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What happens to directories ommitted from a timeshift snapshot when restoring a snapshot?
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I've been using timeshift for some time now and it works just fine. But as my storage started to fill up, the snapshots are getting larger. To prevent this there's one thing which I've been wondering and haven't tried yet because I'm afraid I might end up deleting my useful files.

Q: What will happen if for example I exclude ~/Downloads, ~/Pictures directories from a snapshot while creating it and la ...

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How do I Install Ubuntu, using BtrFS and the Server ISO and still be able to use Timeshift?
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To be clear, I'm not trying to install a server; I'm using it to install the base OS and then I install the vanilla gnome desktop package. I use the server ISO because they stopped making the mini ISO after v18.04.

I've been poking at this most of the afternoon in a VM. Steps I currently take:

  1. Run through the server install process...
  2. Create an EFI boot partition
  3. The rest of it gets mounted as ...
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Ubuntu 21.04. How to update Timeshift?
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I’ve got Timeshift 20.11.1 installed. The latest version of Timeshift is 21.09.1. How do I update Timeshift to the latest version? Seems my Timeshift is not updated as part of Ubuntu Software Center updates.

I went to the Timeshift github but don’t see any deb files for 21.09.1; I only see source code files. How to update my Timeshift to 21.09.1? Thanks.

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Can't execute TimeShift from crontab -e
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Whenever I try to to a 0 4 * * * timeshift --create --comment "Daily Backup Cron @ 04:00" --tags D

it always ends with

** (process:1797061): CRITICAL **: 04:01:03.801: long_parse: assertion 'str != NULL' failed
Created control file: /run/timeshift/backup/timeshift/snapshots/2021-10-31_04-00-01/info.json
RSYNC Snapshot saved successfully (62s)
Tagged snapshot '2021-10-31_04-00-01': ondemand
-------- ...
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Ubuntu with ZFS and Timeshift starts only in Live USB Mode
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I installed a fresh Ubuntu 20.10 and choose the ZFS, then installed Timeshift and it only starts in Live USB Mode. Why?

USB install stick has been removed.

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Will timeshift backup all the files in "/" (include /etc, /bin, /dev, /boot ...)?
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I want to use timeshift to make backups. But I only see it make backup for /usr, /var. So I want to know whether it will make backup for /boot, /etc,...

If I broke the files under /etc, will the timeshift be able to help me fix it?

Also I remember there was a time I use timeshift to restore files, and when I reboot I found there are two "grub", not knowing why.

Can someone explain my Questions? I'm a ...

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polkit? How do I make timeshift gui start without making me enter my password? (`Authentication is needed to run '/usr/bin/env' as the super user`)
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I really don't need this nagging dialog box forcing me to enter my password every time I want to do something with backups,
but I can't figure out how to disable it
like, it's clearly not a matter of using visudo to add a line to the sudoers file for myself
(eg myusername ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/timeshift (or timeshift-gtk or timeshift-launcher etc))
and I haven't been able to find anythi ...

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Timeshift failed me twice
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No matter if I use Timeshift or preinstalled Backups both recovery tools have failed me when trying to recover my system. From time to time it happens that installed updates crash my machine. It simply won't boot. Then I reach out for my Timeshift snapshots and very often the computer can't use it.

I reinstall Ubuntu from my pen drive and install Timeshift. After this is done I pick latest snapsh ...

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Timeshift restored snapshot undone after restart
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When using Timeshift to go back to the working version of my Ubuntu system, the working version only stays until I shut the PC down and turn it back on. When I do so, it goes back to the non-working version.

What can I do to persist the working snapshot's even after shut down?

P.S rebooting doesn't revert back to non-working version, turning off and back on does.

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Ubuntu 21.04 and 1st Timeshift system backup. Look correct?
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I'm new to Ubuntu. I'm trying to do my first system backup using Timeshift. The screenshot with the details is here My Ubuntu system is about 4 days old. This first initial backup created about 215,400 directories and files.

This sound about right? Did I miss anything? If I got it right, then I'll start doing incremental backups on top of this initial backup.

I’m backing up m ...

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Logging issue in graphics terminal in Ubuntu 20.04 after timeshift setup
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I installed timeshift btrfs type in my Dell laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 for btrfs. After reboot, I see login is not possible in graphics console and so pressing CTRL-ALT-F2 I came to text console and loging was possible. However, after the login, I see that /home and /opt partitions are missing which are listed in /etc/fstab and pwd shows directory /. I could see the partitions using sudo fdisk -l command.  ...

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timeshift path is set to /tmp/.. instead of /timeshift/
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after I restored my ubuntu using timeshift, I noticed that the gui does not show any of my snapshots. It seems that timeshift is somehow linked to /tmp folder instead of /timeshift. Is there any way to change the path that timeshift refers to?enter image description here

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How to tell Timeshift via CLI to include . files/directories from home/user?
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I've got Timeshift installed and running on a remote server without a GUI. Although I can create snapshots and restore them....I need to tel Timeshift to include all .* files and directories under /home/user.

Please can anyone help with the correct CLI command.

Thanks in advance.