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the act of stopping & starting a process, or rebooting an entire PC.
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Root file system on /dev/sda4 requires manual fsck
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I use ubuntu (latest version) and windows 10 dual. But now when I try to open ubuntu, it shows this, please help, I am no computer genius, and I really get lost with such kinds of errors, with not much help available.

/dev/sda4: One or more block group descriptor checksums are invalid. FIXED

/dev/sda4: Group descriptor 320 checksums is Ox5dfa, should be Oxc727.


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Ubuntu requires a reboot way too often
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The automatic updates ask me to reboot my Ubuntu at least twice a week. Sometimes I postpone the reboot for a few days, then I reboot it, the system installs new updates and asks for a reboot immediately after.

I haven't been checking what exactly needs restarting. I noticed that the system firmware is updated fairly often, perhaps too often for a firmware, but that still only accounts for a mino ...

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Ubuntu does not connect to the internet by cable, I already tried all the common solutions that I found. Could you help me?
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I have Ubuntu and Windows installed on the same computer, but only when I first enter Windows and then Ubuntu, the Internet works in Ubuntu, then if I restart it and enter Ubuntu first, the Internet does not work.

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Dual boot ubuntu 20.04 and WIndows 10 Problem force shutdown in every restart before Grub screen
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I ran the below command in cmd it works fine for the dual boot system. But before Grub screen there's a fast shutdown and also a blank screen with cursor visible and turning off suddenly the PC and restarting as well. This happens every time I restart. What to do?

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi

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Xubuntu runs well in recovery mode but freezes in normal mode
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I have been using Xubuntu 20.04 LTS as a primary OS. From time to time it gets randomly freezes and restarts. Freezing might be any time regardless of opening some specific program. While freezing nothing work. I have to manually press power button to shut it down. But the interesting part is, it doesn't get freeze while logging into grub recovery mode and start normal boot from there.

Here is my swa ...

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Unable to access root user after Ubuntu 20.04 update or after any restart
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We recently updated our Linux computer to 20.04 and now anytime after we restart the computer we are directed to create a new user profile and are unable to login to the original/root user. From a terminal in this this newly created user account I am able to see all of the files and directories of the original account, but I am unable to login to it. If I try just logging out of the new account and swit ...

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Random restarts on Ubuntu 20.04.1 on Dell Precision 3551
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I got my new Dell Precision 3551 computer about a month ago, and installed Ubuntu 20.04.1 on it. However, since then, I've experienced random restarts at seemingly random times. The computer just restarts without any forewarning or error messages. This is of course very inconvenient.

I haven't been able to notice any pattern in the timing or frequency of the restarts. Sometimes, even when I'm awa ...

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New 20.04 install hangs on re-boot
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I have two new 20.04.3 installs (Ubuntu-MATE) on a newly built desktop workstation. One is on a 2.5-inch SSD, the other on an nvme SSD.

If I do a "Restart" from either, it appears as if a restart will happen, but it just hangs.

The computer does not restart, does not shut down, it just goes black, and I have to press the reset button.

The same thing happens if I make any change in the UEFI/BIOS settings ...

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Poweroff issue in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - its restarting everytime
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I have recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on my machine, but come up with a very strange issue, every time I am clicking on the Poweroff button, instead of shutting it down, it just restarting the machine.

I tried to find some forums on this but didn't get any firm answer on this.

Please help me with this, how can I solve this issue?

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My system is stuck in Ubuntu logo
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I have been using Ubuntu 18.04 for a long time, but it is now running very slowly.
I saw a video from YouTube in which it restarts after removing some file.
When I restarted after doing this, my laptop turned off during updating.
Since then it has not started correctly, it does not proceed beyond the Ubuntu logo.

I tried the recovery mode in the boot menu.
It stops and shows the above picture.

What can  ...

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Ubuntu 20.04.02 won't power off or restart
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I reinstalled Ubuntu a couple of days ago. Since then I've been having this problem where I can't shut down or reboot my system completely, it goes into a black screen and stays like that, after a couple mins the fans go insane.

I tried reinstalling the grub and doing some changes, but the error didn't get fixed.

I got tired of it and reinstalled Ubuntu again, at the first shutdown it worked, second ...

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Why don't I have a Restart option? Why did restart disappear (not show up on power options) on 20.04?
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I just installed a few things and some updates.
i went to restart my computer Ubuntu 20.04 but I don't have the [Restart] option. Has this been removed? Or has something else occurred?

power options

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Shut Down Problem
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I am using Linux 20.04 in HP Pro book.Everything is working fine except that when I shutdown the laptop it automatically restarts after 2-3 seconds.So basically I cannot shut down my system.Before Linux I was using Windows 10, never had this problem.

Anyone Please guide how to fix it? Thank You!

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How to delay restart process in Ubuntu
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When we restart Ubuntu OS, it goes down, powers off (all connected devices also power off) and then quickly power up again and boots normally. Is there a way to add a delay between power off and power on. So that the system powers off, then wait for x seconds and then boots normally?


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Make Systemd attempt to restart once
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I have an issue where every time I boot The RF Kill Switch service fails. I have looked around for a solution to this problem, but right now the solution is pretty much just deal with it. So to fix this issue I am trying to make a change to the /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-rfkill.service. What I want to do is make it restart once after a certain interval. The reason I don't want to use the Restart ...