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how to start the snap install of tomcat?
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How is the tomcat server started?

nicholas@mordor:~$ sudo systemctl start tomcat
Failed to start tomcat.service: Unit tomcat.service not found.
nicholas@mordor:~$ sudo systemctl enable tomcat
Failed to enable unit: Unit file tomcat.service does not exist.
nicholas@mordor:~$ snap info tomcat-with-ssl
name:      tomcat-with-ssl
summary:    ...
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Need help with autoinstaller/cloud init
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I am trying to pxe boot Ubuntu with cobbler using cloud-init. I already have the auto-install-user file. But I can't get around the missing CD-ROM error message. I can provide screenshots of what I'm talking about.

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How can access to certain settings be restricted for my customers?
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I am delivering a Linux virtual machine file as an "appliance" to my customers. The appliance runs some scripts and provides our services to them. I preconfigure this appliance image for each customer before sending it to them. The customer is never given the root or admin password at all.

I wish to allow customers the ability to change the appliances hostname and IP address but nothing else, or as ...

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Install apache2 on ubuntu aws EC2 instance via scripit (useing terraform)
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I try to create an ubuntu instance via terraform after install I want to execute the script which is referred to install apache2 here is my script

#! /bin/bash
sudo apt update
sudo apt install apache2-bin
# sudo systemctl enable apache2
# sudo service apache2 start  
sudo echo '<h1>Welcome to my terraform demo - APP-1</h1>' | sudo tee /var/www/html/index.html
sudo mkdir /va ...
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Connect to BigBlueButton via IIS
kr flag

I do not know if my question is related to Ubuntu itself or not, but if you can help, thank you.

I recently uploaded BigBlueButton on my Ubuntu 18.04 server. also, there is another website for managing BigBlueButton on a Windows server that is on the same network as the Ubuntu server. I also currently have an astatic IP. Now I want to know if there is a way I can run BigBlueButton through IIS?

In  ...

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MariaDB 10.2 on Ubuntu 20.04
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Can you please let me know why MariaDB has not released a Mariadb 10.2 official repository for ubuntu 20.04? Does that mean that we cannot install Mariadb 10.2 on Ubuntu 20.04? MariaDB 10.2 and Ubuntu 20.04, are they incompatible?

Is that okay if I install MariaDB 10.2 on ubuntu 20.04 from the following official repository?

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb [arch=amd64,arm64,ppc64el] ...
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How to install non gui version of ubuntu 21
cd flag

I have downloaded ubuntu 21 server version instead of desktop version iso file, hoping I can install without GUI.

So, I tried testing it on virtualbox, installed "Minimal features" selected.

But still I got the GUI version installed.

I tried uninstalling the gui with below command , but didn't help.

sudo apt purge ubuntu-desktop
sudo apt remove ubuntu-desktop
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How can I connect a Raspberry pi 4 running Ubuntu Server to a laptop?
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I am getting a Raspberry Pi 4. I want it to connect to my laptop wirelessly, without needing a hdmi cable, display or ethernet cable. I found a tutorial here that satisfies this, but it uses Raspbian rather than Ubuntu server, which is what I would like to install on it. Would this tutorial apply on Ubuntu server as well, or is there any other way to do this using Ubuntu Server?

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Using MergerFS with disks that are already RAID?
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Recently I decided to update my home server and to add more storage. Previously I had 2 drives set up with MDADM to be RAID1, and that RAID was mounted to my share folder for samba. Now that I'm adding two more drives, I created another RAID with those two, but I don't think I'm able to mount two RAIDs to one singular folder for easy sharing without something like MergerFS to create one logical storage  ...

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Ubuntu server WordPress connection error on plugins and themes
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I have a Ubuntu 18.04 server, with WordPress installed. Upon finishing the installation, I have connection error in the plugins page. At first it was only an error message from plugin-install.php. After rebooting, 2 more error message occurred as shown below and I could not ping anything from my server. (100% packet loss with anything I pinged.) I tried editing the /ect/hosts file, and I tried to ...

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Read Only filesystems across multiple devices
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The company I work for has about 100 Ubuntu 18.04 server machines scattered across the United State as part of one of our product lines. We haven't had ANY issues with these machines for 1-2 years, until this past week. In the past 5 days six units have had critical errors ultimately resulting in a Read Only file system.

I finally got physical access to one of the devices. I found the following i ...

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How to increase/expand the size of a root partition on ubuntu server?
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*Application *Ubuntu Server running low on space *VMWare ESXi

An error occurred that went unnoticed by the technicians. We used a ubuntu server with LAMP stack with a platform with 15G of space which we believed to be 50G and it is now in production. Me and the other technicians only noticed because ZABBIX pointed to use above 80% of disk space. I cleaned and managed to lower it however disaster  ...

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How can I make Lamp Web Server Stack discoverable to others devices in LAN?
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I've followed official Canonical Community tutorial about setup basic Lamp Web Server stack to host WordPress sites (For local development). I tweaked it so it could work well with files permissions. It works fine on local machine, but I also need to test my websites on mobile devices too...

enter image description here

I don't have domain yet, I'm using IP Address instead (For testing purposes). How can I configure Apache Web  ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 Server: 2 networks, 2 gateways and static routes
kh flag

I need to add a second network with a second gateway to my ubnutu 20.04 server (with netplan). The setting looks like this:

Ubuntu server:

interface: ens18

I need to add a second network ( with a second router ( as gateway to the server. This router has different vpn connections to external networks.

I also  ...

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How to start a gui app within an openbox window outside of its autorun file
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Running ubuntu server 20.04 with xserver-xorg x11-xserver-utils xinit openbox installed. I can place a command within openbox's autorun file and its runs well. Now I wish start openbox, then from a daemon, at some later point start an app to run within the currently open openbox window. How does one get a handle to the current openbox window?


I followed this very helpful tutorial on h ...

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Ubuntu Server console brightness
cd flag

I'm familiar with

xrandr --output Monitor_name --brightness 0.6

for adjusting screen brightness in graphical environments.

Is there a similar tool to adjust brightness for ubuntu server's console?


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Maximun Capacities of Ubuntu Server 20.04
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I would like to know the maximum capacities of Ubuntu server 20.04

  • Supported architectures
  • Supported CPU cores
  • Maximum supported RAM



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VPN Wireguard - handshake ok but no internet and LAN access
cn flag

I have a problem with wireguard setup. After setup up I can connect to my device. Handshake is ok but I cannot accesss internet and lan.

Device: raspberry pi 4b 8gb ram OS: Ubuntu server ARM x64 20.04 LTS

My wg0.conf file contents

Address =
ListenPort = 51820
PrivateKey = (hidden)
PostUp = iptables -A FORWARD -i %i -j ACCEPT; iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERAD ...
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Initial WiFi Setup Issue in U20.04 Server
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I just installed Ubuntu Server 20.04 on an old HP PC (AMD Phenom II quad-core with 8GB RAM and large hdd). After realizing I needed wired internet to configure WLAN, I dutifully broke out the obligatory, decade-old, unused ethernet cable and got to work.

I did some research here and elsewhere, and made adjustments to netplan using my .yaml. 500 indentation issues later, I finally got sudo netplan ...

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Screen goes black while still loading
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I am currently using Ubuntu in my school but there is a small problem. when i go onto my virtual machine the screen goes black. When i want to started my Ubuntu it just goes black why

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bash: permission denied, Owncloud helper script
nz flag

I don't know to much about linux and server creating but I wanna create my private owncloud web drive, I have linux Ubuntu 20.04 server on my Raspberry pi4 installed. I have started using this tutorial to set it up but I'm having issues at the beginning. When I'm trying to create Helper Script(?):

Create the occ Helper Script

Create a helper script to simplify running occ commands.

FILE="/usr/local/bin/o ...
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Not able to connect to other subnet device using Ubuntu 20.04
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I have added 1 USB2ETHERNET TPLINK NIC on Ubuntu server 20.04 running on raspberry pi for home DHCP server for HOME LAB purpose.

My Raspberry Pi ubuntu server, eth0 (main nic) is receiving IP ( address from my TP-LINK router, On My TP-LINK router I have set the static lease for my pi nic.

And I have set static ip ( my eth1 (usb nic) via netplan (details below). On My TP-L ...

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Service Active: inactive (dead)
br flag

This is the script:

setterm --blank 1 --powerdown 2

This is the service:

Description=Blank screen after 1 min and turn it off after 2 min. Any keypress will turn it back on.



if I enable it and sta ...

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Maarch Courrier and maarchRM installation
jp flag

ood evening everyone, I have just installed Maarch Courrier and after some testing I realize that I cannot archive my mail I have this error: "The producer service does not exist in MaarchRM". so I tried to install maarchRM by following the installation guide. but the browser is showing me this Not Found error The requested URL was not found on this server.

Apache / 2.4.46 (Ubuntu) Server at 138. ...

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ACPI Error in the Console on screen with Ubuntu Server 21.04
cn flag

We have buy a new Shuttle XPC Nano NC10UXA. But after install Ubuntu Server 21.04 i have every two seconds a ACPI Error on the screen. This is very annoying you can not enter anything because immediately comes a new error message and overwrites the input. We have therefore contacted the manufacturer and he recommends disabling acpi in /etc/default/grub (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="acpi=off"). When ...

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Ubuntu 21.04 listen tcp: address 1200: missing port in address
ru flag

i have a error in my project. i was restarting it..And it showed this error: tisten tcp: address 1200: missing port in address I dotn know how to fix this. Im on ubuntu 21.04

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bash profile not opening nano editor
kr flag

im wondering why my Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS) x64 is unresposive to sudo commands.

im trying to configure env variables for GO and my command to get in to nano is nano ~/.zshrc

nothing happens and doesnt ask me to log in. Has anyone had this before?

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Create ping monitor with proxy
br flag

There are 3 sites. One local and two remote.

Local machines can initiate a connection to any site. Sites can initiate a connection between themselves. Remote sites, however, can't initiate a connection to local.

I'm looking for a simple ping monitoring that could be deployed locally, and ping a server in SiteA through SiteB, and report back to local.

I have looked at nagios but it seems like wether I  ...

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Proxy connection drops at regular intervals
us flag

My system has Ubuntu20.04 and a LAN connection through an institutional proxy server. It worked just fine up until a month ago. Since then, every 5-6 hours the proxy server refuses connections. It takes disconnecting the lan cable to get the connection back up. Another thing is when this happens, settings still shows that lan is 'wired connected', suggesting that the issue is not hardware related. I tri ...