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Questions that refer to a software or an OS feature allowing applications, either command line programs or graphical applications, to be run remotely on a server, while being displayed locally.
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xrdp slow on ubuntu 20.04 when screen saver is active or lid is closed
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I connect via Win10 with RDP to a Xubuntu 20.04 Laptop. I installed xrdp and xorg.

My goal is to work remotely on a laptop, when the lid is closed.

The Live session works fine (When I first log in on the Remote Laptop directly on the Laptop). I can not start a new session remotely, when another user is logged in. I read somewhere, that canonical has done this by purpose to extend the security l ...

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After installing Chrome Remote Desktop polkit permissions are all skrewed up
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After installing chrome-remote-desktop on Ubuntu 21.10 it seems to mess up polkit permissions. It asks for my password 3 times after logging in (color profiles, remote repositories, color management?), and it asks for my password when modifying NetworkManager in any way. I know how to solve the NM issue, but why should I be doing any of this all of a sudden? This has happened many times in the past afte ...

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RDP power buttons don't work
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With a clean Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server running GNOME, everything is working fine when I physically log into the unit. But when I RDP into it as xfce4, the Restart, Shu Down, and Suspend button are all greyed out! The only button that is available is Log Out.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

How can this be fixed so I can shutdown, suspend, or reboot via Remote Desktop?

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KRDC rdp login via ssh pem
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I would like to login to a remote desktop in which xrdp and xfce are already installed and running. I can both login to the machine via ssh from terminal with username and password

ssh user@address

and via private key authentication

ssh -i my_private_key.pem user@address

I can also login via KRDC, but in this case I login into a xrdp GUI asking for the password, and I'm not able to paste it, which m ...

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Chrome remote desktop, Ubuntu 20.04, login to an existing session
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When I try to access my remote Ubuntu server via remotedesktop I'm presented with two login options,

  • Default Launch the default XSession
  • Ubuntu This session logs you into Ubuntu

The first option works provided that I am logged out of the remote system. Option two does not work. I cannot access a current session.

Is there anyway to access a current session?


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When connecting with xrdp connection crashes/closes [from w10 to u20.04]?
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If I installing xrdp and use Windows (I also tried different devices) RDP to connect it crashes. If I have Xfce installed it connects normally and force uses it over gnome/default envoirnment and skips the log in screen but some functionality is broken.

How would I fix this? I have tried reinstalling the desktop environment, purging xrdp, using an installation scrypt...

If I can't fix it: I remember ...

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How to change the desktop envoirment in xrdp? [20.04]
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I have a server with a gui version of Ubuntu installed. I have installed xrdp in order to access it from windows. I had done the same thing once before and when I connected with windows it displayed the normal gnome desktop. When I did it this time it only showed xfce. If I remove xfce than my rdp connection crashes when connecting. How do I get gnome/normal ubuntu desktop envoirment back in xrdp?

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How to increase clipboard timeout in remmina?
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I've got a large amount of data I need to copy/paste from a remote machine to my local clipboard. I was puzzled at first as to why after the copy was complete (this took around 16 seconds) when I went to paste locally there was nothing in the clipboard. Then I noticed this message at the console:

** (org.remmina.Remmina:1323786): WARNING **: 12:47:03.011: [RDP] Clipboard data from the server is not av ...

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chrome remote desktop, headless install, black screen when accessed
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I've got an ubuntu 20.04 desktop that I'm trying to access with chrome remote desktop. I had troubles installing via the gui so I went through the "headless" installation. When I connect via the client machine, I'm asked to select a session, default or current ubuntu. No matter which that I select I get a blank (black) screen with an x for a cursor.

Any ideas? Wayne

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PulseAudio is installed and configured but doesn't start at system boot. How to fix?
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I'm on Ubuntu 21.10 with Budgie desktop. I somehow messed up my audio configuration so that the pulseaudio daemon won't load unless I manually run pulseaudio -D from command line. I think it might've been an unintended side effect of this shell script* I found which is meant to install and configure xRDP with appropriate options for passing audio output to the remote pc. From what I gather, it seems  ...

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Ubuntu screen moving while using remote desktop of Windows 11
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When I am using remote desktop connect to Ubuntu 20.04 in Windows, it doesn't show the full screen. When I move the mouse, the screen move along with the direction my mouse moving. The screenshot is below.

And it has two cursors: one is Windows cursor, the other is Ubuntu cursor with a delay after Windows cursor moving.

I use two Windows laptop: one is Win11, the other is Win10. But I got the same r ...

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VNC doesn't work in Ubuntu 21.10!
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I'm desperately trying to trying to enable remote desktop on Ubuntu 21.10, in a way that could allow me to view and control the desktop even when there is no monitor attached to the computer. I've tried all the following solutions and softwares:

  • RealVNC server: doesn't work with Wayland and requires an account
  • TigerVNC: I wasn't able to view the desktop, perhaps incompatible with Wayland?
  • TightVNC
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remote desktop connection WIN10->Ubuntu18.04 black screen
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I can not seem to use rdc from Win10 to connect to my Ubuntu box (on the same network). None of the suggestions have worked for me yet (disabling bitmap, changing resolution etc). It will connect but show nothing but black.

The steps I take are

1 ssh into Ubuntu box

2 start xrdp

3 start rdc on Win10 machine on same network

4 use default connection options and point it at the IP address of the Linux ...

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I cannot use VS Code with Remmina over VNC, because CTRL keys do not work
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I cannot run VS Code locally and and use Remote SSH developement, because I am using the Tails OS on my local machine.

But it should be straightforward to use VS Code remotely through VNC. So I am running VS Code in an Ubuntu instance in the cloud, and connecting from my local machine using Remmina.

However, when connected to the VNC server with Remmina, I find that most of the CTRL key sequences do not ...

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X2Go and command line usage?
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I have started trying out X2Go instead of VNC for control of my Ubuntu PCs - and, while it generally works, I cannot quite figure out how to do the things, listed below.

But first - I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 with MATE desktop on both PCs, and using sudo add-apt-repository ppa:x2go/stable ( On the computer to be controlled (the server), I've installed:

sudo apt ins ...
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RStudio not launching in xfce (ubuntu 18.04)
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Even after installing everything and getting the RStudio icon in the 'Development' section of x11 xfce Remote Desktop, the RStudio is not launching. It has no error, yet it is not launching. How to make it work?

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Better Linux Operatings System for fast remote access
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I want to access a computer remotely from my Ubuntu [20.04] Computer.

I installed Ubuntu [20.04] in that Computer, but remote access doesn't work smoothly [mouse pointer drags not so smoothly].

Next Installed Xubuntu [20.04], which works well in remote access, but there are some problems it it. For Ex. Remote access to xubuntu stops when its screen is locked

How's Lubuntu ? Is it better than Xubuntu for  ...

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Audio configurations disappear when switching to a RDS session
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Please forgive me if the question was already answered but I didn't find anything completely relevant.

I have a customer who encounters a problem with Ubuntu and RDS workstations. As soon as he accesses the computer remotely, via RDS, the audio configuration is lost. He has to restart the machine to recover a sound card and its configuration for the visios.

Here are two screenshots showing the probl ...

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Remote access to xubuntu stops when its screen is locked
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I access a desktop (xubuntu 20.04) remotely from another desktop (ubuntu 21.04) using VNC protocol of Remmina.

I have installed vino in xubuntu to enable it for remote access.

Remote access to xubuntu works fine when that computer is unlocked, and stops working when it is locked.

Could you please tell me a way out ?


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The Remmina application shows an error about connecting to the remote desktop server
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When i want to connect to my Virtual Dedicated Server, where i have installed Debian Desktop Server, version 11 via. Remmina application, the application will show me this error: `Cannot connect to RDP server "Server name.. I tried a lot of instructions, even about security, but nothing

Main OS: Ubuntu 20.04

App.: Remmina

Thanks for answers.

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Can't control screen sharing through GUI - Ubuntu 20.04
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I'm attempting to set up local screen sharing on a machine running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS desktop. This machine serves as a Jellyfin server and NAS. It has no dedicated monitor.

The problem I'm running into is that the GUI (settings > sharing) seems to have absolutely no control over vino-server.

In the GUI, I can toggle screen sharing on and off, tweak the security settings, etc. The GUI shows the  ...

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How do I allow remote desktop to log in on ubuntu?
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I am able to log in manually by going to the computer and entering it there, but I am unable to log in by using remote desktop. I enter my password and it just stays at the login screen. Is there a permission I need to give to be able to log in remotely? (Sorry if this is a stupid question. I am pretty new to Linux)

This is what I see: LoginScreen

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xrdp "window manager exited quickly"
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I'm trying to remote on to Ubuntu (21.10) from Windows 7. I read a few web pages, which suggested to install xrdp, so I did. I'm not an expert on this topic.

From Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection, after entering the correct password, the connection closes immediately.

I followed the accepted answer to this question: ...

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xrdp connection issues
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I installed xrdp and i cannot connect to 20.04.3 LTS machine if i do not logon or autologon is enabled. If i do logon with user A i can connect+login successfully with user B. If i logon with user A manually or with autologon the i logout i cannot connect with any rdp client windows/macos. Its like the rdp service is only accepting connections if a user is logged on. I mention that i did not configure a ...

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Remmina VNC - Cursor Disappears when using "grab all keyboard events"
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I am using Remmina (1.4.21 installed via SNAP) on Ubuntu (20.04.3 LTS) to remote into a mac computer, using VNC plugin for GNOME & KVM; everything works great when I am not using the "grab all keyboard events" option. However, when I use "grab all keyboard events" (which I would like to use), the mouse/cursor immediately disappears.

It is of note that I am also using Remmina RDP protocol to a ...

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vncserver exited too early
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I have a Ubuntu 21.10 headless and I need to connect to it using remote desktop. When I attempt to start using vncservercommand I get the below too early exit code

hd2900@hd2900:~/.vnc$ vncserver

New Xtigervnc server 'hd2900:1 (hd2900)' on port 5901 for display :1.
Use xtigervncviewer -SecurityTypes VncAuth -passwd /home/hd2900/.vnc/passwd :1 to connect to the VNC server.

=================== tail /home ...
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Add a RDP Remmina host by command line
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I am using remmina to connect to remote machines using the RDP protocol.

What I am looking for is to be able to connect to remote machines without having to open the graphical environment.

The way I have found is, first of all, run remmina from the graphical interface and create a host profile, make the first connection via GUI and once I have made the first connection by GUI remmina creates a confi ...

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How to prevent vinagre process Ctrl key?
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When I am using Ubuntu's Remote Desktop Viewer (vinagre), I generally open a gnome-terminal on the remote server. While using the terminal, I want to have access to all Ctrl+key combinations. However, vinagre processes some combinations locally, for example; if a press Ctrl+Q, my remote desktop session is terminated; if I press Ctrl+D, it tries to add a "bookmark".

I do not want the key combinati ...

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Connect to remote host via RDP with PFX certificate
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I have a .pfx certificate and the password for it. Also, I have a server name (like ""), and my login and password. I need to somehow connect to the remote desktop, but I don't know anything.

In Windows, I installed this certificate (just double-click it), then entered the server name and password in Cisco Anyconnect (login had already been there), and after just running RDP.

But no ...

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xRDP connection failed: login failed for display 0 + rejection

I will update info as I find out

The problem

I am using a recently installed Lubuntu 20.04.3, in an old PC. I mean to connect via xRDP from both Ubuntu (remmina) and Windows 10 PCs, and so far I cannot from either.

What I see when connecting from Ubuntu 20.04.3, remmina:

  1. Screen 1 with the message login failed for display 0.
    From logs below, I understand this is just a warning, but then an attempt to con ...