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Use this tag when the topic is related to managing the paths that IP traffic will take. This includes subnets created by access points, and on the high end it could be multiple feeds coming through a Cisco unit.
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What is the significance of order in the device list of ip route output?
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I have this output for ip r

default via dev enp0s20f0u1 proto static metric 1000 
default via dev wlan0 proto static metric 2000 dev wlan0 proto kernel scope link src dev enp0s20f0u1 proto kernel scope link src 

Although enp0s20f0u1 appears as the first default -- appropriate with the metric -- wlan0 appears at the top of the list of dev ...

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Access a non default network namespace from LAN
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I have a configuration where on my 20.04 server I've set up a network namespace called vpn in which there's only a loopback device and a tun0 device which is a openvpn connection to the internet. I've an application running in that namespace which wants to be administrated via a web UI from the LAN. For obvious reasons in my current configuration there's no way to access the UI from the LAN.

And  ...

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Bifurcation of packets depending on LAN and WAN traffic and forwarding them to different gateways
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The current scenario of my interfaces with their IPs and Gateways are as follows.

PC1 ->

   IF11     GW

PC2 ->

   IF21     GW
   IF22     GW

PC3 ->

   IF31     GW
   IF32   x.x.x.x

The way I want my network traffic to move is as follows:

In PC1 ->

All traffic from PC1 ...

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Skip route table
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I want to create a VM VBOX Ubuntu to be a gateway in my home lan to route to my enterprise VPN. The problem is that my VPN when is stablished, create a route per route entry with metric 1 to be routed to the VPN. In this way local routing is disabled. If you modify or create a route, the VPN disconnects. I want to know if anybody see any solution, for instance using iptables.

I see in a tcpdump t ...

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Use a VPN only for some specific routes
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I want to use a VPN only for some specific routes (so that the default route is not on the VPN).

So in the Add VPN dialog I selected the "Use this connection only for resources on its network" (this doesn't change the default route) and then I added some subnetworks that I want to route to the VPN.

However, I'm not sure which gateway should I set here, as this is the VPN's gateway address, and it's  ...

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No route to host in one direction
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I am able to ssh from one host in Mexico to another in New Jersey, but when I start the ssh from the New Jersey host going to the same Mexico host, I get "no route to host". While troubleshooting with tcptraceroute I see that the last 2 ip addresses are duplicates; traceroute hits an infinite loop and stops.

I have 2 questions. What is the magic that allows packets to return from New Jersey to Me ...

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Gateway between Ethernet and WiFi adapters
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I'm trying to connect between 3 Ubuntu 18.04 devices (1 Laptop + 2 NVIDIA Jetson Nano) where the 1st Nano acting as the gateway between the 2nd Nano and Laptop.

Currently the 1st Nano have wlan0 acting as a WiFi Hotspot (for the Laptop) and eth0 Ethernet (for the 2nd Nano) and I can connect between:

[x] 1st Nano <-> Laptop

[x] 1st Nano <-> 2nd Nano

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Route inbound to outbound ip address netplan
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I have configured my VPS to listen to multiple IP addresses (whole subnet, 255 addresses), for example:

  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
      - etc.

How can i make sure that the inbound address, for example matches the outbound ip ? When i connect to my serv ...

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How do I create Ubuntu Persistent Policy-Based-Routing Rules?
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Would like this question ( answered for ubuntu using Network Manager, not CentOS.

Netplan documentation suggests this is possible with networkd ( However, I'm trying to modify routes for a cellular modem and networkd does not support cellular modems, Net ...

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Preferred way to copy route configuration to different host?
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I'm replacing a CentOS server with an Ubuntu 20 one. I need to duplicate the older servers routing configuration. The outputs of ip route show and route are not directly usable as inputs.

I'm a bit reluctant to hand-translate the output into route commands, because errors always creep in. Is there a better way?

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How do I connect to multiple servers using Ethernet switch?
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I have a lab setup with multiple pieces of equipment that can be controlled remotely using each one's respective embedded Telnet server. I can connect to each one easily by configuring a static IP for the lab computer and pointing the default gateway to the equipment IP. I have them all plugged into a network switch connected to the computer's Ethernet interface.

As is, I can only interface with  ...

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Configure 20.04 as a VPN Router
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I'm a beginner ubuntu user. I've been searching the internet for months on how to do this and I literally even partially took an online course on networking and I still made no progress. I'm trying to configure a desktop with two ethernet ports as a VPN router. The setup I have in mind is this

WAN---> Modem ---> VPN Router ---> WAP & switch ---> LAN

I'm trying to make it so that

  1. e ...
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Unable to ping or connect to internet via WLAN
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Problem statement

Hi . I needed to auto-connect my system to another system via Ethernet so I assigned both these systems respective static IPs. On my host system, I did this by editing the /etc/network/interfaces.d/eth0 as:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Meanwhile the /etc/network/interfaces file sourced this file as

# interfaces(5) fil ...
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How can I solve the routing problem when using an industrial camera?
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I use an industrial camera. I also have access to the modem. The problem is that if the Internet comes up first and then the program has access to the camera, then the camera gives an error and has no image. If the program has access to the camera first and the Internet comes up after a while, the camera does not have any error and gives frames correctly. How can I solve this routing problem?