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How can I bypass the Ubuntu install username requirements?
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While installing Ubuntu 21.04 for the first time, it asked me to pick a username. It wouldn't let me start my username with a capital letter. Is it possible to bypass this restriction during install?

A few workarounds I've tried:

  • Using sudo adduser Testname --force-badname (This method worked, but it still prompted me for a username during install.)
  • Editing NAME_REGEX in /etc/adduser.conf to allo ...
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What should I wipe on my /home mount after a fresh installation?
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I keep my system as followed:

  1. Ubuntu installation (mount point "/" and EFI boot) is on a NVMe SSD disk.
  2. All personal files (mount point "/home") is on a different SSD.

Every now and then, I would wipe the OS on the first SSD and remount the "/home" point from the second SSD so I can keep my personal files untouched between each installations.

However, there are many hidden folders in "/home", such as ...

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"Mauve" screen on startup (Old Intel Mac)
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Trying to get latest Ubuntu running on an old mac.

Machine boots from the USB, slowly goes through a file system check, then boots Ubuntu.

There is a chime (which I guess means Ubuntu is loaded) but the screen is mauve/purple and nothing else appears to happen after about a 20+ minute wait.

Only reason for booting into Ubuntu is to do a full install (in case that influences your response).

Anyone got any  ...

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Which partition should I choose to install Ubuntu and uninstall Windows 10?
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I'm new to Linux and trying to delete Windows and install Ubuntu. Here's the partitions image:

Image of partitions

I used unetbootin to boot from HDD. I don't know which partition to choose.

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Is it safe to install Ubuntu from a bootable USB made on pirated Windows 7?
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I found out that I was using a pirated version of Windows 7, so I migrated to Linux OS by downloading an .ISO file and making a USB bootable via Rufus.

People says that using pirated versions is risky because they may have malware and viruses that can automatically be saved in files and folders so I'm not sure that is it safe and legal to install Linux from a pirated version of Windows does infec ...

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Ubuntu 18.04 on Mac Mini mid-2007
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I am trying to install Ubuntu on a mid-2007 Mac Mini (Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz). I received the computer second-hand and it has Linux Mint installed, but I don't have the admin password, so I want to do a clean install.

I am using Windows to make the USB bootable drives. I have followed the instructions in Spade's reply here:

Ubuntu on a (mid) 2007 Mac Mini?

  1. I can get rEFInd to boot on the Mac from a USB.
  2.  ...
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Syslinux 6.04 (Error ldlinux.c32 Failed to load)
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Before I get into specifics, I have for specs

Ryzen 7 4800H (CPU)

16bg 3200mhz RAM (SODIMM)

Radeon RX 5600M (GPU)

Samsung 960 Evo 250GB

I have an MSI Alpha 17 A4DEK-011.

For some reason, whenever I boot into the USB drive, I get;

SYSLINUX 6.04 EDD 2014-10-06 Copyright (C) 1994-2014 H. Peter Anvin et al

Failed to load ldlinux.c32
Boot failed: please change disks and press a key to continue.

I am using ...

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Install Ubuntu 20.04 desktop on MSI Mortar M350 and Ryzen 5 1600x
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I am trying to install Ubuntu 20.04.02 on a machine with MSI Mortar M350 and Ryzen 5 1600x.

After checking the disks, the installation crashes , due to

monitor not being able to change resolution to 1280x1080 at 60Hz

After 3 different displays and 2 video cards, it's the same result. So the displays are ok, and the video cards, too. Is it possible to install Ubuntu on that machine? Can anyone he ...

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Performance issue with new dual boot Ubuntu installation
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I have installed ubuntu next to windows on my laptop, I followed all the steps and I took all preventions reagarding to the installation, but once the installation is completed, it turns out that the OS performance is really really bad (every action in the PC is terribly slow). It takes about 2 minutes just to start (from the beginning to the log-in screen). I attach more information about the PC and th ...

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how to install Ubuntu desktop/server on Android phone (flash)
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I've got a few old Android phones (MI and Huawei), I had their bootloader unlocked and I am thinking about repurpose them. To make them useable, i would like to install Ubuntu desktop (preferred) or Ubuntu server.
I am willing to spare some time on the project.

  1. can i use the iso to install?
  2. what modifications to make to the Ubuntu code?
  3. how to find drivers?
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Install Ubuntu in different SSD
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I have a HP Omen laptop with 512 GB SSD but I am planning to get a new SSD of 512 GB to insert in other empty slot . I want to keep windows in existing SSD and install Ubuntu in the new one. Please let know if it is possible to do that and if yes, how should I do that. I am new to this and don't know much.

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Which Linux to install on my i3-3rd gen and 4 GB ram? (I know it is not about ubuntu but this community is nice and helpful)
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You can suggest the name and links for it. I will be installing it through a USB boot drive.

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Installing Ubuntu on a laptop with a broken monitor
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I have a Lenovo laptop with a broken monitor (don't ask!) that worked well with a HDMI cable connected to a Dell monitor. Of late, the laptop won't boot once I have entered the hard disk password. The HDMI output does not come at this point. So, I don't know what is going on.

I want to wipe off the current installation (18.04) on my laptop and install current LTS - 20.04. I can burn the .iso to a disk a ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 server installer crashes with raid1
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I am installing fresh ubuntu 20.04 with disk 1 ssd disk 2 ssd raid1 md0=/boot 5gb raid1 md1=/ 441gb server install crashing everytime erroe2

error images

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Ethernet card cannot be detected during Ubuntu server 18.04.05 installation
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I'm trying to set up ubuntu 18.04 server on my desktop, but I was stuck, because the installer couldn't find the network card.

I also tried to use hwe mode, but I still have the same problem.

I cannot manually install the driver after the server is installed, because compiling from the source requires several packages that should be installed during the installation when the network is availiable. ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 install doesn't detect Windows 7 shows only USB in partition table
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I have never installed a Linux distribution before, and want to install Ubuntu 20.04 if possible alongside my fresh install of Windows 7 (update problems) on my HP ENVY 6 notebook.

Ubuntu install started and all works until "Installation type - window" first says:

Your installation medium is on /dev/sdc1. You will not be able to create, delete or resize partitions on this disk, but you may be abl ...

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I dont know how to reinstall windows correctly
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I have setup a single boot Ubuntu 20.04 system and want to revert back to windows 10, I have an windows iso file on a usb ready but I don't know how to usb start up windows on Ubuntu I tried the same way I did to go to Ubuntu but nothing

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No os found after installing Ubuntu server
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I am trying to install Ubuntu Server on an old Lenovo tower. I am not doing a dual-boot. And I only want Ubuntu on my system. So first I burn the iso to a USB stick, install the OS on the computer, and when it prompts me to remove the installation media and reboot I do just that, but I get the following error:

Error 1962: No Operating system found. Press any key to repeat boot sequence.

I also tried t ...

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Getting error in Installing droid cam
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I tried to droidcam using :-

$cd /tmp/

$wget -O

$unzip -d droidcam

cd droidcam && sudo ./install-client

And after running :-

linux-headers-`uname -r` gcc make

I am getting error :-

linux-headers-5.8.0-63-generic: command not found

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Problems with the install of Ubuntu on a windows machine
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I currently run Windows XP but the machine is one I built and will run a 64 bit OS.

I downloaded the ISO file from the download site burnt a bootable DVD with the ISO. The machine boots up just fine then runs a file check - this is also fine.

After waiting for the DVD to stop, the screen freezes with a picture of a large cat. Repeat burn with different burn software, three times - same result.

Any idea ...

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Installing packages and configuring post Ubuntu install
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I want to install some packages and configure Ubuntu after Ubuntu is installed on my laptop.

I have found that we can use .sh files to create such things. But I think it is not very robust. For example, if something happens during installation and I ran the .sh file again, it will start things from the beginning. Also if I want to append multiple lines to the ~/.bashrc file, it is not very conveni ...

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force installer to require a human
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I'm trying to customize the installer but the documentation doesn't seem to discuss how it all starts up with all the possible options (or I don't see it so pointers to that would be helpful too).

Normally, when you start booting the "live cd" to do an install, the initial screen shows a "keyboard = human" with a timeout. What I'm looking for is to force that to always be true and to remove that  ...

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linux boot error -blank screen- read cache enabled write cache enabled doesn't support dpo or fua- kernel panic not syncing.shutting down cpu with nmi
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Im new to linux. I have an old pc that used to run windows 7 ultimate. one day, while booting it froze at the loading logo. Tried many methods but didnt solve the boot problem. So i thought this would be a nice time to try out linux. I created a linux lite 5.2 64bit booable drive. I open boot menu and chose usd drive and a menu opened where i can choose to live boot, live boot safe mode, install, mem t ...

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install ubuntu on VM
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Hello I was trying to install ubuntu on my VM and when I got to the installation type I saw that everyone choose "erase disk and install ubuntu" but I wasn't sure what it is going to erase, The whole dedicated disk I installed the VM on or the folder that located on the dedicated disk. I saw that more people asked this question but I didn't understand the terms they used. Thanks to everyone who answ ...

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Partitioning scheme for Ubuntu
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My laptop has a 240 GB SSD. Right now I'm using Windows. But I'm planning to clean install Ubuntu (Not dual boot). So I need help with the partitioning. Can anyone please suggest me a partition scheme for 240 GB SSD? My laptop has 8 GB RAM.

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Can you have both MacBook Pro Apple system and Ubuntu installed on you Mac at same time and switch back and forth?
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Using a stick drive with Virtual Box and Ubuntu iso 20.04.1 to install along side of the Apple Big Sur operating system.

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Is the trial version of Ubuntu very similar to the full download?
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Is there a difference in how Ubuntu navigates in the Try Ubuntu mode as opposed to the actual download to your system mode? I would like to know before I actually download the full Ubuntu to my MacBook Pro operating system. The trial one I have in my system has a lot to be desired. Can both be kept as operating systems to switch back and forth?

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Some text are having black box or a black mark over certain letters in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
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I am always having text glitches or we can say a type of black box over some of the alphabets, and this is occurring more frequently these days. The normal texts which I have on the documents and text inside an applications are working fine and there is no problem with that, but in the notification panel and name of the icons are having those type of black box or black mark on the text. One in ten boot  ...

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(Beginner) Install on new Lenovo Tiny M80q, no OS, only wireless keyboard/mouse and USB-C monitor
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Thanks for any help you can offer me. I'm a new Linux user, this is my first ever AskUbuntu question, and it feels like a complex one, so thank you for your patience!

I've seen other questions which have some overlap, but because of the combination of factors here I wanted to ask a new question. Hope that's alright.


I'm a professional voiceover artist taking the plunge and trying to switch from Wi ...