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The Ubuntu SDK is your full-featured integrated development environment (based on QtCreator) for writing Ubuntu/Ubuntu Touch apps (QML or HTML5)
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How to write a shell script that will reload terminal at middle of the script and then start using commands again?
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I recently knew about sdkman in and I wanna install different java versions using this manager. But I have a very old version of sdkman. That's I need to update it, then install java. But I don't wanna type this commands in my every repository in gitpod. That's why I have written an shell script and I will use this file in every repository. The script is:-

sdk update
sdk ...
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$ sdk current java is showing Not using any version of java
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I have sdkman installed in my linux ubuntu 18.04.

$ sdk version
SDKMAN 5.11.5+713

I installed amazon java correto 11 using the below command.

$ sdk install java
java is already installed.

I made this java version as default version using the below command
$ sdk default java
Default java version set to

but when i am trying to see, curr ...