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Creating a restricted wifi ap with static ip addresses
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What I am using:

  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • Ubuntu 21.04

What I need:

  • Ethernet with dhcp to connect to my lan.
  • A wifi ap that is isolated from the ethernet.
  • The ability to assign static ip addresses to devices on the wifi network, since some may be unable to do some themselves.
  • Have the ability for docker containers to access devices on the wifi ap, with any configuration done through docker-compose files.
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RaspberryPi SD card unusable after taking an image with Ubuntu 20.04
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I have a Raspberrypi 4 8Gb installed with Ubuntu 21.04, using the Raspberrypi imager, on a Sandisk Ultra microSD card 128Gb. After sometime, the Raspberrypi would 'randomly' not boot up, leaving a black screen. In an attempt to save the SD card setup, I researched how to create an image of the SD card by using the 'dd' command in Ubuntu 20.04. This image was then written to a new SD card (exact same typ ...

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Why do I get "ioctl(VIDIOC_DQBUF): No such device" After a couple minutes of streaming my PC monitor
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I am using my Raspberry PI to stream a monitor at work with real time operating details of a conveyor system. I've set up the PI with a capture card and an HDMI to DVI splitter to do so and stream using TeamViewer.

This has worked great for the past several months, but now, a few minutes after starting the stream, the video freezes and I get a repeating

[video4linux2,v4l2 @ 0xa72005f0] ioctl(VIDI ...

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raspberrypi 7" DSI display stopped working after initial upgrade (Ubuntu 21.10 64bit)
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I installed the Ubuntu Desktop 21.10 64bit image (released 2021-10-14) on USB for my RaspberryPi 4Gb. The pi has an original 7" display connected via the display interface (dsi).

After adding dtoverlay=vc4-kms-dsi-7inch (and lcd_rotate=2 to invert the display) to config.txt on system-boot the initial boot and setup seemed to work like a charm.

Problems started after the automatic update that happens dur ...

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how to do i set bulk usb transfer rate
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I have a raspberry pi with Ubuntu 20.04 (installed from the image ubuntu-20.04.3-preinstalled-server-arm64+raspi.img).

I want to set the bulk USB transfer rate to 150.

Here is how I do it on Raspberry Pi OS:

  • Open /etc/rc.local with an editor.

  • Add the following line at the end of the file before exit 0:

sudo sh -c 'echo 150 > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb'
  • Save & Close  ...
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AdGuard Appliance On Pi 3 Fails to Boot
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I downloaded the AdGuard Home appliance for my Raspberry Pi 3 and flashed to an SD card using the Raspberry Pi Imager. When I try to boot the Pi, it gets stuck on the splashcreen with the Core logo. The green light on the Pi is flashing sort of like a heartbeat (think flash-flash, pause, flash-flash, pause) repeatedly, and the red light is on steadily. I'm able to flash and run Raspberry Pi OS Lite o ...

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Ubuntu 21.10 Pi KMS overscan setting Issue
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I am running Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi 4B and have run into an issue with the KMS driver and overscan. When running dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d the overscan settings apply correctly to keep the display from escaping the screen boundries. However, when I switch to dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d the boot process starts correctly but switches halfway through the boot process.

Is there a setting I am missing that ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 64BIT For Raspberry Pi Zero 2
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This was supposed to be out at the beginning of the month. Anyone have any ideas when this will actually release?

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How to update ubuntu-20.04.3-preinstalled-server-armhf+raspi.img.xz to work with USB Boot?
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Anyone know how to update the boot loaded on ubuntu-20.04.3-preinstalled-server-armhf+raspi.img.xz so it will work with USB boot? Or switch it to use u-boot? If I install & update from a SD card everything is fine. Then backup the SD card and install it on a USB HD, same problem, system will not boot. The normal RPi images boot fine from USB. The Manjaro image boot fine from USB. I have tried  ...

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UBUNTU 21.10 Raspberry Pi Displays freeze when second monitor is connected
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I updated my RPI4 system to 21.10, the display system freezes when two monitors are connected. When I disconnect either monitor (Dell 27 4k and ViewSonic 20 fullhd) everything works fine. I have swapped the ports for the monitors with no change. I also added 'linux-modules-extra-raspi', which helped get microk8s working on my headless systems, but no change.

When this occurs the clock at the top  ...

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Is it possible to downgrade the Kernel version of Ubuntu 21.04 for Raspberry pi 4?
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I'm working on Raspberry pi 4 under Ubuntu 21.04 with Arducam Stereo Camera.

I can't install the camera driver because the driver does not support the kernel version of Ubuntu 21.04 (5.11.0-1007-raspi)

The camera driver supports only those versions:


How can I downgrade or change the Kernel version of Ubuntu to be c ...

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Ubuntu Core and Docker
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The default install of Ubuntu Core on my RPI doesn’t appear to have docker installed. Does anyone know how I can get docker and docker-compose up and running?

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Unable to SSH into Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Network error - Connection timed out
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Headless Raspberry pi 4 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

SSH was working until it suddenly kicked me out and I've since been unable to get back in. I was in the middle of installing and configuring nextcloud. It's serving webpages that I can access in browsers, and ping shows no packet loss or latency.

Do I need to start from scratch, or is there something I can do to get ssh working again?

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error: sudo service apache2 start Job for apache2.service failed because the control process exited with error code
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after editing the file "/etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl.conf", I noticed that my site was running much slower, so I rewrote the file from 0 with this (htps:/ which should be the original file. After that, the terminal, when launching the command "sudo service apache2 start", gave this error message "sudo service apache2 start Job for apache2.serv ...

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Change WiFi config on headless Ubuntu server Pi zero 2 via SD card?
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I have a Raspberry pi zero 2 running ubuntu server with a WiFi connection.

I want to take the pi somewhere else and hook onto the WiFi in a new location. I will not know the SSID or the password until I am there. I will have my laptop with me but with no screen, keyboard mouse or ethernet connection for the Pi. Tethering through the laptop is not an option either.

Can I alter files on the SD card to ...

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Raspberrypi 21.10 Server static IP but boots with 2 IP (one from DHCP?)
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Set up pi with a static IP ( following Raspberrypi4 -4 with 8g

At boot it displays

eth0 IP
eth0 IP seems to be from my router dhcp. Gateway & Nameserver are as I setup in network-config file. In the tutorial, it suggest I have to replace "dhcp4 : true" Do I have to set dhcp4 :  ...

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Can't remove package on Raspberry Pi - File name too long
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When I try to remove linux-raspi-headers-5.4.0-1032 to upgrade it, dpkg gives a weird error about a file name being too long:

(Reading database ... 237046 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing linux-raspi-headers-5.4.0-1032 (5.4.0-1032.35) ...
dpkg: error processing package linux-raspi-headers-5.4.0-1032 (--purge):
 unable to securely remove '/usr/src/linux-raspi-headers-5.4.0-1032/arch/ ...
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Ubuntu Server 21.10 - How to use iPhone USB tethering?
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I'm trying to use my iPhone as Hotspot via USB (tethering) in Ubuntu Server 21.10 installed on Raspberry Pi 4: unsuccessfully so far.

I installed the following packages as found on internet:

sudo apt-get install ipheth-utils libimobiledevice-dev libimobiledevice-utils

Then, I'm connecting my iPhone via USB to the Raspberry Pi, but it's not working. I tried to reboot, and to sudo netplan apply , but it ...

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How to install LCD Touch display driver on ubuntu server 20.04 [rbPi 3B)
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How to install LCD 3.5 touch driver on ubuntu 20.04 installed on Raspberry Pi 3B? I already tried to Install the driver provided, but here is what i got.

sudo ./LCD35-show
grep: /boot/cmdline.txt: No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat '/boot/cmdline.txt': No such file or directory
cp: cannot create regular file '/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-fbturbo.conf': No such file or directory
cp: cannot cr ...
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Missing iscsi_tcp kernel module in Ubuntu 21.10 for Raspberry Pi ARM64
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I have just done a fresh install of Ubuntu 21.10 for Raspberry Pi ARM64 in order to try out the new release.

After performing an apt upgrade and updating the iscsi initiator name I tried to run

sudo iscsiadm --mode discovery --type sendtargets --portal

but I got the following error

iscsiadm: read error (-1/104), daemon died?
iscsiadm: Could not scan /sys/class/iscsi_transport.
libkmod: ERR ...
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Ubuntu server + (lightweight) desktop environment vs full-fat Ubuntu Desktop for raspberrypi4 project?
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I am working on a project with my raspberry pi 4 that requires ROS, hence I am using Ubuntu instead of Raspberry OS. I figured it would be better for efficiency and performance to go with Ubuntu server and then install some desktop environment like xubuntu-desktop, but then I realize the huge amount of packages that need to be installed and how long the installation takes. It actually took quite longer  ...

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How to integrate MCP2515 on Raspberry Pi3b+ (Ubuntu 20.04)
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for some time I've been trying to use the Hat RS485 Can based on the MCP2515 chip. Unfortunately, regardless of my attempts, I can only read the frames or send them.

I have loaded kernel modules responsible for can bus communication, userconfig has been modified by adding dtoverlay = mcp2515-can0, oscillator = 12000000, interrupt = 25, spimaxfrequency = 2000000. After setting the parameters ip link se ...

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Trouble completing snapcraft tutorial on Ubuntu 20.04, Raspberry Pi 4
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I am trying to package my first snap with the ultimate goal of deploying an app on Ubuntu Core 20. I am new to snapcraft and multipass, so I'm following the "Create Your First Snap" tutorial on the Ubuntu website.

I am building on a Raspberry Pi 4, running Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS. Once the snap is packaged, I want to then be able to copy it to another Raspberry Pi 4 which is running Ubuntu Core 20.

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how to make an HDD live as long as possible on Ubuntu Server
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I got myself a Raspi with an Ubuntu Server OS on it and I use it for several applications.

Usually I use it for testing or experiments and education, but I had an idea to put an external HDD on it and use it as a Backup Folder I can always use (so if I need a file from this HDD I can just copy it or if I want to backup stuff I can back it up to the HDD).

Now I’m worried that the HDD will be workin ...

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Ubuntu 21.10 on Raspberry Pi 4B randomly freezes, sometimes unplugging peripherals helps
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Every now and then my Raspberry Pi 4B's which are running Ubuntu 21.10 freeze up for no apparent reason. I hate having to pull the power.

Sometimes if I remove the mouse/keyboard USB dongle it will unfreeze. I have 4 Pi's, each of which has 8GB Ram and a 128GB Micro SD card. Are there log files that might give me insight as to what happened?

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Can't connect to Raspberry Pi / Openhab3
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So I installed Openhab3 on my Raspi 4 and after a few minutes you can connect via "http://openhabian:8080" to the system. It's working on windows (with chrome) but not with my Ubuntu system (Firefox). Both is set up to the same network system. Both automatic dhcp. I can ping the raspi and it's fully responding. But, as mentioned, it is not possible to get access via Browser. So it's not really possible  ...

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What is the purpose of cgroup_enable=cpuset cgroup_enable=memory cgroup_memory=1 swapaccount=1
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I am trying to setup a kubernetes cluster on a raspberry pi cluster using Ubuntu 20.04.3. In many online guides available, one of the steps is mentioned as follows:

Edit the /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt and add cgroup_enable=cpuset cgroup_enable=memory cgroup_memory=1 swapaccount=1 at the end.

The above step is mentioned without any explanation. So, to check my current configuration (without applying the  ...

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How to attach USB Storage to the Plex RPi Appliance
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I recently saw Ubuntu had release an official Plex Appliance for Raspberry Pi, so figured I'd take a look.

After install, I've connected up some USB drives with media for Plex, and realise that USB drives don't automatically mount as it's based on Ubuntu Core. Something like a Plex Appliance is kinda useless if you need to SSH onto the thing every time it reboots to manually re-mount all the stor ...

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Ubuntu Desktop on Rpi 4 8GB no display after boot
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So I used the regular raspberry-pi-imager tool for windows and flashed the "Ubuntu Desktop 21.10 (RPi 4/400)" on my brand new raspberry pi 4 8GB ram model.

During the boot, the regular RGB spectrum is shown and then I'm presented with the loading screen with the ubuntu logo in the middle of the screen and the spinner below that and the "ubuntu" text below the spinner.

After a while the screen goes b ...

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Ubuntu 21.10 bug on raspberry pi
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I just upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10 from Ubuntu 21.04. I enjoy the new GNOME 40 desktop environment. Though, there is an issue with it. I am having issues with the Ubuntu Dock and the Applications Menu. Whenever I click on an app and try to drag the application from the dock or the menu, the desktop freezes or crashes. I have no choice, but to turn off the pi. I don't know why this happens. I own a raspberr ...