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Questions relating to the resizing of application windows. For questions about resizing partitions please use the partitioning tag.
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I have a large window that won't resize, how can I fix it?
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Codeblocks is taking a lot portion of my screen.I want it to take less screen (preferably upto the red rectangular size i have drawn).Is there any way I can do it ?

I can resize the height, but that's not what I want. It seems I cannot change the width though.

enter image description here

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How to increase size of user interface of browser in ubuntu 20.04?
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I want to increase the size of text along with links and tabs in my browser of Ubuntu 20.04 . I want it to be as in Windows Browser. Here it is very difficult to see without stretching my eyes.

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How to have different window tiling options?
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I am actually talking about options like:

1st window: 1/3 of screen 2nd window: 2/3 of screen

1st window: 1/2 of screen 2nd window: 1/2 of screen

1st window: 2/3 of screen 2nd window: 1/3 of screen

and so on ...

actually like Macos X . with keybord shortcuts ...

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Ubuntu: Error resizing partition while resizing partition of a Virtualbox VM running Ubuntu (Host is Windows10)
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I am trying to resize (from 20 to 270 GB) the hard disk of a Ubuntu OS running inside a VM (Virtualbox) that runs on Windows 10.

By following the instructions in this thread , I have with powered off my VM and run on my Windows 10 Powershell:

C:\Users\Bob> C:\"Program Files"\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe modifyhd C:\Users\Bob\"VirtualBox VMs"\Tommaso_Ubuntu01\Tommaso_Ubuntu01.vdi --resize 270000 ...
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/var/log has huge size because of snap
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Recently after I restarted my computer, it was giving "Low Disk Space Warning" . I did not care and because of that /var/log became %100 and I could not open my OS. So I deleted some files under /var.

Now it is %95 but it still gives that warning at beginning. You can see in picture after I clicked "examine" in that warning:

after clicked examine button on the warning

This is the size:

 canerveg@canerVegan  ~  df -h                          ...
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Unable to resize my hardrive in Ubuntu
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I am using virtual box and my Host Device is : Windows 10 Guest Device is : Ubuntu 21.04

I am new to Ubuntu and i have recently installed oracle virtualbox and used Ubuntu as my guest device. At the start as i just wanted to test, I set the hard disk space 10 gb and just after the installation I saw that only 2 gigs of storage is left.

So in virtual box i increased my storage to to 20gb. Now after reta ...

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Encrypted OS and resize partition during installation Ubuntu
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I have question, I have 120GB ssd and I want to install Ubuntu and encrypt this installation, I also need to resize this encrypted system partition to 40GB and rest leave for something else. I am trying to it when installing Ubuntu but when I will choose encryption then I can’t resize partition or when I choose to resize then I can’t encrypt this partition. Can you tell me please what am I doing wro ...

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Cannot resize partition
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So I have 2 partitions with linux installed and I want to resize the first partition. Partitions are:

partitions screenshot

I have free space right next to it however the resize option is locked even tho it wasn't mounted.

locked resize screenshot

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VirtualBox VM black screen after disk resize
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My VM was running out of space (I use Virtualbox) thats why I decided to inrease the storage size


So I resized it using this screen but after that I couldn't fully boot up my VM again. What could've caused this? I cant even undo this change and there is no way I can boot the machine.


After the ubuntu text at the bottom all I see is this black screen. Any help?

This is my VM details

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Ubuntu 20.04 pinta selected area image resize problem
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I have installed pinta in my Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 18.04, the pinta resize option works via Ubuntu 18.04,but can not use its image resize option by selecting the below icon+pressing the Left-Ctrl + left Mouse click on Ubuntu 20.04?!

If possible i want to know, how run this option via pinta in Ubuntu 20.04.