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How to fix bash syntax error while setting up Solarized themes for WSLtty?
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I am trying set up the Solarized themes for the WSLtty terminal, so I followed this 2 step guide.

I did not want to install fish, so I only concentrated on the first 2 steps.

But when I ran:

eval (dircolors -c ~/.dir_colors | sed 's/>&\/dev\/null$//')

it is giving me this error:

-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `dircolors'
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What is the name of this theme?
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Hello AskUbuntu commumity! I'm new here, and i want to ask something.

I saw this repo on github to make the gnome blurry and I like the theme (not the blur) shown in the screenshots

This is the screenshot: Screenshot

Github repo:

Can anyone give me the name of theme please (not the extension to make the windows blurry).


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How to change window buttons to theme buttons in unite-gnome extension
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My theme buttons look like:

theme buttons.

I installed the unite extension and changed the theme color to auto, but it is only showing this red button:

this red button

How can I make it apply to my theme button?

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Installation: Copy script somewhere into $PATH
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I wanted to install polybar-themes and one of the dependencies was networkmanager_dmenu so, i want to install it. Im on Ubuntu 20.04 and only valid option there for me is: Copy script somewhere into $PATH I have no idea on how to implement this, can someone explain this to me?

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User themes is not showing up in extensions menu in Tweaks
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My Ubuntu version is 20.04 and I installed tweaks through terminal, then in order to use shell i tried searching for user themes in extensions but unfortunately I am unable to find anything except just these 3 options

  1. Desktop icons
  2. Ubuntu appindicators
  3. Ubuntu dock

Here is an image for it

Ubuntu tweaks screenshot Ubuntu tweaks screenshot

i hope i can get help asap

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How can I change rubberband colour on Desktop?
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(Sorry for any bad English)

Lately, I have been customizing my system (Ubuntu 21.10 themed with Yaru Dark and Zsh as shell with powerlevel10k theme). I set it all up, including a cool colour palette. Here is my problem: when I left click on the Desktop and drag, the rubberband generated appears orange, the default colour, which broke the aesthetics of the palette I choose.


What I want to do is change  ...

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Removing Firefox MATE screen from Ubuntu MATE
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I'm using Ubuntu MATE 21.10.

I recently installed Ubuntu Mate and am very pleased with it. Firefox is my primary web browser. Ubuntu Mate starts up with a custom Firefox theme/package that displays the MATE welcome screen. I like it, but I prefer Firefox's default settings.

Ubuntu MATE was installed using the task package of ubuntu-mate-desktop.

Is there a way for me to install regular Firefox on Ub ...

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gnome 41, edit theme, which file?
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Which file is for GNOME 4.1 (GTK) theme changes?

I applied theme Orchis-grey.tar.xz on GNOME 4.1. I need change just color for chosen line more lighter (example in Evolution email client on image, now it is dark-grey, 1st line).

enter image description here

I know I can do it in CSS, but no changes when I edited CSS file and applied (re-read) theme by tweaks.


Which file is the right file to edit? And which att ...

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Applications in black and white
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I have been using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for about 4 months

I started to change it's settings and stuff - but in a while after logging in apps started to behave in a strange way.

For example

  • When I open an application, it appears in black and white , although the background, the dock and icons are colored. See the picture

File menu

and the stranger thing is that it returns to normal after some time . Any idea ab ...

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Weird right alignment/flipping issue with some applications in Kubuntu 20.04
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The issue I am facing is that some apps (I suspect GTK apps) are right aligned.

The issue with gimp (snap package):

Gimp menus are right aligned, and the position of toolboxes seem like mirrors of the way vanilla gimp works.

Flatseal: Flatseal's menu has gone to the right side.

Then there's the issue with cursors in dialogboxes that start from the right-side by default:

Latte Dock. As you can see, the placeholder is gone to the right of the text box.

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Unable to install new plymouth theme in Ubuntu, apart from the default ones
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I tried to follow the following steps from this Github project:

# make sure you have the packages for plymouth
sudo apt install plymouth

# after downloading or cloning themes, copy the selected theme in plymouth theme dir
sudo cp -r angular /usr/share/plymouth/themes/

# install the new theme (angular, in this case)
sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/ ...
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Tool bars and writing in app are unreadable in kavantum-dark theme
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I have been using kavantum-dark theme in Lubuntu-20.04.3

Most of the apps run fine. But there are few in which the tool bars and writing in the app are unreadable. But this does not happen in other theme.

Below is a screenshot from an app (Master pdf editor) which looks fine if I change the Qt style to "Windows".

enter image description here

enter image description here

But the same app when the Qt Style is changed to "Kvantum-dark" looks like this:

enter image description here

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Cinnamon: Restart x-cursor-theme without reboot the system
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I have changed my cursor theme system-wide in this way:


#!/bin/bash -e
rm -f /tmp/HOME
while [[ ! -f /tmp/HOME ]]
    sleep 1
HOME=$(< /tmp/HOME)
if [[ -f $HOME/.icons/default/index.theme ]]; then
    ln -sf $HOME/.icons/default/index.theme /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme
# apply changes now.
exit 0


echo ~ > /tmp/HOME
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My ubuntu theme is looking weird
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I was using Ubuntu normally until it froze, and I had to reboot.

Then it started looking like the screen shot below.

Is there a way to go back to the original, friendly theme?

I'm using the 20.04 LTS version...

Current Desktop

It used to look like this...

Previous Desktop

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Names of gnome-shell power-off/restart/logout dialogs
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In the latest versions of gnome-shell the power-off/restart dialog has been split into separate dialogs (compare Ubuntu 20.04 with 21.10). Along with the log-out dialog they are all themed by the entries for end-session-dialog in gnome-shell.css. Do the individual dialogs have names so that they can be themed independently, e.g. the last-child could have a different background color in each?

To ...

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How do I reveal hidden/obscured text in VMware Horizon Client?
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When I open certain menus in VMware Horizon, the text is hidden. It seems to me as if the text is falling into the white background due to my system using the Breeze Dark theme rather than light.

Horizon in Breeze (Light) Theme:

horizon in Breeze theme

horizon preferences menu in Breeze theme

Horizon in Breeze Dark theme:

horizon in Breeze Dark theme

horizon preferences menu in Breeze Dark theme

One way to fix this may be to force Horizon to use light mode, but I am unsure how to do this.

System Info

Operating System: Kubuntu  ...

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Tray icon problem in xfce and gnome with any icon theme
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On the GNOME and xfce4 desktops tray icon's do not show applications status correctly. for example when obs-studio Records the desktop or is in pause mode No symbols are displayed on the obs tray icon.

When i use linux default icons theme like : Adwaita or Breeze everything is fine BUT i wanna install another popular icon themes like arc , papirus , paper and ... : enter image description here enter image description here

I traied many ways but This problem se ...

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Black text with Adwaita GTK+ theme
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With Lubuntu 21.10, I'm unclear how I can customize much about the appearance of GTK applications. lxqt-config-appearance appears to be able to change some GTK settings if you check the "Set GTK themes" box, but not all.

What I want to achieve for GTK dialogs and menus is black text on a gray background, similar to the theme Adwaita, but with literally black text (#000000) rather than dark gray. The Hig ...

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How to install a mouse cursor on the XFCE Desktop Environment?
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I'm trying to install a mouse cursor theme on a desktop environment known as XFCE. I know it's easy on GNOME, but... I'm not sure how to install a theme on XFCE after downloading it.

Do I choose it from the settings in xcfe?

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Theming gtk3 dialogs
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I am playing with theming Ubuntu 20.04 and 21.10 and have not been able to discover how (or if it is possible) to change the background colors for specific dialogs and their buttons generated by gtk3 applications without changing how the apps themselves are themed. I hope this is possible by making some additions to the css files for my theme.

More specifically, some examples: the Delete dialog  ...

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(18.04) Gedit and Calculator with a transparent background for more than an year and I can't fix it
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For more than an year Gedit and Calculator are unusable due to having a transparent background. Example: gedit transparent background

I have tried the suggestions here: Gedit has a transparent background since upgrade to 16.10


And here:

Deleting xim, changing input method, uninstallin ...

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Screen goes black occasionally except for windows
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GNOME occasionally goes completely black except for the windows currently open. This happens every ~20 minutes, and is pretty annoying. After a few seconds, the screen reverts back to normal. I can't take a screenshot because I can't see the app menu...

Example: I have Chrome and Terminal open. When this happens, I cannot see the background picture, the top panel, or the taskbar. I can only see C ...

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Switching boot USB themes
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So I started making my own Linux ISO based on Ubuntu, using Cubic. I uninstalled GNOME and installed Budgie. I flashed the ISO onto a drive. When I boot into the install interface, however, if I press my keyboard immediately, it gives me the unpolished Ubuntu interface, and if I wait, it boots into the new Ubuntu interface with the Budgie theme. How do I make it so that it immediately boots into the Bud ...

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How to disable Username-input field (StEntry) Ubuntu 20.04?
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Is it possible to hide or disable the input-field for Username in the logon screen on Ubuntu 20.04 - making it "impossible" to type into the field for a period of time? Reason for this is to make it clear for the student (along with a background image) that the machine is still being configured. (See picture below for reference)

Ubuntu 20.04 Login screen Ubuntu 20.04 Login screen

I think it has something to do with the gdm3 ...

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Taking a buttons from another theme and putting them in another theme
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I really like the Orchis-dark theme, however I think that it would just be perfect if it had the buttons of the sweet-dark theme. How do I do this?

I've already tried modifying the gtk.css file in the Orchis-dark theme from

.titlebar.default-decoration button.titlebutton {
  min-height: 24px;
  min-width: 24px;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;

to something I found in the sweet-dark theme

button.titlebu ...
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Xubuntu or Ubuntu wont load after installing chicago 95 theme
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So after using regular Ubuntu I decided to get Xubuntu for a windows 95 theme. After getting Chicago 95 and installing it all was well until I rebooted the system. Now when my laptop boots up it's shows up my company logo -> windows 95 loading screen -> company logo where it is now stuck. I have tried using recovery mode but maybe I've done something wrong since it's still stuck. What can I do?

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Accidentally Corrupted Yaru Theme. How to reinstall. Please Help
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When i installed K Desktop Environment.i accidentally corrupted my yaru theme.How do i reinstall it or can i recover it. i tried to reinstall gtk but that also did not work

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Custom Plymouth Theme - Spotty Image
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I'm working on a custom Plymouth theme. I took a gif & broke it down into a series of png files. For some reason, my image is spotty, it also isn't cycling properly. I was hoping someone might be able to help!

I modified this popular Circle Theme by simply replacing the png images, naming them appropriately & updating the circle.script file with the appropriate number of frames (changing from 99 ...

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Yaru dark theme does not work properly - white boxes in Gnome Software
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I am new to linux and I am using ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I use the default yaru dark theme and when I open gnome software centre and some other application I see white and blue things (as shown in the images)

gnome software centre image

disks application image

Because of this I am unable to read the names of applications in gnome software centre. I have already installed gnome-tweak-tool and tried various other themes but the problem is the same, my theme ge ...