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changing timout in efibootmgr
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On command-line I issued the command: sudo efibootmgr --timeout 30

This did not work, and the reported error is: "Could not set Timeout: Invalid argument"

I also issued the same command with -t instead of --timeout, but the end result was the same. If you know what I am doing wrong, please help.

Just in case it may be relevant to the question, I am running Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS on a brand new desktop  ...

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What is needed for nagios to send emails?
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i have installed nagios4 from ubuntu repository packages in a kvm guest running ubuntu server 20.04. i am able to invoke sendmail manually and can send emails. However nagios isn't sending any emails. /var/log/mail.log only contains entries for my manual invocations. /var/log/nagios4/nagios.log contains numerous entries suggesting nagios is trying to send email:

[1627148632] SERVICE NOTIFICATION: m ...
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Change how long power button must be held down Ubuntu 20.04?
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I had a ThinkPad w/ Ubuntu 20.04, and you just had to touch the power button and the dialouge for the dialouge box "Power Off" with the options Cancel / Restart / Power Off would pop up.

I got an Acer Aspire and now I have to hold down the power button > 1 second for that same dialouge to pop up...

How do I change my new computer to instantly show the dialogue when the power button is pressed?

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Golang: timestamp add not working
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the task is this, I need to add 5 minutes to the timestamp, but whatever I do, the time does not change, what am I doing wrong?