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Questions about the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface that finally replaced the BIOS on newer desktops and laptops with the release of Windows 8. UEFI is independent from CPU architectures and supports booting via UEFI with and without secure boot enabled as well as legacy booting via CSM.
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`chainloader bootmgfw.efi` does not load Windows
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I have installed Ubuntu alongside with Windows 10, and they are on different disks. Since the disk containing Windows does not have a UEFI partition and uses C:/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi to load Windows instead, grub does not recognize the Windows bootloader.

If I boot from Ubuntu install USB and enter the grub command line, by running the following commands I can start Windows successfully:

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full disk encryption how to ubuntu 20.04
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the current article about FDE at help.ubuntu takes Ubuntu 18.04 into account, which in turn does not contain some required modules for encrypting the first-stage GRUB boot-loader files. So i would like to know how to encrypt it, or some other up-to-date article

quoted from the previously linked article:

In both cases the first-stage GRUB boot-loader files are not (and cannot) be encrypted or protected th ...

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Kubuntu 20.04 (UEFI) grub-update doesn't find system of a different drive (Fedora 34 KDE)
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I have multiple systems installed; first, chronologically, Windows 10, then Kubuntu 20.04, then Fedora 34 KDE, and then KaOS. Fedora is alone on a second drive, with its separate EFI, but shares that with KaOS.

The configuration is thus:

Device             Start       End   Sectors   Size Type
/dev/nvme0n1p1      2048    739327    737280   360M EFI System
/dev/nvme0n1p2    739328   1001471    262144   ...
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Grub not loading in dual-boot with Windows 10
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I've first installed Windows 10 and afterwards the latest Xubuntu version. If I boot now it directly boots Xubuntu. Grub won't be loaded. I also changed the boot style in grub from hidden to menu without success. Then I tried to press the esc key during startup to force the grub boot menu without success either. So it looks like grub isn't loaded at all.

When I change the boot order (in UEFI) to  ...

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No Bootable Device Error
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So, I just installed Ubuntu to my laptop using a bootable usb but after the installation and the restart and removed the bootable drive as instructed, it just said that i have no bootable device. Before coming here I tried some of the tutorials in youtube but the thing majority of the videos I watched was changing the boot mode in the BIOS but my laptop doesnt have that. So I tried using the boot-repair ...

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Windows update broke GRUB2 so bad even a live USB key cannot boot (September 2021)
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(and welcome to a new "let's hate on Microsoft" thread)

Asus laptop with a 500GB SSD drive, with a 150GB NTFS Windows partition and a 350GB Ubuntu 20.04 partition (almost sure it is ext4). Dual boot with GRUB/Ubuntu having priority over Windows. Important data on the Ubuntu partition, not on the Windows one.

After a 1-hour Windows update, without any incident (no power outage or anything), the compu ...

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Ubuntu 18.04 dual-boot - windows 10 upgrade has trashed uefi boot entries
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These 2 systems have co-existed since late 2014 (Windows was 8 back then, ubuntu can't remember 14?)

Unfortunately, the latest window update appears to have trashed the boot loader - the computer boots straight into Windows, when I "advanced restart" and go into the BIOS the ubuntu partitions can no longer be seen.

I can see them if i use bcdedit in windows, and a Ubuntu install usb also finds them. ...

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Corrupted Windows boot and BIOS while dual booting?
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So I was/am trying to install Ubuntu to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu together, but while trying to do so, I went into the BIOS and I believe I changed the boot menu to Legacy - I think it was a drop down from UEFI to Legacy. Anyways, when I restarted it, I now get the Client Mac Addr (no post screen). Thankfully, I had Ubuntu on the flash drive and it went into installing that. After this was installed, ...

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PC ends up in Boot Loop after reinstalling Ubuntu
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My Specs:

Lenovo Think-Pad-L380
SSD: Samsung MZVLW256HEHP-000L7

Hello all, I wanted to re-install Ubuntu and switched to the Version 20.04.3 from 18.04. I created a bootable USB-Stick with Rufus. In the installation menue from Ubuntu I choosed "Replace 18.04 and ... ". After the installation was finished with no error I restarted my Computer and ended up in a boot-loop where the Lenovo Logo flashes, i ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 unexplainable boot failure (stuck at motherboard logo)
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I have a relatively new desktop PC (AMD Ryzen 7 5800X + AMD Radeon RX6700XT, MSI x570 gaming edge WIFI motherboard) that has been working nice with Ubuntu 20.04.3 (single operating system) for months. Today I installed a openssh server (by sudo apt-get install openssh-server) and setup remote desktop server (following instructions in, with command ./ ...

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Can no longer boot Ubuntu 21.04 from cold start without <F12> boot menu, Dell PowerEdge T30
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For a few years now, my desktop system has been a Dell PowerEdge T30 booting Ubuntu from a SATA SSD; it's been updated over several releases and has been at 21.04 for several months. Last week, I attempted and failed at a memory upgrade (incompatible module) and found myself with a system that wouldn't boot. I'm uncertain exactly what was corrupted in BIOS, GRUB, and/or EFI. After several attempts at re ...

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Cannot boot Xen: secureboot forbids loading multiboot2 module
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I've installed xen-hypervisor-4.11-amd64, now I wish to boot Xen.

I can't. When I choose corresponding entry from grub I receive following message:

Loading Xen 4.11-amd64    
error: Secure boot forbids loading module from .../grub/x86_64-efi/multiboot2.mod
Loading Linux ...
error: Secure boot forbids loading module from .../grub/x86_64-efi/multiboot2.mod
Loading initial ramdisk ...
error: Secure bo ...
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stuck at grub page, GNU GRUB Version 2.04
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I've recently got a new laptop(Dell XPS 9510) and purchased a new SSD(samsung 980 pro 1tb) and installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 on the newly purchased ssd.

I initially had this issue(EXT4-fs error after Ubuntu 17.04 upgrade) and when I followed the instruction given in the answer.. now I face grub prompt whenever I boot Ubuntu.

Inside (hd0,gpt1)/efi, I have ubuntu/, Microsoft/ Boot/, and dell/. But I don't  ...

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Login Disappears, Can't Reach TTY
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Using a desktop computer. It's been working fine, but then I updated Ubuntu, and after restart I'm seeing problems. After booting, I see a login screen, which sometimes has a login window and sometimes doesn't. Regardless, no keystrokes are showing up in the GUI. The mouse cursor moves, but I can't click anything. I have tried CTRL+ALT+F1 and all the other function keys F2 - F12, with and without

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Cannot Boot Ubuntu in UEFI Mode
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I am trying to install Ubuntu in UEFI mode in my laptop. I have downloaded the ISO file of Ubuntu and used Rufus to create a bootable drive with MBR or GPT option. When I tried to boot into the USB, all I am left is with the Grub Rescue terminal.

Here is the screenshots of the issue I am facing:

enter image description here

I have even tried to load it manually, but didn't help.

Please assist.

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What is "Platform is in setup mode" mean? SecureBoot disabled although TPM is enabled
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I had to wipe my HDD clean and re-installed both Windows 10 and Ubuntu in dual boot setup. I have three main partitions, one of windows (plus three Microsoft related partitions, EFI and linux swap) and one as ubuntu root partition and last one as separate home partition.

In the UEFI, the TPM is enabled (and I can't find a dedicated secure boot setting). However, mokutil --sb-state shows:

    Secure ...
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Cannot Boot Windows 10 from Grub after installing Ubuntu 20.04
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I am new to Linux and I installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my desktop and I have windows 10 running already. However, when I choose to boot windows from grub, it goes into "Preparing Automatic Repair" and will fail afterwards. I can only boot Windows by Pressing F2 button after switching on desktop and go into BIOS to change boot order with "Windows Boot Manager" being the first. I want to know how I can fix thi ...

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2 GRUBS - specific EFI System Partition x non-specific, can I remove one Disk?
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I have three disks on my computer. One HDD, two SSD's.

ON HDD - it's only free space now. In the past I had Ubuntu there.

On SSD1 - there is Windows + EFI System Partition (which -probably- is where GRUB is installed. In the past, used this partition to dual-boot the old Linux install on the HDD with the Windows one)

Now, I bought a new SSD and installed Ubuntu. Let's call it SSD2.

ON SSD2 - Ubuntu only ...

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Having to set root and prefix every time I boot on grub 2 "minimal bash like editing"
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I tried the alternative method shown here using boot-repair after the system didn't detect at all the linux bootloader (only windows option and the disc only (which I don't know why it appears) were in the bios boot order options and in the boot menu). Now the BIOS detects the bootloader (ubuntu is added to the list), but in this minimal bash mode.

I have to type the following lines to make it show  ...

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Linux dual-boot fails unless open bios first
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I'm having a problem with a linux/windows dual boot system. If power on the system or do a system restart, my grub menu disappears and I am left just at this Grub screen:

enter image description here

However, if I boot and open the bios....and don't change anything, just exit...It works...

enter image description here

enter image description here

I'm at the limits of linux-fu so any help would be greatly appreciated.

**** Update ****

I've run

sudo update-grub

and no effect. Here i ...

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Does Ubuntu work with fast boot turned on?
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I'm not much of a tech savvy, so my question is that does Ubuntu work with fast boot turned on? I'm currently on windows and thinking about changing to Ubuntu on my main machine, I've tried Ubuntu before but not on my main machine, I want to install Ubuntu and completely uninstall windows 10 so I will not dual boot, And do I need to configure anything in the BIOS (UEFI) other than secure boot to off? Yo ...

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Install Ubuntu 20.04 desktop with separate LVM partitions on UEFI BIOS hardware
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I want to install Ubuntu 20.04 desktop with LVM on a laptop with UEFI BIOS. My problem is that the default installer allocates the whole disk (bar the UEFI boot partition and a swap partition) to ONE root partition. I prefer to have separate partitions for root, /home, /var, /tmp, etc., and no swap partition.

I have seen other attempts to solve this problem, but they either use RAID or resizes the LVM  ...

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Firmware update on Dell Latitude 5510 fails with "missing signed bootloader for secure boot"
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Using Ubuntu 21.04, I'm trying to update the firmware on a Dell Latitude 5510. The command is fwupdmgr update, and it looks good to begin with.

I receive this message:

Upgrade available for System Firmware from 1.5.1 to 1.7.0
Latitude 5510 must remain plugged into a power source for the duration of the update to avoid damage. Continue with update? [Y|n]: 

This goes well while the update is downloading ...

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Add Solus OS to Ubuntu grub menu
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After installing Solus OS in dual (in fact multi)-boot along Windows 10 and Kubuntu 20.04 the laptop shows at boot the boot menu created by Grub Customizer in Kubuntu (which I like) but without the last installed system (Solus). Updating grub doesn't add Solus, neither does any action in Grub Customizer.

I can add only an option called by default "UEFI Firmware Settings" which is a link to the BIOS Star ...

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GRUB does not load after update, opening Windows Boot Loader instead
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I just updated Ubuntu and wanted to restart my Lenovo s440.

Normally, the system goes through the GRUB loader. Now the whole system is messed up. Either, I am stuck at the Lenovo screen in the beginning or it goes straight to Windows.

In the BIOS, ubuntu is the first option. The second is the Windows boot manager.

I tried setting the EFI in Windows but although it says success, there is no change in be ...

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How to remove external disk
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I first installed Ubuntu on an external drive to get familiar with it before moving it to the internal drive. So far so good but now that I moved Ubuntu on the internal drive, I cannot remove the external drive. Sounds like the EFI of the external drive is the one that is used instead of the one from the internal drive.

I tried to use boot-repair but boot-repair thinks I dont have an EFI partit ...

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Boot to hidden windows partition using grub
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im trying to fix my dual-boot with another installation of windows on an SD card but my laptop doesnt seem to load SD cards during boot time and i couldnt find anything in the boot order

I was thinking i could use grub on my Ubuntu installation to mount and then boot to the EFI on the SD card

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Ubuntu 20.04 installation on 2nd drive crashes with "grub-install /dev/sdX failed fatal error"
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Before I begin, I know many questions here and on other sites are similar on some aspects, but I couldn't really fix my problem with what I've been reading over the last days.

I built a PC a couple years ago, and occasionally added new drives for storage, never having problems. Lately, I migrated my Windows 10 OS towards a new SSD, leaving me with 1TB HDD free. I thought it was the occasion for m ...

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Can I use an existing EFI partition as /boot?
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So I'm planning to switch full-time to Pop_OS! and while backing up (which is another can of worms I'll be explaining later), I realized "Wait, do I have to create a new partition for boot? Or can I use an existing one?" I didn't really know what the answer to that was so I decided, before switching to Pop_OS!, I'm gonna ask here.

Can I use an existing EFI partition as /boot?

Now, I'm gonna cover the s ...