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LibreOffice Calc ( replaces moved cells with non-template font family and size
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I created a simple Calc template modifying all cells (Ctrl+A) to use FreeMono 12pt, and have Set as default template. (File > Templates > Save as Template... > apply name > check "Set as default template" > Save)

If I insert columns, or rows or cells; the template font family and size are applied to the new cells.

If I select a group of cells and move them to a different location on th ...

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WPS office Context / Hindi Numbers
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In WPS office ( Kingsoft office ) is there away to display numbers in 'Context' format or 'Hindi' if context aren't possible

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 and I need it like this : enter image description here

Like this answer :

this was for MS WORD

enter image description here

or even fonts could help

I'm lost, please help me!

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How can I know which css selectors should I use to change a particular thing in UI
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CSS files are so long 3000-4000 lines. It's to hard to find the class name, like I wanted to change the background of nautilus so I changed RGB values from css file of nordic theme. (I am using these theme). but nothing happened. Then I completely removed the whole nautilus section and then restarted nothing was broken everything was fine.

If I removed that lines the theme should get changed but why it  ...