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Pre-written documents that serve as foundations for newsletters, reports, etc.
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LibreOffice Calc ( replaces moved cells with non-template font family and size
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I created a simple Calc template modifying all cells (Ctrl+A) to use FreeMono 12pt, and have Set as default template. (File > Templates > Save as Template... > apply name > check "Set as default template" > Save)

If I insert columns, or rows or cells; the template font family and size are applied to the new cells.

If I select a group of cells and move them to a different location on th ...

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Why templates are not showing in home screen?
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I added a .txt file in template folder and it is showing in the nautilus but if i try right clicking in home screen then the "Add New Document" isn't available. I mean like is it supposed to not show in home screen or I have some problem?