0 /mnt/md0

Now if I type sudo mdadm --detail /dev/md0 it seems that everything works fine:

           Version : 1.2
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Ubuntu 20.04 does not detect all disks capacity
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I am setting up 2 servers A and B with same hardwares except:

On server A, I put 4 disks, 2TB/each and configure 2 volumes of RAID 1.

  • Volume BOOT - RAID1 - Disk A0, A1. Total: 1.8TB.
  • Volume DATA - RAID1 - Disk A2, A3. Total: 1.8TB.

On server B, I also put 4 disks, also configure 2 volumes of RAID 1 but with 4TB/each disk.

  • Volume BOOT - RAID1 - Disk B0, B1. Total: 3.4TB.
  • Volume DATA - RAID1 - Disk B ...
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Ubuntu install with mdadm and multiple luks partitions
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Given 3 identical drives partitioned for an ubuntu 20.04 install as follows (swap and /home are on separate luks volumes to share with another Linux install on sda3/4)

Partition Format Mount Point
/dev/sda1 ext4 /boot
/dev/sda2 luks/ext4 /
/dev/sda3 (Unused)
/dev/sda4 (Unused)
/dev/sda5 luks/swap swap
/dev/sdb RAID 1 Member
/dev/sdc RAID 1 Member
/dev/md0p1 luks/ext4 /hom ...
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How can I diagnose wrongly set Hard drive partition?
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I am fairly new at Ubuntu but love it so far, running a headless Ubuntu Server on Dell hardware (RAID1 with HW controller) I have the feeling that my hard drive performance is far from what it should be. My server isn't used for high resources demanding applications however I run easily through high IOWAIT during for example Nextcloud CRON jobs.

Could you please help me by letting me know what co ...

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Help - Possible Bad Drive?
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Okay, first let me preface this with an apology. I was persuaded to set up my Plex server in Ubuntu because it would be 'easy and lightweight'. However, my knowledge of Linux commands in general could barely fill a thimble (I have trouble installing or unpacking .tar files - or whatever it is you do with them - and am heavily reliant on the GUI). That being said, if I can recover the data, I will move i ...

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Should I update from 18:04 LTS Ubuntu Server to 20.04.3 LTS?
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For some time now my server running headless Ubuntu server, has been telling me to upgrade Ubuntu to 20.04.3 LTS, but I have no means of backing up 1.8TB of data stored on a 12TB (12x8) Raid 5 setup, so, if the current 18.04 LTS is running out soon, how safe (without backups) is it to use 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade and have a running system without screw-ups? Or should I just keep using 18.04 bein ...

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How to get Newer RAID Card (ASMedia 1062 Chipset) Working on Ubuntu?
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So I have a Mac Pro running Ubuntu Server 20.04 and it has a RAID card installed with four SATA drive bays. I have WD Red drives installed into two of the slots. The boot drive is a separate SSD.

The RAID card is a Newer MAXPower RAID card. It immediately works plug-and-play under both Windows and MacOS from a fresh install. The chipset claims to be an ASMedia 1062.

However under Linux with lspci -v

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setting up drives as JBOD on Supermicro 847 server
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I have a Supermicro 847 full of 14tb drives. I have Ubuntu desktop 20.04 installed and the server has an LSI 9211-8i HBA UNRAID FREENAS Controller. I have been trying to group the drives to create big volumes but without success. I wanted to set the drives up as JBOD so if one is failing I would only lose data on that one but not sure how to do this. I ended up trying to set up RAID0 with mdadm which wo ...

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How to Mount Liniux_Raid_member single disk Basic or SHR from Synology Nas
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I have one disk which was a storage for Synology VMM Virtual machines which listed in DSM as Basic Data Drive but appear to be a SHR (synology hybrid raid) in synology NAS. without incident the drive crashed but tested healthy

I'm looking for a way to access the data to transfer it to a back-up disk. Unfortunately I have no back-up now.

Synology posted a solution to mount the disks on a PC under Ubu ...

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I had previously set up a RAID0 array with 4 drives of 14tb each that was getting full.

Yesterday I decided to add one more drive to it and temporarily changed the array to RAID4.

I heard it was supposed to get back to RAID0 automatically a day or two after.

Yesterday evening, my computer had an issue with the boot drive and ended up completely frozen, we tried everything but I had to reinstall Ubuntu  ...

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Assembling Raid Arrays On New Kubuntu Install with mdadm
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I have just re-installed Kubuntu on my machine recently, and have also installed mdadm to reassemble three raid arrays that I had previously. I didn't carry over any configuration files for these arrays, but installing mdadm automatically generated a conf file with what seems to be the correct information for the arrays.

Would I just need to run mdadm --assemble --scan as root to reassemble the arrays?  ...

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Dual boot with Windows error - Intel Optane
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After years of using Windows I decided to try out Ubuntu. I decided to start by making a dual boot. I am using Acer Predator laptop which has the Intel Optane memory.

So my Windows SSD is the Intel one and I wanted to install Ubuntu on my second SSD (Samsung, shouldn't matter). I took out the Windows SSD and left just the formatted Samsung one. Booted into Ubuntu, the install didn't work. I had t ...

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How to boot when bcdedit safeboot element is not found?
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I am trying to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 10 on a Lenovo Yoga 720.

I had windows 10 pre-installed. I switched from RAID to AHCI because the Ubuntu told me to. I made the registry edits and then modified the boot setup option.

When I tried to boot back into Windows it would not. So, I went through the recovery steps listed in the Ubuntu tutorial for dual booting.

I tried recreating the boot file like  ...

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How to recover level 1 RAID volume?
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One disk in a two-disks level 1 array failed. I added another disk to the array and resynchronization completed successfully. While the synchronization was running, I removed the failed volume and the array filesystem vanished.

So I have two questions:

  1. What happened when I removed the failed array that caused the existing filesystem to vanish?

  2. Is it possible to recover the filesystem on the array?

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RAID 5 Storage Not Reading Properly in Ubuntu 20.4.02
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I have a RAID 5 storage setup and just got a notification that one of the HDD s has gone bad.

I plugged the RAID into my windows PC to diagnose (I can't get the QNAP utility to run in Ubuntu) and confirmed the issue, swapped the bad HDD, and had it start rebuilding itself.

When I plugged it back into Ubuntu, gparted says the 'primary gpt table is corrupt but the backup appears ok so that will be use ...

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Trouble assembling raid1 array after replacing failed disk
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I have a weird mdadm situation.

I had a drive in a raid1 array go bad. I shut the machine down, and replaced the disk, did ddrescue (which succeeded without error) from the old non-failed drive to the new drive.

Now when I attempt to assemble, I get:

% sudo mdadm --verbose --assemble /dev/md3 /dev/sdg1 /dev/sdf1
mdadm: looking for devices for /dev/md3                       
mdadm: /dev/sdg1 is identifi ...
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USB 2Tbyte disk (EX-RAID 0) not seen
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I try to describe the problem the best I can. I've a 2TB disk initially formatted as a RAID 0 with another HD (that is lost) on another machine not mine. I attached it on an external USB box and I've tried to re-format it with Ubuntu (18.04.5). Sadly it was not auto-mounted, so I've tried some command-line options. I can see the USB device (the HD external box):

Bus 003 Device 005: ID 174c:1 ...
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Best RAID combination
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got a question, very new to raid != 1/0 systems here. I have 2x3TB hard disks + 2x2tb hard disks + 1x1tb hard disk which I would like to "group" in a RAID-X having some sort of fault tollerance. Do you think it's possible without losing space? Which kind of RAID? Actually they're setup (3+3 and 2+2, 1 is mounted alone) in 2 different mdadm arrays mirroring, but the second is pretty much empty and I woul ...

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20.04 with mdadm and lvm hangs on shutdown
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I have a server set up on 20.04 with two mdadm raids and lvm volumes put on top of those raid setups for /home on the first raid device and then /, /var and /tmp on the second raid device.

Any time I run a shutdown, reboot, poweroff or similar operation, the system runs through most of the shutdown sequence (including stopping the persistence of journal and shutdown logs) and then hangs after Shutd ...

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Ubuntu Server 18 Backup with Raid 1
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I'm having issues with my Ubuntu Server installation, updates crashing my server, so I'm thinking in using raid as kind of backup, if it's possible...

So the first step it's to put an additional hdd in the server, and configure Raid 1. I'll try to follow this guide, but I have 2 questions about the answer in the thread. Setting up RAID 1 on 14.04 with an existing drive

1 - Complete format the new dri ...

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How can I fix IO lagging after installation of RAID controller card?
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Several months ago I have installed a hardware RAID controller card in my workstation. Since then I frequently experience annoying lags of my keyboard, something keystrokes are missing and something they are in wrong order (as if they were delivered by threads running in parallel). I have also noticed that my mouse and GUI misbehaves (Firefox, PyCharm) and that it sometimes takes a noticeable time (seve ...

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Using MergerFS with disks that are already RAID?
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Recently I decided to update my home server and to add more storage. Previously I had 2 drives set up with MDADM to be RAID1, and that RAID was mounted to my share folder for samba. Now that I'm adding two more drives, I created another RAID with those two, but I don't think I'm able to mount two RAIDs to one singular folder for easy sharing without something like MergerFS to create one logical storage  ...

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dual-boot, RAID, and Busybox Initramfs error
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I was using Ubuntu20/Windows10 for quite a long time. To bypass the RAID restrictions while installing Ubuntu i have switched the Boot settings in BIOS. So what i did to make it working:

switched boot settings in BIOS from RAID to AHCI / installed Ubuntu / returned boot settings from AHCI to RAID back

And everything was working great. I was able to use both OS systems.

Then I've decided to install Ubu ...

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Migrating Raid 0 to Raid 10
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I m new for Software RAID and i have planned to buy 2 Nos of 4TB and i m already having 2 No's of 3TB (Non-RAID). Running Ubuntu 20.04 Server.

What my current plan to create a RAID 10 Partition Like 4TB + 3TB and 4TB + 3TB, so that i can get 7TB of Space. My problem is Both 3TB are having 1.5 TB Data. if i want to create RAID i need to format the drive and i dont have backup drive to store 3TB da ...

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Dual boot: Windows10 only boots in RAID On mode while Ubuntu only boots in AHCI mode
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I bought a new laptop Dell - Latitude - 9410 2 in 1 with Windows 10. I want to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS wich is my main OS. I want use the two OS with a dual boot. In what follows I describe different steps of the attempt I done, knowing that the laptop is coming with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled. (Main reference : Dell support)

  1. I tried Ubuntu by using Live USB. It works.
  2. I started the installation wh ...
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Add RAID 1 pair to running system 21.04 with UEFI boot
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I find many answers to this question for Ubuntu 12 and 14, but with EFI partitions things have changed a bit. Actually using those guides I do have an older system running RAID1 but I have run into trouble, well speed bumps.

The older RAID system had my backup and nextcloud data, which I have moved to the new system, recreated raid and copied.

This is what I have running right now:

Device         Start   ...