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Unable to see and edit the character that is typed when you press the Enter key in simple text editors like KWrite
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I'm a newbie to the KDE Plasma interface. I find myself unable to see and edit the character that is typed when you press the Enter key in simple text editors like KWrite.

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How can I install `joe` on VM ubuntu?
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I was trying to instal joe editor on my newly created VM Ubuntu but it fails.

buntu@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ sudo apt-get install -y joe
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package joe
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How do I change the text editor used by Git to micro?
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I like the Micro text editor. I prefer it to nano, personally. However, even when I have it installed, Git defaults to nano. How can I change what text editor git commit uses?

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GHEX Find ascii
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I installed GHEX on Ubuntu 20.04 and I want to do a search for ascii text. However, the Find window only allows hex entry. I don't see a way of searching for ascii. I tried uninstalling GHEX and reinstalling, but no joy. This is with GHEX version 3.18.4. Any suggestions on fixing this? Thanks.

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How to exit full screen mode in Atom Text Editor?
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I just enabled Full screen mode in the Atom text editor and now I am unable to exit it, I saw a tutorial on YouTube but it didn't work for me. How can I fix this and exit fullscreen mode?

Screenshot of fullscreen Atom text editor

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How to change the console font size in Atom Ubuntu 21.10?
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Is there anyway to change the console font and size in Ubuntu 21.10 Please help me!

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How to open Ubuntu files in an interface friendly editor from Windows?
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I am using Ubuntu app inside the Windows 10. I am writing some programs inside the Ubuntu OS, able to edit the files through the Vim editor from terminal interface.

I am wondering if there is a way to open the files in Ubuntu through the interface friendly editor like Vs-code? It will be super cool. Like for example opening Vs-code in Windows and somehow configure it to access directories inside  ...

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How to create a file with the following structure?
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Consider the following rows:

E i -1 -1.0000000000000000e+00 -1.0000000000000000e+00 -1.0000000000000000e+00 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
V -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
P 1 535 0.0000000000000000e+00 0.0000000000000000e+00 1.3330000000000000e+00 1.036606429653994e+01 1.02800000000000000e+01 0 0 0 0 0

where i ranges from 0 to 100000.

I would like to make the file composed of such rows, i.e.

E 1 -1 -1.0000000000000000 ...
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In Cherry Tree I lost “Search in current node and subnotes” functionality
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In Cherry Tree I lost “Search in current node and subnotes” functionality Looks like that after upgrading my kubuntu20 In Cherry Tree 0.99.42 I use I have no functionality like “Search in current node and subnotes” which I had before and it was very usefull... Can I somehow restore this functionality?

Thanks in advance!

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For Nano, is it possible to include 'Backspace' in a custom keyboard shortcut binding in the .nanorc config file?
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I am looking to create a keyboard shortcut for the Nano text editor to remove the word to the left of the cursor using the key combination Ctrl + Backspace.

Is the key backspace able to be included in a custom keyboard shortcut in a .nanorc file? Here is an example of what I am looking to do, which contains an invalid 'key' entry ^Backspace:

bind ^Backspace cutwordleft main

Here is some additional inform ...

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Is it possible to get latest version of medit (aka mooedit) for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS version?
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Sometimes I use medit. It is available only for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from official repository at old 1.2.0-3 version.

Is it possible to get latest Medit for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

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How to restore the previous version of log file?
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I run my program on my college server and have to provide a log file to update the results of the program.

Accidently I submitted a program without updating the name of the log file and hence the older version of the log file is no longer accessible to me. But the results are important for me and hence I want to restore the previous version of the log file.

Is there any way to do restoration?

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Which CLI text editor does not waste screen space?
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Vim has a non-removable status bar at the bottom. Nano has the same problem with its title bar. Surely there has to be an alternative for entering text in full-screen without any frills? I often jot down ideas in a full-screen terminal with large font size and a single line space becomes critical. For instance, my entire screen looks like below with Vim.

enter image description here

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Split text file by =
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I have a bunch of .dat files (about 1000) in separate folders. each of them has some kind of data like below :

Carreau Poseuille Flow

Velocity in lattice units: u=0.00210431
Reynolds number:           Re=5.30287
Carreau number:            Cu=10
Lattice resolution:        N=252
Extent of the system:      lx=1
Extent of the system:      ly=1
Extent of the system:      lz=1
Grid spacing deltaX:      ...
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how can I change the default position of Text Editor (Gedit)?
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Using Ubuntu 21.04, GNOME 3.38.5 I am new to Linux. I have grown accustomed to windows opening in their last-used location. I prefer my text editor (which I use a lot) on the right-hand side of my screen. (I prefer working with multiple windows.) Text Editor (Gedit 3.38.1) opens on the left. Can I change this default location? [The "key combination of ctrl+alt+[NumpadNumber] which positions the window"  ...

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Which terminal text editor uses GUI-like keyboard shortcuts?
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I seek an editor where Ctrl+C copies, Ctrl+X cuts, Ctrl+V pastes, Ctrl+Z undos, Ctrl+Y redos, F3 searches and F2 renames. When I click the left mouse button, the cursor should go there. All modes should be active at the same time (command and insert and ...).

Also Ctrl+W closes the current tab in tabbed interfaces, Alt+F4 closes the currently focused app, Ctrl+Tab tabs between guess what, tabs, Ctrl