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ACPI Error causing suspend loop bug in 21.10?
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I'm everytime I shut my laptop's lid, Razor Blade 15 Advanced with Nivida GeForce 3080 mobile, it goes into a suspend and then when i try and bring it out of suspend it wakes up for about a minute and then goes back into suspend flashing the following screen

error message between suspend and unsuspend

I should also note that I upgraded the Kernal to v5.13.19-051319 (v5.13 to keep the Nvidia support). I tried to drop back to the original kerna ...

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Laptop does not sleep when running battery powered (Dell Vostro 3590)
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I've recently installed Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS on my Dell Vostro 3590 which was shipped with Ubuntu GNOME. I've noticed that when the machine is running on battery, it does not sleep after 15 minutes which is my current settings. What could be the reason?

systemd-inhibit --list --mode=block does show one item.

jjoseph 1000 jjoseph 56388 gsd-media-keys handle-power-key:handle-suspend-key:handle-hib ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 won't enter standby
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My Alienware m15 r5 will not enter standby. When I try, it's like it half enters, my keyboard and fans stay on, and I have a _ on the top left of the screen, but then it sits there. It will resume just fine. I suspect it's a hardware or firmware issue, as windows will not enter standby either. How do I find out what hardware won't sleep? Edit: running Ubuntu desktop LTS